happy birthday coulson

How sweet it is to be loved by you

A completely pointless fluffy Philinda-in-Ireland fic. Literally. All fluff. No angst to be found. Haha. Title is a Michael Buble song.

Dedicated to the birthday girl and one of my favorite people EVER, @b00k-freak! I LOVE YOU.

Also on AO3.

He tries to read the book.

Honestly, he tries. 

The whole idea of this vacation spawned from his desire to read this book in Ireland. Granted, he wasn’t sitting in a pub at the moment–which had originally been part of the dream–but he was much happier with the way his idea had turned out instead. 

Rather than a noisy pub, Phil sat in a beautiful old house with polished wood floors, a garden out back, and a view of the Irish country-side that was to die for. Currently, Phil sat on the couch in the cozy living room as it rained lightly outside, his sock-clad feet were propped up on the coffee table, and he was trying his best to keep his eyes from straying to the other side of the sofa, where the source of his distraction sat.

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Phil’s birthday is the only day out of the year that nick fury takes a day off. You can still contact him, and if shit really hits the fan they will both go into work, but it is an official day off.
He spends the whole day being sweet and cuddles with Phil. They’ll wake up together, cuddles up and warm, and Nick will mutter a sleepy ‘happy birthday’ while he starts peppering Phil’s face with kisses. He doesn’t care where the kisses land, just that he kisses Phil as much ass possible.
Next they make breakfast together. Phil does like when Nick makes breakfast in bed, and vice versa, but they really love cooking together. It’s a whole experience in its own that let’s them have fun and gives them more time to be adorable together.
After breakfast and coffee they go for a walk. Nothing to big, just a nice simple walk in the park. They may walk for half an hour, or it may be a whole day thing. They’ll find out when they decide to stop walking.
And for the rest of the day it’s just a bunch of cuddling on the couch and reading books or watching Star Trek together. Nick’s kitten will usually join them at this point and sleep on Phil’s back while Phil is cuddled up against Nick. (Which usually involves laying on top of nick, cuz nick is comfy)

There’s often presents somewhere along the line. A pile of them that Ick has collected over the week from friends so that they can have a quiet day on Phil’s birthday (Phil doesn’t like big party’s or crowds. He just wants nick and quiet on his birthday)

And finally they have a nice dinner together that they usually make while dancing around the kitchen to music (it’s fun and nick loves seeing his dork husband shake his non existent ass to music)

And it of course ends with more cuddles in bed because there is no such thing as too much cuddling

fitz gets a monkey! *not exactly

Little unedited drabble I wrote for my beautiful Fitzy’s birthday! Papa!Coulson gives Fitz a birthday gift–straight fluff y’all.


Coulson indicates the chair in front of his desk and Fitz quickly takes a seat. “Er, is this about that report you asked for? Because I’m almost done, I just needed to run some specs–”

“I’m stepping down as Director,” Coulson cuts him off, waving a hand in the air almost nonchalantly.

“You-you sir, what?” Fitz shakes his head quickly, at a loss. This was not how he imagined their impromptu meeting starting. “Is this… is this because of Daisy? Are you sure?”

Coulson sits down heavily in his chair and for the first time Fitz notices how weary he appears, the lines in his face mapping out every devastation. “I haven’t decided this lightly. This year has taken a toll on all of us. I’ve done things… I’ve made some decisions that I have to live with.”

Fitz looks down uncomfortably, unsure of what Coulson wants or needs to hear from him.

“But,” Coulson continues, and the forced cheer in his voice causes Fitz’s head to tilt in confusion. “That’s not why I’ve asked you here. I’ve decided to give out a few things while I still have the authority.”

He pauses, clasping his hands together in front of him. “I know we don’t… there’s a lot we don’t say around here. But I want you to know that I see the work you do, the work you’ve always done for us. I see your loyalty. We’ve all had a rough year, but you and Simmons… what you two went through and the fact that you’re still here, working for SHIELD… it’s remarkable, it really is. I’d like to give you two something. Early birthday presents, if you will.”


“I’ve already spoken with Simmons and her request is easy enough to fill. She said she only wanted a family room on the base for the two of you, so I’m having someone move your things this week.”

“She… she requested what?” Fitz feels slightly weak in the knees, brain still trying to catch up to the sharp turn this conversation has taken.

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