happy birthday channie!

Hello angel, you are like a painting. When I look to the sky I can only see you~

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To the most adorable puppy, 5 years old kid, baby, human being.

Yeollie Birthday Countdown D-3

HappyViewtifulHimchanDay! I had a different idea for Himchan’s birthday post but then I ran across this gif and it sort of turned a little cracky, but it also helped to satiate my little Banghim shipper heart a little. Thank you UmmaChan for all that you do, and for putting the team first. Your talent is never lost on Babyz and you are loved ♥

           “Ya, Kim Himchan!” A deep, frustrated snarl could be heard amidst the flurry of black fabric and white ruffled cloth.

           The man to whom the anger was addressed merely smirked. “Sorry. You snooze, you lose.” But he couldn’t bear to have his best friend suffer more than necessary so helped him tug the dress over his head and over his wider shoulders.

           Yongguk’s sweat sheened face popped out and his eyes narrowed dangerously. “I swear, if you make me do this again…” He trailed off without finishing the threat.

           “Or else what? You’ll smack me with your broom?” Himchan leaned forward and wiggled his behind mockingly.

           “Don’t push it. Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can really get away with anything. Remember, you still owe me for my birthday.”

           “Yongguk, please. You act like I’m asking you to sell your soul to me for all of eternity.”

           “Sure as hell seems like it,” the disgruntled man grumbled.

           Himchan made a slight cooing noise and patted Yongguk’s butt. “It’s okay, Gukkie. I promise I’ll make it up to you. Now go out there and make me proud.”

           The moment Yongguk walked out onto the stage, the fans erupted into cheers and screams. The younger members who had been fooling around waiting for their hyungs to come out startled. Then Daehyun shrieked in disbelief, leading the others to collapse into their own reactions.

           Himchan came out after and waved his arms for there to be quiet. “Everyone! There is a story behind this outfit.”

           The microphone attached to Yongguk’s head caught the groan he made. “Kim Himchan,” he muttered, the exasperation magnified by the audio device.

           The birthday boy turned to look at the leader. He noted the murderous look and could only anticipate the vengeance that must be in store. He chose to ignore the warning. “Every time we go on tour, Bbang and I naturally share a room. And at every hotel we have a game. Each morning, we would get up early before the managers call us and see if we can find our room key, which we had one of the kids hide. The person who gets up first gets a clue, and usually is the one to get the key. So we counted the number of times I get up first, and the number of times Bbang gets up first, and loser needs to listen to the winner on their birthday.”

           Himchan gestured to the daintily clad man next to him. “And here, ladies and gentlemen, I think the winner is clear.” There were hoots from the audience below and Yongguk pinched his nose in embarrassment.

           When the laughter faded away, Yongguk raised the microphone to his lips. “And what does Himchan-ssi want me to do in this outfit today?”

           “Everyone, what do you want Yongguk to do today?”

           “Whatever Himchan wants him to do!” Came the unanimous reply.

           Himchan smiled at his best friend almost apologetically. “How about Yongguk perform a dance with his broom? We’ll call it the Hip Hop Sweep.”

           With Daehyun and Zelo providing the beatboxing, Yongguk danced and shuffled his way across the stage. When he came next to Himchan, however, he exchanged a look with the man, and forcefully swept the space in front of him. “May our honored birthday boy join me in this last part of the dance.”

           Himchan glared at him suspiciously and Yongguk gracefully handed the broom over to Himchan before going completely out of character and started doing a sexy dance with the broom as a pole, all the while keeping eye contact with him. Himchan could feel his ears turning bright red. Yongguk stuck out his tongue and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, much to the increasing delight of the fans.

           It was only when the younger members came running to push Yongguk over and stop the increasingly excessive display that he stopped and smiled broadly at a now very pink Himchan. The crowd cheered and Yongguk took a bow before taking his broom and heading off the stage.

           Back at the dorm, it was Daehyun who broached the topic first. “Hyung, did Himchan-Hyung ask you to do that dance too?”

