happy birthday dear marie

Dear Shannon,

Happy belated birthday, from Mari and Hannah. we decided to collab on this wonderous occasion to celebrate your birth. hope you had an amazing day sweetie.

and yes, this does have a part two. this part was written by Mari

“Oh my god, you’re pathetic,” Piper said. She was standing next to Percy who was currently lying on the couch eating ice cream and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “Annabeth is just in a different time zone, she didn’t break up with you, you loser.”

“She is three thousand six hundred twenty five miles away,” Percy said and sighed. “It’s been a three weeks Pipes. I don’t remember the last time we spent more than a week apart and now I have to spend six months without her.”

“Percy, get off the couch, take a shower because you stink, and we’re going to grab some pizza for dinner, okay?” Piper stood in front of the tv, hands were resting on her hips and she had her ‘do what I say or else’ look on. “You’re not going to spend your day off being pathetic. I’m not going to allow it.”

Percy grunted and Piper grabbed a cushion and started hitting him until he finally stood up.

“I’m going! I’m going!” Percy said while trying to avoid being hit. “Can’t you let a man being pathetic because he is missing his girlfriend?”

“Just take a shower, Jackson.”

After Percy left to his room, Piper started cleaning the living room. There were blankets and pillows everywhere and a lot of bag of chips laying on the floor. The only place that was clean was Latte’s little puppy bed, who currently had the little dog laying on it. Piper felt kind of sad for Percy, he and Annabeth were already dating by the time she became friends with Annabeth. Percy and Annabeth had been together most of their lives, they weren’t used to be away of each other for so long, time apart would be good for them but Piper also knew it was being really hard for them.

By the time Piper was done throwing all expired food from the kitchen -Percy and Annabeth’s place wasn’t that big, how could Percy managed to get so many trash when he was working most of the time?- Percy finally came out, hair still from the shower and he looked ready to go out.

“And he looks alive again.” Piper said throwing the last empty cups of insta soup on a trash bag.

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Cold There in My Shadow - amycarey - Once Upon a Time (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Zelena’s reformed now. Mostly. And she’s getting a bit frustrated at this ridiculous dance between Regina and Emma. What’s a girl to do but employ a few tropes?

Henry remains dubious.

Mom stands down at the shore line, arms wrapped around herself. She’s shivering, he can tell even from a distance, though he doesn’t think it’s from the cold, and he’s got half a mind to head down with the picnic blanket he knows is buried in the trunk of the Mercedes, but then Ma’s there. Ma’s there and she wraps her jacket around Mom and pulls her close.

“Nauseating, isn’t it?” Zelena (who keeps calling herself his aunty because she is The Worst) says.

He turns to look at her. She’s super pregnant now, belly rounded and she’s not trying to hide it anymore. There was always a sense, he felt, that Zelena was uncomfortable in her pregnant state, wearing clothing that minimised the bump, sneering at anyone who suggested her ‘delicate condition’ might mean she shouldn’t, like, perform magic or eat sushi.

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