happy birthday elijah

Year 10

Klaus!father x reader kol!uncle x reader Elijah!uncle x reader

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Request: Klaus!father x reader kol!uncle x reader Elijah!uncle x reader you’re turning 10 and klaus and kol forget and you cry and Elijah comforts you and klaus and kol apologize and try to make it up to you

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(F/B) - Favourite Breakfast

Today was a special day, today you were turning 10 and you were excited, you walked down stairs but there was no one there, you frowned and walked into the kitchen, you Uncle Elijah was sitting there he smiled as you and got up sitting you on the stool. “What do you want for breakfast?” He asked. “You can have anything you want because it’s your birthday." 

”(F/B).“ You cheered and he smiled as he started making it for you. You were sure that your Dad had to have remembered considering the fact that you were with him more than you were Elijah, you remembered Hope’s party for her birthday a few months ago and it was amazing and she was a few years younger than you but you weren’t one for flashy parties so you just wanted them to say happy birthday that was it. "Where’s Dad?”
“I don’t know sweetheart I’m sure he’ll be here soon.” He smiled.

Uncle Elijah was wrong, your father didn’t actually come back until later that evening it looked like he had been out with Hope and Uncle Kol, you were devastated you didn’t even get a happy birthday as he walked passed you. You sat with your knees pulled up to your chest and you silently cried, you felt someone sit next to you and you looked up at Elijah who frowned pulling you into his lap “What’s wrong?” He asked and you pointed over to where your Dad and Uncle were playing with your little sister.
“They forgot.” You mumbled.
“Are you sure?” He asked and you nodded.
“They never said happy birthday.” You mumbled. “I’m going to bed,” You mumbled wiggling off of his lap and going up to your room.
“Where is she going?” Klaus called from the other side of the courtyard.
“To bed Niklaus.” Elijah glared over at him and he walked over “all she wanted was for you to say happy birthday.” Then Elijah was gone, Klaus looked over at Kol who looked at the floor, they both looked up the stairs to where you had gone.

Klaus walked into your room and sat on the bed, he leant over and kissed your forehead “I’m sorry little wolf.” he mumbled.
“It’s okay Dad.” You answered turning over to look at him.
“No it’s not and tomorrow we’re going to make it better I promise,” Klaus said. “Tomorrow we’re going to all the places that you want to go and we’ll get a cake,” Klaus promised and you smiled.
“Can we make the cake?” You asked.
“Sure.” He nodded smiling.
“Yayy!” You cheered jumping up and hugging him and then hugging Kol who was standing in the doorway. When you got back into bed you had never been more excited for the day to come.

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*HAPPY BIRTHDAY* Peter Jackson (10/31/1961)

“Peter Jackson is an incredible director. He’s very on top of things and thoroughly researched…and he knew exactly what he wanted and what was happening at any particular time on any set. He had a little bicycle so that he could peddle to the next set….”

Sean Bean on Peter Jackson