happy birthday chunji!

[#틴탑] #천지 의 생일을 축하합니다!

“[#TeenTop] happy birthday #Chunji! 

151005 ||  happy 23rd birthday, prince chunji! ♛

i cant believe another year has gone by of you gracing this earth with your angelicness. my beautiful, flawless lee chanhee- you are a ray of beaming light, whether it comes to your soothing voice, your infectious smile, or the affection you show to your fans & your members. i hope  today is full of cake and more chardonnay with your loved ones by your side~ im still anticipating your solo ballad debut so i can listen to your songs on repeat all day long & be moved to tears :’) thank you for working so hard and sharing your talent with us. i love you my sweet prince chunji! happy birthday~


Happy 23rd Birthday to the amazing ‘power voice’ CHUNJI from TEEN TOP  ||  #PrinceChunjiDay

Thank you for singing beautifully for Angels all the time. I hope more people will realise how heavenly your voice is. It can lullaby me to sleep. It’s a pity that people can’t realise how talented you are and how passionate you are in singing. 

When he appeared in King of Masked Singer, it broke my heart when he said the only reason he wanted to be on the show was because he’s the vocalist in TEEN TOP that wasn’t able to get much recognition and all he wanted was for more people to be able to listen and appreciate his voice. Though chances always slipped through from his very own fingers, I hope he would get to showcase his beautiful voice in the future.
I hope for nothing more than for Chunji to always be happy and to see him sing on stage.♥
Happy Birthday~♥

931005 ♡ happy birthday, chunji!

lee chanhee, you are a gift to the world. you are one of the most talented people i’ve ever seen in my life. you are so dedicated to and passionate about your role as teen top’s power vocalist. it has been a pleasure growing up with you, watching you, loving you. 2014 has been quite a year for you, hasn’t it? you starred in your first musical, you met fans all around the world, and you’ve become an even better singer and dancer. we angels are so very proud of you. i sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed your 21 years on earth and that you’re blessed with 121 more. please be confident in yourself. you have achieved so many of your dreams, and i know you’ll continue to achieve many more. i love you. and i don’t just wish you an incredible day, i wish you an incredible life.



HAPPY, HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!! Your voice has covered the heavens and earth for more than 4 beautiful years for Angels to hear… and it has been a pure joy watching you grow into a wonderful and talented young man! You simply radiate happiness and serenity. Just hearing your voice and seeing your smile makes my heart skip a beat. I’m so proud of you and thankful for your birth! I wish you all the happiness, health and success in the world. Please always take care of yourself and your brothers, mama Chunji! Enjoy your special day! I will love and support you, always and forever! 

-Love, Hadley

⋆ Happy birthday to our beautiful and talented Chunji ⋆

I’m so glad that I could know you, you’re an amazing singer and what’s more important, you’re an amazing dork person. Every time I see You on the stage I’m so proud of You, You have one of the most unique voices in the whole kpop industry, You always make my day better when I listen to it… You’re full of such a great charisma, You literally shine on the stage…You’re caring, funny and always there when Your fellow members need You….You are perfect Lee Chanhee, Thank You for being….Please just stay like this forever ♥



내년에는어떨지 기대된다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 고마워잉 우리멤버들♡

I am looking forward to next year hehehehehe Thank you guys ♡


Ricky: Please wish me a happy birthday ㅠ
TEEN TOP Chunji-nim: Happy birthday keke I wished you first. Dont you forget this
TEEN TOP handsome L.Joe-nim: happy bday
TEEN TOP CAP-nim: hbd

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Happy birthday to the Prince of everything: Lee Chanhee…

You started out as my initial bias,,,,I cherished the times when I focused on you more than anyone else,,,but, keep being yourself…because I appreciate you…just the way you are. You’re still one of my favorites because I still love your personality, appearance, talent, determination and goofiness~ You always know how to cheer your members up when they are feeling sad or down; you bring light into every Angel’s heart with your bright smile and how easily you can get over trivial matters. You are capable of so many things; even when you stumble upon failure, you always get back up and keep trying. You deserve all the love from those who don’t even know of you,,,,but those who do know of you, we will always love and support you no matter where you go. Happy birthday, Chunji, I know you will continue to amaze me.