happy birthday bionic!

Happy Birthday Steve!

Steve x Reader
Summary No one knows you’re dating Steve and it’s his birthday. You want to do something special for him when you’re almost caught by Bucky.
AN This is based on that episode of FRIENDS, the one where Chandler takes a bath. I don’t know why but I could just picture Steve surrounded by bubbles and the image was hilarious. It’s fluffy and fun and I hope you like it. (I know I’m late for his birthday but… life.)
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You and Steve hadn’t been together for long and no one knew you were together so you couldn’t really get him a birthday gift without arousing suspicion from the others. You knew exactly what to do to celebrate though and when he returned from his latest mission, you got to work preparing your gift to him.

You waited for him to come to his room after his briefing. “Stevie!” you squeaked, jumping into his arms for a hug, “Happy birthday sweetie!”

He chuckled warmly, “That’s the greeting I was waiting for all day.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your lips.

“Mmm,” you hummed, “I have your birthday gift.” You wiggled your eyebrows at him, “i need you to get naked though.”

He smirked, “I like where this is going.”

You tossed a towel his way, allowing him some modesty, “Shush it, Captain and meet me in the bathroom.

You hurried in making sure everything was  in order.

He walked in and stood in the doorway, his mouth dropped open in surprise. “All this for me?” He motioned around.

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