happy birthday choi seung hyun


I swear to GOD SEUNGHYUN…..


Happy Happy Birthday Tabi <3 <3 <3

Ah what can I say…You’re funny, witty, considerate, mature, cultured, respectful, honest, humble, hard-working, talented, genuine, independent, wise, insightful, creative, visionary, responsible…..ah I can go on and on.  You manage to be a wise but crazy little baby that we have only grown to adore more and more as the years pass.  You’re an inspiration to so many and you are so loved.  

Keep making punny jokes and remember to laugh at them yourself before anyone else gets a chance to.  Keep promoting art and introducing the world to the beauty you see in so many things. Keep writing lyrics that read like beautiful poems.  Keep showing the world what an incredible actor you are and do films that explore various genres and topics. Keep spending time with your favorite people and do your favorite things. Most importantly, take care of yourself and make sure you are always happy and smiling. Remember to always eat all your meals and make sure that little tummy of yours is happy!

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy <3  You have so much love and good wishes coming your way always.  I hope you get all that you wish for and more :)

Happy Dappy Birthday!!

This is your wanted special Choi Seung Hyun appreciation post for your birthday @ohseunghyuns especially made for you and my last present (just for today)!! I hope you had a great great day and this is especially for you~ It´s not complete BUT still hehe

Look at this innocent not yet grown up man…so cute right??

And he got older…

And now….I mean look at hat man!

(Up for a spontainious `hiking trip`? *super duper smirk*

Rockin´ every hair colour and every hair style ( so I will just appreciate the two most important ones)…


And not to forget:

AND!!! (Your really personal secret favourite)



He´s that kind of man  who could run a fashion show either in a suit…

…or in a pajama.

Actually he makes the airport to his own fashion show!

And his thighs tho!!!


And we don´t need to talk about his dick right? YA´LL KNOW.

*cough* And even his eyes…

…and even his eyelashes…

AND THOSE HANDS damn. (that pic I´m out.)

And those instagram selfies that are killing you again an again and again!

AND IN THE END: Never forget Puddi!

(His smile tho….)

To be continued.


You’re only 5!

In a time when the term ‘role model’ and 'idol’ are used somewhat liberally, you’ve given these words meaning and value.  At such a young age (I mean you’re just a toddler lol) you’ve accomplished so much as an artist and more importantly as a fellow human being.  Your words and actions show so much maturity and humility….you’re a rare breed, Tabi :) 

You deserve all the happiness in the world and then some!  Stay as unique and as amazing as you are.  Always stay healthy and take care of yourself!  Good luck with all your adventures….we know you’ll succeed in everything you do <3

We’re always here for you birthday baby!  Go out there are show them who’s the king ;)

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, you silly little goose <3