happy birthday bom!


Happy Birthday to our precious Lady Spring and who loves corn no matter what, Park Bom!!!! <3 I miss you very much, you know that! I just want to say that you’re so precious to me, to us, all Blackjacks. We are always here right beside you no matter what. Always stay happy, be healthy and be strong. That’s the Park Bom we’ve know! We, Blackjacks love you and support you no matter what. I love you so much Park Bom! #박봄HasBloomed *^__^* (x)


I’m a complete shame and I’m late for your birthday, I know… However, I didn’t forget you and I hope you aren’t mad at me !! Anyways, thank you for existing. Just like that. Thank you for breathing, for eating, for smiling, for singing, for being a dummie, for being cute, for being utterly flawless… I don’t know, I think life (2NE1) would absolutely be impossible without you because you are extremely important for all of us who miss you so so much. I just hope you can ~~come back home~~ to us blackjacks so we can all be happy fourever and ever. I also would like to remind you that we are always here, no matter what… We survived through the winter and here we still stand to admire your grace on your beautiful season. Happy Birthday Park Bom, Lady Spring !! (insp.)

#봄HasBloomed (◕‿◕✿)