happy birthday catherine!


Happy 35th Birthday to Catherine, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born at Royal Berkshire Hospital  on 9 January 1982. She is the eldest of three children born to Michael Middleton and his wife, Carole. She was christened at St Andrew’s Bradfield, Berkshire, on 20 June 1982.                                                                           She studied briefly at Downe House. She was a boarder at Marlborough College, a co-educational independent boarding school in Wiltshire and graduated in 2005 from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.                     On 29 April 2011 she married Prince William of Wales and she became HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. On 22 July 2013 she gave birth to a son, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. On 2 May 2015 the Duchess gave birth to a daughter, HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge.


Happy 35th Birthday, HRH Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge!

On 9 January 1982, the eldest child of Carole & Mike Middleton was born: Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Catherine was born at Royal Berkshire Hospital and was christened on 20 June 1982 at St. Andrew’s Bretfield, Berkshire. Catherine attended the University of St. Andrews and graduated in 2005 with a degree in the History of Art. In 2011, she married Prince William and became HRH Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. Together, TRH have two children: HRH Prince George of Cambridge (b. 2013) & HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (b. 2015). 


Happy Birthday Catherine Fabienne Dorléac aka Catherine Deneuve (22.10.1943, Paris)

Everybody remembers she’s gorgeous, and she has this reputation for being kind of very cool, but she’s actually really funny and a really game gal. That was before I had children, so it was a lot of fun. A lot of partying. After one of the parties, Ms. Deneuve was the only guest who returned the next day to help clean up le grand désordre. — Susan Sarandon

I think my impression of Catherine Deneuve is that she really is ageless. She’s timeless. I think she’s one of the great cinematic actresses, because her face, and her art has changed. — Glenn Close

She is the French woman! She was used for the Marianne, the symbol of France in the ’70s. Do you know what is the Marianne? Visions of Delacroix, laurel wreaths—and of course liberté, fraternité et egalité flashed before our eyes. Yes, we know what is the Marianne, that allegorical fetish of French femininity and philosophy. She’s still a Marianne, I think so. We can still say that. — François Ozon

The adventurousness, the daring sense of life flowing from tragedy to happiness and joy and to acceptance from moment to moment, the timeless beauty, beauty so delicate that it seems impossible, but then it’s there, it exists. As I said, French cinema, Catherine Deneuve one in the same. — Martin Scorsese


today i wish the happiest birthday on earth to the incredible woman, who played my absolutely favorite Doctor’s companion ever, Donna Noble, and Beatrice, who made me fall in love with Much Ado About Nothing and passionately wish to ever play Benedick. the woman who is a part of the most hilarious, talented and generally awesome duo ever, who is an amazing comedian, who is i’m happy to be a fan of. hope, she’s having a great day today. Happy Birthday, Catherine Tate!


“There is no masculine psychology in my cinema. There is only the resentments and desires of women. A man should not attempt to recognize himself in my male characters. On the other hand, he can find a better understanding of women. And knowledge of the other is the highest goal.”

Happy Birthday, Catherine Breillat!


Behind the Scenes of The Fires of Pompeii (Part Three)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage (as featured in Doctor Who magazine) on filming in Italy:

[filming as everyone flees Vesuvius]
On the take, Dan [Mumford, first assistant director] yells at the Italian extras, “Don’t look at us! Look up in the air! Higher! Why are you smiling?” An Italian Third Assistant translates for the extras, who run, shout, and panic as Pompeii burns. “Tell ‘em! Embrace it! The mountain is bleeding.”

Catherine stumbles as she runs, but keeps going until the end of the take. “Have you hurt yourself?” exclaims David.

“I was trying not to step on the chickens,” she says, wincing slightly.

The ‘Addetto Gestione Emergenze’ man springs into action, and administers an icepack to her ankle. “Can I have a chair for Catherine?” calls out Dan. “And can we keep the icepack on in between takes?”

[…] It’s half-past-four in the morning. The final scene of this epic night shoot is of David and Francois breaking into Lucius’ quarters, clambering onto a barrel to get in through the window. “We’ve got to bolt the barrel to the wall,” explains Dan, much to the director’s chagrin. “We don’t want anyone hurt.”

Colin [Teague, director] groans. “I know we’re in the world of health and safety, but also I’m in the world of making it look good. I don’t want it to look contrived. Can’t we find a barrel that’s sturdy enough?”

The stuntman, Tom Lucy, gives a demonstration of how to climb through a window, with the sturdiest barrel that he can find. It caves in, leaving him stood in it up to his waist. “That’s made my night,” hoots David. “Oh, that’s hilarious.”

The barrel is bolted to the wall. On take one, David bangs his head on the window frame. On take two, he splits his trousers. He’s not laughing now. It’s got to be karma. “Thank God we brought a second pair,” sighs Louise.

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Kensington Palace on Twitter: “Here are some new photos of Prince George on his 3rd birthday! Matt Porteous took the photographs of Prince George at The Duke and Duchess’s family home in Norfolk recently.
The Duke and Duchess thank everyone for all the lovely birthday messages they have received for Prince George. Can’t believe it’s been three years already!