happy birthday borderlands!

together they are tol and he’s smol.

Guys, today is vreinart‘s birthday! Go and give her best wishes, because she’s amazing! <3 

I had this idea, some kind of gayperion au where Vaughn have little sister, and tbh Vrein match to be her so much! She help Rhys and Vaughn to be more steady and brave about their feelings to each other.

Also I made bonus:

roll…frantic? a rhysha mix for jennaflare‘s birthday

are you gonna be my girl / jet
no you girls / franz ferdinand
you’re pretty good looking (for a girl) / the white stripes
where did the party go / fall out boy
break the walls /  fitz & the tantrums
the look /  roxette
hearts collide / little boots
brand new love song / the pillows
hot dreams /  timber timbre
do you wanna know / ke$ha
part one / band of horses
you’re the only one /  maria mena
glad you came / boyce avenue


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☛ in which i write rhack trash for lynx’s birthday

“Delegates from the research labs on Promethea will be arriving in a few minutes. I need you to be on your best behavior, do you understand?”

Rhys glanced sideways, eyeing Jack’s chair. He wasn’t allowed to look his owner in the eye, and he saved himself from any accidental eye contact by not even looking up. He nodded his head slightly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @gibilynx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!