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22/100 days of productivity

quite confused with maths right now and my brain is fried from the four tests i’ve had to go through today but i’m persevering because i have a math test tomorrow aND ITS YOONGI’S BIRTHDAY 🎉 MY DARLIN’, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CUTE LITTLE PIECE OF BUB!!

happy birthday, jacques laurent

“I just cannot decide what kind of cake to make Jack.”

Nursey raised an eyebrow, looking up from his study notes. “Not pie?” 

“Don’t be silly,” Bitty said, flipping through the ancient Joys of Jell-o cookbook he’d been browsing in a last-ditch effort for inspiration. “Jack gets pie all the time. It’s his birthday. It has to be cake.” 

“Alrighty,” Nursey said easily. “Throw your list at me.” 

Bitty sighed. “Butter Toffee-Pecan Layer Cake. Triple-Layer Chocolate-Caramel Cake. Buttermilk-Lime Mini Cakes with Vanilla-Mascarpone Buttercream-”


“I know,” Bitty huffed. “None of them fit.” 

“Have you asked Jack what kind of cake he wants?” Nursey asked, tapping his pencil against his cheek. 

“Of course,” Bitty said. “What kind of boyfriend do you take me for? He just said, ‘Whatever you wants, Bits.’ Totally unhelpful.” 

Nursey chuckled. “Jack’s a simple dude. Just make a simple cake. He’ll love anything you do.” 

Bitty perked up, similing. “Derek Nurse, I do not say this enough, but you, sir, are a genius.”

Nursey just shrugged, looking only just a bit smug when he got an extra slice of pie at dinner that night. 

“Blow out the candles and make a wish!” 

Jack stared at the cake curiously. “Chocolate?”

“Yep!” Bitty popped the “P” and leaned into Jack’s side. 

“Chocolate what?”

“Just chocolate.” 

Jack blinked. “No caramel? No sea salt? Cayenne? Coffee? Pomegranate?”

“Just chocolate, honey,” Bitty said sweetly. “And sprinkles, of course. Nothing fancy, just the good stuff for my good stuff.” He pinched Jack’s ass lightly, a teasing grin on his face.  

“Oh,” Jack said, smiling down at the cake. “Yum. It looks great. Thanks, Bits.”

Bitty leaned up to kiss Jack briefly. “Happy birthday, darlin’. Now blow out the candles before they melt. And make your wish!”

Jack took a deep breath and blew, but didn’t bother with the wish. Bittle was all he wanted or needed; no reason to get greedy. 

Surprise Party - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

Maybe a Jughead imagine where you’re dating and it’s your birthday and Jughead plans a cute and lazy day for the two of you since you don’t like big parties?

Originally posted by nessa007

I love this so fucken much, I hope you guys do too! (this takes place before the twilight closes btw)

All week you had seen your boyfriend, Jughead Jones, whispering with all of your friends at school. Every time you questioned him on it, he would change the subject to something else entirely. You had an inkling feeling that Jughead was playing some huge, over the top surprise party for your birthday. The thought made you a little sick; it wasn’t that you disliked the idea of having your friends over, it was the idea of having all of your friends over. You weren’t into huge parties or social gatherings, it just triggered a little of your anxiety. You also just plain hated the idea of a surprise party; you just hated not knowing.

One Friday, your fear and curiosity got the better of you so you pestered your boyfriend with questions. 

“So what were you talking to Kevin about?” He remained quiet as you walked to your house.

 “Jughead,” you said, squeezing his hand to get his attention. He turned to face you with a smile, “tomorrow is the start of your birthday weekend, got any plans?” You rolled your eyes, “no, I’m just staying home tomorrow.”

 “Good,” he said, and you groaned. 

“What are you planning, Jones.” he let out a chuckle and you smiled up at him. 

“Who says I’m planning anything,” he teased. You walked in front of him, grabbing both of his hands.

 “You’ve been talking to all of my friends throughout the week. Every time I ask, you just dance around the question.” 

He raised his eyebrows, “maybe I just wanna hang out with your friends.”

 You let out a rough laugh, “you dislike social interaction as much as me.” He smiled down at you, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

 “Don’t worry, Y/N,” he said, pulling you along as he walked you to your house. 

“With you that’s impossible,” he gave you a soft smile and gently squeezed your hand. 

“Well try not to,” he said, walking you to your door. You stopped before you went inside, looking up at him. 

“It better not be a party,” you said, but Jughead just stared at you.

 “I’m not saying anything,” he said as he reached up to stroke your face, “and neither are your friends.” He smiled smugly and you groaned again, hitting him in the shoulder.

