happy birthday bethany mota


bethany noel mota (7 november 1995)

thank you for staying strong with me. thank you for inspiring me to be myself and do what i love. thank you for showing me that anything is possible. thank you for all the laughters. thank you for all the amazing and joyful memories you gave me. thank you for being a friend. thank you for making me feel better. thank you for everything.

i hope this day is beyond amazing and that you have all your loved ones around you. i love you. happy 19th birthday queen.

A little bit late here, I forgot to upload it on tumblr :)

Happy Birthday Bethany Noel Mota!

Hey you, beautiful Beth! I love you so much gorgeous SO MUCH! I’m in love with you, the girl who love stitch, have an owl obsession, starbucks addict, the girl who still watch disney movies. I will never forget the day when I saw you love! You’re my biggest inspiration, you’re the best idol on the planet! I love you more than everything, thank for changed my life! There is no one like you!!! <3


She is seriously adorable and funny.

She inspired me of what to do with my Hair , Make Up , and clothing

She gets me in a great mood when I watch her videos. I watch her videos basically every day and gives me ideas and im basically so happy that I found her..she’s my idol!

I think she is turning 19 so happy birthday Bethyy! idk if your gonna c this but I love you and I hope you have a good one c:


Bethany Noel Mota,

Happy Birthday! We all love you so so much, and are so proud of you! You’ve come so far since you stated youtube and now you’re on Dancing with the Stars. Its been incredible to watch you grow up and at the same time growing up with you. You’ve changed the life of many people and are very loved all over the world. We hope you have the best birthday ever and of course eat lots of cake! Happy 19th! We love you to pluto and back :) thanks for always being there for us!

the MotaFam