           The two older members glanced at one another. “No. It was a stroke of brilliance. Did you guys like it?” There was a beat of silence and then came slow nods. Yongguk gave Himchan a sly glance. “Did the birthday boy like it?”

           Himchan coughed. “You did go above and beyond my expectations,” he admitted grudgingly. Yongguk laughed and threw his arm around Himchan’s shoulders.

           “So where should I stay tonight?”

           Himchan blinked. “Are you not going home tonight?”

           “Of course not. It’s my best friend’s birthday. I’m going to get completely drunk and then pass out here.”

           “Hyung, you can sleep with me!” Youngjae cheerfully spoke up.

           “Hey, then what about me?” came Daehyun’s protests.

           “Sleep with Jongup.”

           “Too late. I’m taken.” Jongup grinned as he pulled Zelo down next to him to continue their game they had started earlier.

           Himchan avoided Yongguk’s and everyone else’s gaze. “Well I do have a queen sized bed.”

           “Great. Then it’s settled. So, how does chicken sound to everyone?”

           It was way past midnight, and no longer Himchan’s birthday but Yongguk turned to him anyway. “Happy Birthday, Channie.”

           Himchan’s heart could not help but skip a beat at the nickname uttered so close to his ear. “Thanks, Bbang.”

           There was another moment of silence and then Yongguk stretched. “You know, I really appreciate your taking over for me when I needed a break. And you should have told us about your fracture earlier. I took off; you should have too.”

           “It was too long not promoting as six. I wanted to savor the moment a little more.”

           Yongguk rolled over so that he was propped on one arm. He smiled widely. If they weren’t both great drinkers, Himchan would think that this was all the alcohol talking. Yongguk laughed. “You’re the best, Kim Himchan.”


Q: What are the members to you?

Jinyoung: Gongchan: Cane. When anything happens, his existence is one you can depend on.

Gongchan: Jinyoung: Blanket. When something happens, I can rely and rest on him. He would wrap me up warmly.

Happy birthday Channie :) !!! #22ndGongchanDay

150814 :: happy 22nd (/23rd ^^) birthday gongchan!!

channie, you’re such a hardworking person, and it’s reflected in just how much you have improved as a singer and how much you’ve grown as an individual. you have a soft and soothing voice and i am so glad that we have been able to hear more of your beautiful singing over the years. you confuse banas everywhere with your contrasting charms ^ㅂ^. though you are the youngest in the group, you always have your hyungs’ backs. you love to fool around, but you have a huge heart and we can all see that. you challenge yourself, not just musically but also by facing your fears. you make your hyungs, your family, and banas so proud of you. last but not least, i will never forget the moment when you read my entire message on meet&greet last year. even though google translate did a poor job ^-^;; you worked through it and i’m so thankful that you have given me that wonderful memory. so to finish off, thank you for being born chanshik, and i hope you have a wonderful birthday ♥


8.14.2012 / 8.14.1993

Happy Birthday to our dearest maknae Gongchan!

I really cannot fully express how much I love you with a block of text but I will try anyway. I want to say that I am so blessed to have become a BANA this year. If I hadn’t I would have never been able to encounter as amazing of a person as you. You are sweet and kind and adorable but also so thoughtful and considerate and hardworking.

Who knew that in the few months I’d just become a BANA I would get the chance to meet you and the rest of the boys in real life? Even if the whole affair only lasted a couple seconds I was so touched when you reached out for my hands. Even when you are tired or in pain you still put your fans first and for that we can’t help but love you more. But Channie, please watch out for your health okay? Don’t overwork yourself. We want to see you smiling and happy because frankly, your smile is one of the best things in this entire world.

I wish you happiness and success in all your future endeavors! Enjoy your time with your hyungs! They love you very much, just like us BANAs do! I hope you have an absolutely splendid birthday! Sending you eternal love and support from halfway across the world.