 “I hate you Jones,” you whispered, but he leaned down to peck your cheek. 

“You love me,” you smiled at him and let go of his hand to open your door.

 “I do,” you whispered, “but that’s beside the point.” 

He chuckled, “I’ll text you later babe, enjoy your day of leisure tomorrow.” You rolled your eyes and walked inside your house, wondering what your boyfriend was up to.

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a little birthday something for @microbino who asked for zimbits and moving in! happy (late) birthday, darlin’!


“Bitty, I didn’t say I was judging. I just said I didn’t quite get why one person needs so many shirts.”

Bitty rolled his eyes as his hands deftly moved his shirts from boxes to the stack of hangers lying on the blue bedspread. “Jack. Sweetheart. Darling. I love you, but you have twelve shirts. I should know. I’ve counted. Three Samwell. Two Falconers. And seven plain v-necks in different colors.”

Jack looked up from where he was crouched by the dresser, putting away Bitty’s socks. “Well, yeah. That way I have enough for the week, and then I do laundry.”

Bitty smiled to himself as he finished with the stack of shirts. This boy.

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Wordless Apologies

Fandom: Star Trek AOS.
Leonard McCoy X female reader.
Prompt: “We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work.  Or waffles, friends and work.  But work has to come third.”  “What? Does that feel good?”
Word Count: 1497.
Rating: Teen+.
Genre: Fluff.
Summary: you’re desperate to get out of med bay after an away mission gone wrong lands you in quarantine, and while you’re peeved at Leonard for keeping you hostage in isolation for so long, he’s got a plan to making it up to you.
Author’s Note: Written for @atari-writes s birthday challenge.  Late to the party, as usual, but I did it! Happy extremely belated birthday, darlin’, and I hope you like this!

Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17

Wordless Apologies

We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work,” you placate, watching Leonard as he hovers over you with a dermal regenerator.  “Or waffles, friends, and work – but work has to come third.”

Leonard’s expression doesn’t lift in the slightest and you know your attempt at jest is for naught – he’s still too wound up after an extended period of loss of radio contact between you and the Enterprise.  The away mission you’d gone on, leaving him back on the bridge, had been successful, even if you’d collected a few cuts and scrapes in the processes.  And potentially been exposed to a deadly pathogen carried by some of the hostages your security team had rescued.  The hostages were being tended to by Dr. M’Benga and the nurses and debriefed by the captain and Mr. Spock, and you had the great misfortune of having your boyfriend the CMO’s undivided attention.

“You could have died,” Leonard mutters as he sets the regenerator aside and leans in to inspect the faint discolored line left over from where a phaser bolt had grazed your side.  “You could still be dying – we don’t know what this virus’ incubation period is.  You might not show symptoms for days or weeks, and until we know more, you’re stuck in here.”

Your eyes linger on the pale blue shimmer of the isolation field that’s been generated around you since all of the ship’s proper isolation rooms are in use by those who are actively ill and contagious.

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Multi Chapter Fics

Wedged (Jon Moxley x Reader)
Part 1
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In For The Kill (Dean x Reader x Roman)
Part 1
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Meet And Greet (Dean x Reader)
Part 1
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happy birthday to the lovely asamisatoes!! here are patroclus and achilles just for you (✿◠‿◠)

The One, Part 9

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst.

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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At Last

Characters: Scotty x Reader

Summary: Scotty has been pining for who knows how long, is he going to take advantage of this birthday celebration or just let another opportunity pass him by?

Word Count: 845 words

A/N: This little piece is especially for the lovely Alex @youre-on-a-starship) on her birthday.  I know you are in a Scotty hole right now so I hope this helps (or doesn’t).  Happy Birthday Sweetie. xx

Originally posted by iwishihadastarship

Montgomery Scott would be the first to say he didn’t do well with people.  It’s not that he wasn’t a likable guy, far from it, he just couldn’t work them out. Truth be told he was far more comfortable with machinery where a certain action would bring about an inevitable and predictable reaction.  People weren’t like that he mused as he sipped on his drink watching the merriment surrounding him, all the crew members there to celebrate your birthday. His eyes scanned the room and inevitably fell upon you and his heart constricted in his chest.  You were smiling, laughing at something someone had said and it was as if you were emitting more light and energy than any sun he could think of.  Ever since you had joined the crew he had been drawn to you, caught in your gravitational pull and he didn’t have the first clue what to do about it.  Your eyes met for a moment and he was lost in your smile, the soft one that he felt was reserved for him, the one that seemed to come from your cheeks and  made your eyes that little bit brighter.  He had never seen you smile at anyone else that way but maybe he was just letting his imagination get the better of him.  Raising his glass you nodded at him before your attention was stolen by McCoy and the moment between you broken.

