happy birthday chrissy

I am SO going to Hell for this.

Art belongs to gammija as part of this comic. Blame lies entirely on phantomrose96, who did not ask for any of this, but has dragged us all into the fiery pit enough times that we shall celebrate the day of this demon’s birth by ritualistically throwing ourselves into the Sun.



LWD & SKOP CHALLENGE » day 4 | favorite group: hot-tempered triad

     Connor rubs his lips and drops his hand. “You do know what Lily calls the three of you, right?”
     We stare between each other, confused. I would’ve known if she had a nickname for us. She’s my sister.
     “She mutters it under her breath,” Connor says off our silence. “The hot-tempered triad.”
     My lips twitch upward. Ryke actually laughs, which causes Lo to laugh. My little sister can be clever without realizing.

Shout-out to the amazing @lorenhellion; happy birthday Chrissy! x

Not that I know how to art, but I made this last year after IOB came out and thought might as well post it now.  Happy anniversary to the album!

Happy birthday Chrissy! *hugs*

Im so glad i was enough brave that day to start bother you c: <3 I never regretted that!
So I hade this smol Virtual Flames fanart/headcanon, because I really wanna see them like this … someday ;D