happy birthday donna


“I had already decided that the record was going to be called Bella Donna. With my previous boyfriend, who was an engineer on Tusk, I had gone to Chile for six weeks after finishing recording Tusk. I met his mother, who was just a marvelous lady; she became like Bella Donna to me. She’d been around when the [1973] military coup happened, and had been in love with a man who, when the government fell, was banished to France or face life in prison. She told me this story one night, and I just decided right there that my first solo record was going to be called Bella Donna. I knew it meant ‘beautiful woman’, but also that it’s a poisonous root. People use it for healing, but if you take too much, you can die. So I thought: This is the perfect double-edged sword title for the record. So the idea was handed to me on a little silver tray with some toast and blackberry jam by the sweetest lady.”

Happy 36th birthday, Bella Donna!

Happy birthday @adrianalima.  This image of you kind of says it all for me. You are fierce, unstoppable and disciplined as anyone ever could be in any industry. And  between all that you are raising the two most delightful, considerate and beautiful daughters. Can’t wait to see your next evolution #comingsoon.
Oh and you are stunningly drop dead gorgeous by global consensus. That to
Have an amazing day and year to come

Thank you the most talent photographer that knows how to capture the heart truth his images. Much love and light to u

old favourites sing new favourites

for @halorvic - wishing you an amazing year!

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today i wish the happiest birthday on earth to the incredible woman, who played my absolutely favorite Doctor’s companion ever, Donna Noble, and Beatrice, who made me fall in love with Much Ado About Nothing and passionately wish to ever play Benedick. the woman who is a part of the most hilarious, talented and generally awesome duo ever, who is an amazing comedian, who is i’m happy to be a fan of. hope, she’s having a great day today. Happy Birthday, Catherine Tate!

The Best Day


Anonymous: Donna and Harvey celebrating their child’s fifth birthday.

It’s a light tap on his T-shirt covered back that wakes him.

“Dad,” she whispers and taps again.

He opens his eyes and sighs internally and debates ignoring her in the hope she’d maybe go back to sleep. His wife is a little heater, which is a blessing since it’s the middle of January, and he takes comfort in it since she didn’t get into bed until a little after one.

This time a whole hand taps his back repeatedly, and he stretches under the sheets, his arm uncurling from around Donna as they share her pillow and her side of the mattress.

“Dad,” she elongates the ‘a,’ and he finally turns over to his side of the bed.  

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