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hslt69  asked:

Hi!! If you're still doing the colourpalette challenge, may I request Bandit!Saitama with "pumpkaboo"? 🙊💕

happy belated birthday @hslt69 💛

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 67 - Bubblebaths & Good Mornings

Originally posted by londoncapsule

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 67 - Bubblebaths & Good Mornings

[Blake enjoys a bubblebath….and Negan takes it upon himself to join her….]

WARNINGS: NSFW, smut, dirty talk, masturbation, and all sorts of naughty things you would expect from Negan…

Blake gave a soft moan, grizzling her face into her pillow, as she awoke many, many hours later.

It must have been at least 11am, as before the caramel-blonde woman had even opened her eyes she felt the late morning sun on her face, drifting in from the large window across the room.

And it was only then, before blinking her eyes open, did she realise just where she was…that thought alone warming her completely.

From here she could feel a body at her side, and a single hand throw haphazardly across her abdomen.


It took Blake no time at all for her to turn her head and open her green eyes, gazing at the dark-haired Saviour, lying there beside her, fast asleep.

He looked so peaceful now…sleeping there, bare-chested and tanned, with his grey pants still on…looking like he had come in last night and completely crashed, passing out before properly getting undressed.

That was likely, of course, since Negan had been running on little to no sleep over the past couple of days, and even now still looked pretty exhausted.

His beard looked flecked with more grey in the morning light, and across his brow lingered the faintest frown, as though he was having a bad dream…but Blake was happy he had made it back last night….glad to feel his arms wrapped around her body, pulling her close in the early hours.

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(Requested by Anon)

When you came home, the first thing you noticed was the stench of something burning. Your mind was reeling with possibilities. Did I leave the stove on? Did I leave something on the radiator? Oh god. You ran through the house, following your nose to the kitchen. Upon arrival your horror quickly washed away, amusement taking its place.

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Still Young

For Zoe, for your birthday, for everything

There’s a party to mark the end of the summer before Seventh Year, and it’s the first time he has seen Lily Evans in two months.

The heat has been extreme this August, hanging in the air with an unrelenting presence, and what was intended as a house party has wandered outdoors, craving fresh air. Fortunately, Jeremy Booth – the host, a Ravenclaw – lives in the country, released from the prying eyes of any muggles, and the youth of wizarding Britain lark about in the minimal breeze without restraint. Teenagers sit in clusters on a sprawling green lawn, cooling charms cast overhead, and someone has started a game of twilight Quidditch. The atmosphere is lazy: it’s too hot to be excited about the coming year, their last year. Time will come for that the day after tomorrow, when they board the Hogwarts Express for the last time. For now, James Potter lies alone in someone else’s garden, enjoying the sensation of cool grass pressed against his back, and tilting his glasses just so, so that he can track the movements of his Head Girl as she makes her way towards him.

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pandi302  asked:

hi there! i love your writing! can i request a mccree x reader where his fem s/o is having a bad birthday because she felt like everyone forgot and shes feeling lonely, and then at the end of the day he surprises her with a private little party for two? thanks for reading my request <3 also bonus points for a cake with sparklers haha

Aw if that ain’t the sweetest thing! Lookit me, talking like McCree and I haven’t even written the hc’s yet XD. I hope you don’t mind the point form anon. 

