happy birthday dean! :)


21st February 1969

‘The more lily-livered kind of singer might prepare for performing with a few scales and some hot honey and lemon. But James?

“He normally screams his head off,” say his band-mates, “and then he has a whiskey and a fag.”- Simon Price, Everything

happiest of birthdays to @sketchydean!! have some team free will love 💖✨

Imagine your daughter giving Dean his birthday present

Daddy!Sam verse

You woke up with your daughter pushing open your bedroom door, fully awake just in time for her to jump onto the bed.

“Katie,” you laughed, and she grinned, crawling over you to Sam to wake him up.

“It’s Unca Dean’s birfday!” she giggled excitedly. “I wanna give ‘im his presen!”

“Sweetie, it’s 6am,” Sam groaned, sitting up and pulling her onto his lap. “Uncle Dean doesn’t want to wake up this early on his birthday.”

Your daughter was chewing on the inside of her cheek, and you narrowed your eyes at her.

“Have you already woken him up, Katie Cat?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“…Maybe?” she tried, smiling sweetly.

You shared a look with Sam before sighing and getting out of bed.

You reached into your nightstand to retrieve Dean’s gift.

“Come on then, little one,” you sighed, pulling your daughter up onto your hip and handing her the gift to hold.

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