happy birthday cc

Then can I choose a birthday for you?
Yours can be the same as mine,
April first!
Is that so?
So your birthday is the same as mine,
April first!
Happy Birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Sakura-hime, Syaoran, Tsubasa-hime and Tsubasa.
Goth Birthday Special!!!!!

okay some of the art here is not  mine but i’ll post it anyway and tag whoever the artist is

okay so this gift was actually given to me on my birthday in which I now give this fan art to Goth because i love him so much.

art by my frendo @gabrielleasahina sorry for not having permission to post it… I just have too its just sooo beautiful


NAJ!!!!!!!!!! well one of my senpais gave me this she said it not good even though it is

art by senpai Lei also known as @nauzzylla 

You should go check them out… actually nevermind… there’s nothing in there… YET XD

welp here is another one:

Art collab mostly Lei-senpai but yah.. coloring is all me and drawing is @nauzzylla I am actually surprised by this since it looks like L!goth without glasses… welll yah…PS Don’t judge the coloring for its like a spam of shading and less highlights and stuff. I just did that right now since I have nothing to give to Goth yet… ….


you know what…

I am making part 2 of this and probably make a better drawing and not that make the same mistake again and this time I will draw it myself personally plus more of Lei-senpai.. well that’s that

Goth is from @nekophy

US! Pallete is from @angexci

L!goth is from @bunabelldraws

NAJ and CC! Pallete(?) is by @blogthegreatrouge

Underswap by popcornprince


Hello my fellow simblrs!

This is my second gift for @deetron-sims. I actually use these allll the time in my game because they pretty much go with everything. So why not recolor them for my sweet Dee?? 

@saudade-sims4 was kind enough to remap the chair for me, because EA is EA and didn’t do it right. She also did the previews because I suck at object previews. It was a joint effort, so a big THANK YOU goes out to her <3