happy birthday bby ;w;

omg this globe cake is so lol I’m gomen

It represents his wide knowledge, the outside world, culture day, and that everyone on earth loves Armin ok there are no exceptions, sorry but I don’t make the rules

I really wish I could say this was a quick sketch but it actually took 4 hours

anyways, Happy Birthday to our favorite blondie, Armin Arlert!!

karins-ass happy birthday!

this is gonna be long but youre worth it.

btw sorry this art isnt amazing, my photoshop has stopped and i need to use sai now and how does one use sai??????????????????

Caity/Ryan, its been nearly a year since started we speaking to each other properly. Literally we’ve spoken non stop since the time i was so upset on instagram, you popped up to me and helped me,even though you didnt even know me, you still came to my recuse,and i became stronger on the ‘’instagram breakdown phrase’’ preston and shit. Thank you. Since then we’ve spoken and connected in a lot of ways,when i’ve asked,you’ve talked me about sexualities, and the racism and any world awarenesses/issues i needed to know, even debating over things. When we first started talking, the naruto ships like SS/NH vs NS/SK where high and salty, so having a friend who ship the opposite from me ,wowed me and others tbh but we made it, even though we made anti posts, or reblogged anti posts or even argued or debated over it, we were still at each others side, and we proved that friendship in fandoms isnt about ships at all.

You helped me when i became involved in tricky situations…most recent, that hate i got over a movie?????? like what th e fu c   .. a-anyway,you’ve inspired me to take art to the next level,because before i just self hated every piece i made but now i feel a bit more confident it in!

I read your writing, when you posted it on IG and now, when you post it on tumblr, and even though its never what i ship its freaking beautiful okay?? youre talented and i hope you take your writing talent higher! beautiful, great personality, feminist,artistic and great at writing? youre the full package holy shit-

I really hope that you’ll one day come to the uk because you’d 100% welcomed into my house, i tell my mum and friends about you because youre so great and beautiful and nice and i hope one day you’ll get rid of the negative things that surround you, become independent, do great at college/uni, sort things out with your crush, be free to share to people who you are without fear of what they would think of you.

But srsly…., how embarrassed i feel rn because i’ve been calling you cat-tey for like the past months till this month when i asked u like ?!?!!!??! 

but yES!! i love you so much ahHH you’re absolutely gorgeous and amazing.

heres a playlist…relaxing music whenever you get stressed/upset ♡