happy birthday dodo!


♫ “Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be.” ♫ 

Happy 91st Birthday, Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff aka Doris Day! (April 3, 1924)

I think Doris is a very sexy lady who doesn’t know how sexy she is. That’s an intergral part of her charm…Beautiful Doris with that fantastic body, all sweetness and charm up front, and that turns people on, and I don’t think she could have had the success she’s had if she didn’t have this sexy whirlpool frothing around underneath her All-American-girl exterior. ” - James Garner

I didn’t really know Doris, but I liked her. She was open-faced, honest, and straightforward.” - Ginger Rogers

Well, Doris in the epitome of guilessness. An almost naive quality of innocence and trust. As an actress, she perfectly illustrates my definition of good acting.” - James Cagney

Doris Day is one of the grand ladies of song She exudes sunshine with her acting and singing and just the mention of her name should bring a smile to one’s face. I adore her.” - Robert Goulet

Confidence. Doris oozes it, and it helps explain why everything she does is so damn good.” - Jack Lemmon

She has a way of being very personal with a song… She was absolutely perfect for the recording industry.” - Rosemary Clooney

I always felt that making a living wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, and I decided I was going straight ahead and try to be as uncomplicated as possible. The important thing in life is just living and loving.

- Doris Day

Happy Birthday, Dodo. I love you with all of my heart. ∞

This is a picture to show just how insane it was when Doris walked into her birthday party. People were running around, standing on chairs, and pretty much just staring and clapping in disbelief. Doris was a bit shocked at first (LOL - that face!) but once everything settled down she seemed to really enjoy herself.