사랑해 ♥ 공찬식! ~ B1A4 ♥ BANA! 


#HAPPY22NDBIRTHDAY!! | August 14,2014

Happy Birthday!! Gongchan-oppa!^^ Today is a very special day. A very special day. 22 years ago you were born, You were blessed with incredibly good looks, charming personality, fascinating ability and talent and most of all is a beautiful angelic heart. I am always thankful for your family who have supported you all this time, most importantly to your mother and father for creating such an admirable good looking child. Gongchan oppa, You are truly an amazing person and I am always proud to be your fan. Thank you for keeping your dreams together and for trying to pursue them one by one. Thank you for everything that you’ve done and achieved. Thank you for all the effort and good intentions you had to make us your fans to be happy. Thank you for everything and for giving me so much happiness. The happiness that I receive from you, watching you from a far is priceless and valuable. I really hope to see you in the future.. and if that special day comes, I want to show you how thankful and grateful I am for meeting and knowing someone like you. Trust me Gongchan oppa, I have believed in you since the very beggining. I always have that faith and certainty that you will achieve more and succeed in life. I know that you haven’t shown us your full talent and ability yet but believe me your voice is just heavenly. It’s very beautiful and soothing in my ears and I love the way you put all your heart whenever you sing. You may not have the longest lines in songs but I can truly feel your passion for singing and I am very proud of you for improving everytime and never disappoints me. I want to tell you that you have the best and appealing aegyo in the world! that I will never get tired of. The way you treat and look at your fans is really special and we are always thankful for that. Although you are irresistebly cute and adorable, I can never forget your mature and sensitive side. Whenever I see you cry.. It really hurts my heart so please stay happy for me. I want you to keep smiling and enjoy every moments you have with the people you love. Seeing you smile and happy gives me enough joy and happiness. Gongchan oppa, once again I wish you a happy happy birthday and I hope that you enjoyed and spent this day, your birthday with the people you loved. I hope that this day became memorable for you and I hoped you had lots of fun. I wish you can continue to be the Gongchan of B1A4 for a very very long time because us BANAS will always be with you supporting you in everything you do and love you.Happy Birthday again! Gongchan-oppa♥!I LOLOLOLOLOVE YOU! :3!

Happy Birthday to our handsome Himchan!

Our loveable Aegyo Master-Chan. Idol-site master StrongChan. DivaChan, UmmaChan, Janggu-Chan, TruckerVoice-Chan, SexyChan, DorkyChan.

Thank you for never giving up, thank you for trying so hard. Thank you for making the atmosphere in every room less tense, even at the expense of your own image. Thank you for existing, thank you for being strong. Thank you for always believing in yourself and the fans, and mostly, the BAP members. 

Whoever says you’re not talented or deserving to be in BAP just can’t see how amazing you are, but you should never ever believe in whatever they say because TS put you there for a reason. The fans love and adore you for a reason. It’s okay if you’re not perfect and it’s okay if you make mistakes. But the most important thing is that you know how much we all love you and how much BAP loves you. Always continue to smile and be yourself

I love you, Kimimchan

Happy Birthday Himchan! :D 

Happy Birthday to this talented ulzzang and loving omma of B.A.P who loves taking pics of us BABYz while doing cute aegyos and let’s not forget his love for his favourite drink ever, Americano! :3 He’s such a loving human being I just can’t help but have a soft spot for him (I do with every B.A.P members tbh LOL) 

I love how he’s an ulzzang, but he’s never ashamed to show us his true dorky self hehe~ especially when he laughs cause I seriously LOVE his laugh cause it’s like a full blast of happiness in my opinion :3 Keep on laughing and smiling our precious Channie~~^^

Never stop being the StrongChan you are, and never doubt yourself about your appearance and talent, because as I said before… BABYz love Himchan :)

Hope you guys like the drawing~^^
ItsChannieDay (I know there’s no tags for this but I just wanna create a Its____Day for him :3)