  • Nobody wants to be that person.
  • But last year, you had an amazing birthday.
  • It was a huge showup, and you got to throw a huge party, and everyone was there and it was just the best! Even people that normally aren’t around base somehow found their way into your party.
  • So can anyone really blame you for having high expectations for this year?
  • You have to reassure yourself that it’s not the gifts that made you happy last year, it was the company. So much company of friends and coworkers <3
  • It reminded you of what your family used to do on birthdays, with every celebration for you or your siblings being a goddamn stravaganza… at least until many years ago when omnics came and hunted them down. Birthdays were hard since then, but last year’s was good, because it numbed the sting to be surrounded by so many loved ones.
  • Suffice to say this year not one person has even remembered the day, and you can’t bring yourself to remind everyone because that would make you feel like a jerk. So now you don’t feel terribly appreciated.
  • To make things worse it’s been a horrifically busy month so now every person that’s forgotten your birthday has a solid reason. Everyone has been working their asses off!
  • You can’t even blame anyone but yourself for your shitty mood because of all of the above reasons :/
  • Your boyfriend, McCree, has been gone all day as well. He hasn’t texted you throughout the day which is irregular, and then he seems to have completely forgotten that today’s your birthday anyway
  • Even when he left in the morning he just left with an absent-minded “see you ‘round sugar” and out he goes to the door :/
  • You grumble to yourself and remind yourself there’s no real point in griping in your room. You may as well throw yourself in your work at the base to keep your mind busy, and just swallow your pride. It’s selfish of you to want a big celebration- even if being lonely on your birthday only reminded you of having no real family.
  • Eventually, you get a text from McCree telling you he’s home, and that dinner is ready in your room
  • You sigh. Well, may as well just go home and finish the day up right? So you walk back to your quarters and open the door- and he practically ambushes you at the door with a party horn like, “Happy birthday darlin’! Get yer cute lil’ buns inside so we can celebrate proper-like!”
  • You laugh because McCree can’t bear to remove his cowboy hat and just stuck the party hat on top and he just looks ridiculous
  • There’s little streamers he’s strung up in your favourite colour, left some quiet music from your favourite artists playing in the background
  • He sits you down at your desk, having moved the table to the center of the room so you could both sit across from one another, where he’s picked up your favourite (takeout) food and the both of you happily dig in
  • “Hope you don’t mind I picked this up instead- dispatch took a helluva lot longer than I thought.” “It’s fine,” you shake your head and sigh. He immediately thinks something is wrong but you reassure him that you’re just so appreciative of what he’s done for you, especially since nobody else had remembered it was your birthday
  • He also can’t bake for shit so it’s pretty obvious he got a small cake made at a bakery that normally makes wedding cakes (at least you think so, given the smooth looking icing and the fact it tastes so fucking good)
  • For dessert he whips out a cake with one candle, whispering softly, “Make a wish, baby. I hope it’s for us.”
  • How can you ask for anything more when he’s around? How can you when after everything that’s happened to you, Jesse tries his best to fill in that awful hole in your heart where your family was. He’s not the greatest at it, he never had much of a family life on his own, but by God, he’s trying.
  • “I wish…” you start, and laugh at the thought, “for pizza.”
  • “Consider it done,” and he’s already placing an order. <3

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ireapathighnoon  asked:

I know youre closed for drabbles and stuff, but i was hoping since im spending my bday alone, i could ask for a little thing with everyones favorite cowboy?

McCree lay next to you, gently pressing a kiss to your forehead. You snuggled into his grip even more as you watched the spaghetti western in front of you. Your hand grasped his and you were just so happy to be around him.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, fussing around in his pocket to fish out a box, “Happy birthday, Darlin’.”

“Thank you,” you smiled, holding it for a second before opening. 

Flowers for a King

mcreyes week day five - c a m p i n g

Jesse had plan the perfect evening for today. He had reserved a table for Gabriel and him; a private booth on a nice and tasteful restaurant, yet not overpriced. He would order the best wine, saved especially to get Gabriel’s favorite, a sweet dessert, then a walk under the stars and end the night—or go all night—between Gabriel’s sheets. He would say the words that have been itching in his tongue for months. He would recite poetry to Gabriel, come up with the cheesiest of pet names and look into his eyes all night under the candlelight. Maybe it would get the older man to laugh, but that would be enough for Jesse.

But no. Even if both had saved this day to be alone, trouble always finds them. They’ve gotten word that Los Muertos were soon to run another purge. They do this randomly over the year, raid the streets, steal from stores and people, destroy everything in their path, scare little kids, injured and kill people. Blackwatch was spread out over the town. Even with their warnings of the surprise purge, people still went out to dine, walk together as a family and browse the colorful shops. The bakery is always full with the smell of good and warm pastries in the air when the door opens. Yet, Jesse could tell a few looked over their shoulders or held on to their kids tighter. At least there weren’t any children by themselves at this hour of the night.

They received this mission a week ago and Jesse was disappointed as soon as he heard. He had to cancel his reservation and everything else. There’s no way they would be back in time for Gabriel’s birthday. It’s the third night he’s watching over the street. At least he got assigned Gabriel as a partner during the special day. Is not like they didn’t had their moment in the morning, on Gabriel’s bed back at the hotel, but it’s never enough. They had to part too soon and pretend like they didn’t want to reach for the other’s hand. They had to avoid eye contact when all Jesse wanted was to count the stars reflected on Gabriel’s eyes.

The clock was ticking and his only present to Gabriel so far was a ‘happy birthday, darlin’’ before their morning sex. But that’s not enough for Jesse. Gabriel is more than a morning fuck. More than a good time after a mission and a need for someone to kiss the pain away. He was going to tell Gabriel this and it would happen before the night ended.

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