happy birthday cece

not to be that super emo stan but,,,, the monbebe fandom is probably the best fandom ive ever joined. the love is not just one sided and i think that it’s incredible. like yeah all artists love their fan bases but do they love them so much that they talk to them every chance they get? do they tell their fandom nearly every day that they hope they have a good day/night? do they tell their fandom that they love them almost every day? monsta x truly love us more than anything and sometimes i wonder if i even deserve their love. ive never seen an artist so passionate about their fan base. they trust us so much that wonho lays on the ground at the concerts and he lets us touch him. he trusts us not to hurt him and we don’t break his trust. monsta x are constantly praising us and giving us quality content such as songs and music videos, behind the scene things, and even vlives. they give us a vlive nearly every single day. they do all they can to talk to us and be one with us and i have never been more proud to love anyone in my life. i have never been more proud to be in a fandom. monbebes aren’t just a fandom. we are a family and a damn strong one at that. no matter what hate the antis throw at our mans, we’re there to protect them in a heartbeat. we stick together through thick and thin and don’t let the petty haters hurt us. we’re strong. i can proudly go out and say that i am a monbebe and i can say that it is easily the best decision i have ever made in my life. happy birthday, fam. i love you all. ❤️💖💕💕💞


i really wanted to do something yerterday, but it was an awful day for me, but let’s forget that, the real important thing is the present, to be great and make your friends feel great. Everything will be great if your friends are with you. i’ll do always my best for you, guys.

Anyways, happy l8 birthday to Celeste ( @cece-kp OC). Hope you had a great day, you grumpy girl  ¦;^P

*”Puta la wea” basically means “Fuck dammit” in Chilean Spanish; you won’t be able to translate it in Google (Chilean Spanish is just too chaotic to be translated directly)…


Okay, this is just a little plotless domestic fluff I wrote for librosylozasuciaโ€™s birthday. ย Happy birthday! ย 

Jason squirmed when Nicoโ€™s cold feet pressed into his leg. ย The younger man was incapable of not moving around in his sleep; Jason swore he could do acrobatics when unconscious. ย He had woken Jason up on more than one occasion; not that the blond would ever complain. ย He was happy for Nico to get any sleep at all.

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🍩The one & only original glazed honut🍩. 🎅The OG Santa HOE🎅. @liamsreina Happy happy happy birthday you beautiful maple frosted, bacon sprinkled, thicc dicc Santa loving goddess. You deserve all the good things in the world. And all the thicc dicc from Santa. I love you more than life Cece!

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Charles’ birthday video

Okay. So in the video, Charles was 11/12, Jason 10/11 and Alison ¾..

WHAT IF that wasn’t Alison. Hear me out. Let’s say Charles was violent towards her when she was a baby, maybe Mrs D got someone else to pretend to be her for the day. So, what if Charles is so obsessed with Alison because he wasn’t allowed to be near her?

Maybe the girl in the video was Bethany or Cece. We know that Mrs D and Cece had a weird relationship.. Is that one of the reasons? This would make sense, because remember the flashback Alison had with the two dresses? What if the other dress was for Cece to pretend to be Alison and visit Charles? I know that Alison said that it was her, but Mrs D used to manipulate her and Jason. She probably thinks it happened. 

IDK, but let me know what you think your theories on the video! :)

Happy Birthday Cece

Okay so i don’t do edits or anything very often because i’m not very good but i wanted to at least try for your birthday so here it is. Enjoy a little bit of Isaac.

I hope you have a great birthday. I’m so glad we’re friends because you’re so perfect and such a great person (and you have a flawless blog shh). Anyway, ily so much. Have an awesome birthday!