happy birthday cutie pie!!


90.04.08. happy birthday to our beloved jonghyun, hope your day is full of joy and happiness 

It’s rare to find people who succeed in one shot. also, you don’t necessarily need to succeed in your first try. you will learn something from your failures


 When you look into the audience at my shows, you see a beautiful, diverse, pure, happy crowd.

Thousands of people, incredibly different, all there for the same reason, music.

Music is something that everyone on Earth can share.

Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy.

So that is what it will continue to do for us.

prompt; fluffy highschool AU

everyone knows that the BH lacrosse team and basket ball team doesn’t get along. stiles says this makes them a dazzling romeo and juliet, derek just wants a happy ending

a (super)belated bday gift for my bb darling xiaopa, a real life angel and an amazing friend ;) thank you for existing boo<333

Happy Birthday @mariboom! ❤️

You are such a cutie pie (and a super talented artist too :3), hope you have a beautiful day! :3  ❤️

Sorry for this scketch, i wanted to changed and try to do some chibis ^^” I found a cute reference on twitter and I had this idea, hope you like it! ❤️

Happy birthday from a fan to you! =D


Ohmygosh lookit this Cutie Pie LOOKIT HER EARS I LOVE THIS. Hehehe, I love how she’s eating that cake. That’s how I always wanted to eat a cake. This is great, thank you!


Happy 26th Birthday Aaron Ramsey  ❤️