happy birthday carlie!

Title: strawberries and cream

Rating: T

Summary: Erza tasted just like those cakes she so coveted.

Word count: 1,003

Warnings: jerza nerds, jellal being romantic, sexual tension, domesticity, futurefic

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETPEACH immortalpromise!! I can’t make cool edits or anything, and my Jerza is a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy it all the same, Carly! *throws otp at you and runs away* (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

“Jellal, do I look fat?”

In the middle of removing his overcoat, Jellal paused and cast his wife a curious glance. She stood by the full-length mirror, admiring herself in her red, silky, and nearly see-through negligee with a little frown.

It was Jellal’s favorite.

Not because of the way it plumped her generous breasts and lay softly around her curves–though he did like that too–but because it was almost the same shade as her hair. Felt almost as soft.

“I think you look lovely,” he murmured and continued to disrobe.

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late night snacks

Happy Birthday Carly!!!

A Lucana fic for the Lucy to my Cana. ;) I love you lotssss ♥

rated: M for mature content (and lots of sweetness)
summary: The tell-tale ache between her thighs made the prospect of cake seem less inviting than before. She’d rather have Lucy for dessert.

I didn’t even want to include anything naughty originally but…uh…nope, I have no excuses. I just had to sneak at least some innuendos in. I mean. It’s Lucy and Cana. B)
It’s not a smut fic though, this is about cake. Yes. Sweet, innocent cake.
Here’s the prompt that inspired the fic hehe.
Go wish immortalpromise a happy birthday if you haven’t already! There’s one hour left, and she deserves all the love! :*

The little bedside lamp turned on with an almost inaudible click, shedding soft light into the dark room. It skitted over crumpled bedsheets and the edge of a curtain before losing itself to the darkness. The short hand of the alarm clock seemed stuck between 3 and 4, and it felt as if time itself had been frozen into place with it. Cana sighed, staring at the ceiling. Beside her, another person’s chest rose and fell steadily. It was quiet.

“You’re awake, aren’t you?” she murmured after a few more quiet breaths, and was instantly answered with an exasperated groan.

“Oh thank god,” Lucy mumbled, lifting her head off the pillow, “I can’t sleep.”


They eyed each other in the dark, straining against the creeping shadows. Lucy shuffled closer, hooking one leg over Cana’s and rolling slightly on top of her with a small smile. Then she burrowed her face into the nook of her neck, sighing against her warm skin.

Cana’s hand automatically came up to trace along Lucy’s spine, and a sly grin stretched across her face when she gently kissed her throat.

“So what do we do then?” Cana asked, insinuation clear in her voice.

“Mmhh,” Lucy hummed, brushing her lips against her pulse point and nibbling gently. Cana’s lips parted slightly, right hand firmly on Lucy’s behind. “Can we do anything I want?”

“Sure,” she breathed.

Lucy lifted her head, eyes sparkling triumphantly.

“I want cake!”


She had been trapped. Again. Damn this woman and her irresistible ways.

“You want cake?? Now??”


“It’s 2am. We don’t have cake.”


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And Back

Summary:  Luke is getting his first tattoo, but won’t tell Michael what it is.

Paring: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings   
Words: 3739
Rating: Explicit
For: mikeykink !