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“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.”

Happy 53rd birthday John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II (°June 9, 1963)

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Summary : Pure Benny Fluff for the wonderful @mamapeterson Happy Birthday love!

Pairings : Benny x Reader

Warnings : Period, pure fluff, fluff, some more fluff

A/N : I recommend reading @manawhaat wonderful smut with Benny ‘Bloodlust

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You climb out of the bright red 1958’ Plymouth Fury, slamming the door behind you, not caring to lock it. Looking down at the plastic bag in your hand, with tampons on the inside. Your focus now goes back to the damp panties in between your legs, due to starting your period a lot earlier than expected. Managing to unlock your front door, stepping in you notice Benny’s not in his usual spot on the couch at this time of day.

‘Benny, you home?’ You yell out through the house. Not hearing anything you quickly walk into the bathroom running into Benny along the way. More like running into his chest. Grabbing hold of your nose, you laugh a bit.

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Personally, I could go on for hours and hours about how you’ve helped make my year special, Ben. From my incredible first experience in seeing you in your element on stage during The Crucible, in the flesh, alive and in the moment – to being lucky enough to fly across my country to New York City to do just that, while getting to meet you too, as if everything else wasn’t already enough. Yes, you’re truly a bright light that will never fade out and forever a gift to creative theatre and the art realm for many people. 2016 has been unprecedented for me, literally, but by every sacrifice and every gain, it was made better by being able to fully support an artist I sincerely believe is extraordinary.

XOXO, SimplyWhishaw (who also turned ONE this month!! WOOP!! Thank you to all my amazing followers and friends!! You are appreciated. x.

for the always super awesome @faliout. Happy Birthday Benny ♥♥

The squad throws James a surprise party complete with cake as baked by dad Dread. 

From left to right: Elliot @cacomagen, Gene @kingsofleon2112, Travis @badcowboy69, Brevic @sir-vanfleet, James the birthday boy @faliout, Dread @fishplague, Andoy @andoy-thedeathclawborn, Bradley @mirelurk–cakes, Barry @ur-a-nerd-so-i

Thanks to everyone who attended the “secret stream” and kept me motivated to finish this! This was a huge project and I’m quite proud of it. Enjoy Benny and again Happy birthday!


meyer + benny for littlelansky on her birthday ❤


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My favorite thing about Michael Zegen’s performance as Benny Siegel is how perfectly he embodies Benny’s physicality in little, subtle ways. This gesture is probably my favorite example. A moment of silence passes, and Benny suddenly lurches a bit in his chair, like a surge of electricity just traveled through his body. This is how Benny’s energy operates. He’s so easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation, and he needs to move and be active in order to deal with over-stimulation. He’s tied to a chair and in a lot of pain but he still can’t keep his body from moving, and he does so in way that almost seems involuntary.  

Happy Birthday Benny

So I didn’t make it to finishing the Benny fic (gonna be a day late and a dollar short) but I thought I could do something for Benny anyway (especially since I haven’t written for him yet and he’s one of my favs). So, lots free headcanons.


  • Of course, the generic- Benoit is his name and Benny is his nickname 
  • Benny makes amazing flower crowns
  • Benny totally cried at his wedding (Charlotte gave a great speech- and even better one when she got drunk)
  • He keeps a diary journal
  • He drops his weapon and forgets it so you can often see him trotting back to get it (people say he went off to murder somebody with his BARE HANDS and then decided a weapon would be better for his BRUTAL MURDER TIME)
  • He always goes with Keaton on his adventures (and leads the way home) but regrets going every time because Keaton takes him to the creepiest places (so he sews a lot more charms)
  • Benny has a hard time shopping for things to wear so he sews his own clothes pretty often
  • He spends holidays with Charlotte’s family, getting along well with them

Romance (Corrin)

  • Corrin drags chairs around to stand even with Benny (and Ignatius), or drags them to something Corrin can stand on, and Benny tries not to think it’s the cutest thing and smile at them
  • Corrin sometimes sleeps straight up on Benny and it doesn’t bother him
  • Corrin loves holding their hand up to Bennys because of the difference
  • Corrin tries very hard to make Benny laughs and considers is a momentous occasion worth celebrating when able to- but has to do it subtly because if they make too big of a deal Benny gets super embarrassed
  • Benny kisses really gently, usually picking up and carrying Corrin for them

Family (Corrin)

  • Corrin gets a bit peeved when even Kana ends up taller than them and Corrin ends up the tiny one in the family (Kana never fills out like his brother and dad but he gets a bit of height)
  • Ignatius was a chubby baby that did not like strangers and one of the only ways to get him to fall asleep was to let him sleep on his parents chest to hear their heartbeat
  • Little Kana loves to sit on Benny’s shoulder, finally taller than everybody