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a seulgi gifset (some of my favorites fancams) dedicated to @jiyeri ♡

happy birthday, lacey! thank you so much for being a member of the food squad. hope you have a nice day today! we will all celebrate more birthdays together. we love you, moodboard queen! #happylaceyday

HQ Boyfriend (Dateko & Shiratorizawa): Goshiki Tsutomu (Ace!)

Goshiki: What are you reading?

Goshiki: ?

Goshiki: Speaking of which listen to this! Next week’s training camp has been decided and i’ve been picked as a starting member!

Goshiki: Spirit? Of course i’m going to put my all into it! This is a chance to show off my strengths as the next ace!

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I know you’ll never read this but I still wanted to write you a birthday message.

You’ve been in my life a long time but it has only been recently that I have began to appreciate you as much as I should have from the beginning.
You bring me so much joy and happiness, you can relax me when I feel my anxiety spiking and can make me laugh when I’m on the brink of tears. You are helping me through so much tough stuff right now and it pains me that I’ll probably never get to thank you personally for that.
You have also brought so many wonderful people into my life who I now can’t imagine living without. Thanks to you I have so many wonderful friends that I will treasure forever.
Kristen, you wonderful, amazing, stunning, comedic goddess and drama saint. You have made my world so much brighter in such a small amount of time and I honestly wish I could hug you and tell you all this in person because you’re an actual angel and I love you so much and you deserve to have the best birthday ever because I know you help so many other people through their lives too and you’ve just saved so many of us, you deserve to have so many days filled with love and joy; and at least one day were you get spoilt rotten

okay so i wrote this at 3am bc despite actually being tired I stayed up to Edit birthday posts for Kristen ❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I really love your stories and tomorrow (August 18th) is my birthday, so I was wondering if you could write a Lams story for me? If you can't/you don't see this/don't want to, that's fine, but it'd be really cool if so

AHHHHH HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY!!!!!! I hope it’s a great one! Here’s a special lil fic just for you! I hope you like it! <333

“Please don’t make me socialize.” 

“Alex, Alex!” Laurens whined. “The two boys were walking past the park. Laurens had a feeling that he knew what kind of place they were going to, and it involved people and chatter and food that he’d rather enjoy at home. It involved socializing. 

“Please, I want to just stay home with you, watch a movie and fall asleep while watching said movie.” Laurens tugged on his boyfriend’s arm, unsuccessfully trying to bring the smaller boy to a halt. 

“No!” Alexander said, voice firm, a little pout on his face. It would’ve been hilarious if he hadn’t been dragging Laurens to what he was sure was his certain doom.

“Why, though? It’s a Friday night and I’m exhausted. All I wanna do is curl up next to you.” Laurens pulled Alexander back and swung him around so he was facing him. 

A slight blush rose to the smaller boy’s cheeks as their eyes locked. For just a second, Alexander was speechless. 

It was really just a second, though. 

“Not today, satan!” he said proudly, once again jerking Laurens down the sidewalk.

“Did you just call me ‘satan’?” Laurens asked, scrunching his face up at Alex even though the other boy had his back to him. 

“I called the temptation I felt to abandon my plans after staring into your enticing eyes ‘satan’,” Alex clarified. 

Laurens simply rolled his eyes in response. They’d come to a halt in front of their usual sushi place. Laurens loved sushi, but he did not love socializing. “Alex, come on, please don’t make me socialize,” Laurens whimpered. 

Alex turned to John and took his boyfriend’s freckled face in his hands and left a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose. “It’ll be worth it, I promise,” he whispered. 

With that, he led Laurens inside. At first, there was nothing out of the ordinary. There were a few people seated in the wooden booths, waitresses were running around, taking and fulfilling orders, the phones were ringing like crazy. Nothing was strange until…

“Mon ami! Happy birthday!” Why was Laf there, and why was he saying ‘happy birthday’ to Laurens?

“Yeah, dude! Happy bday, man!” Herc added, raising a glass then taking a long sip.

“Um. my birthday isn’t for another week,” Laurens said, glancing from his two friends to his boyfriend. Alex simply beamed at him.

Lafayette ignored Laurens’ protests. “Well, we are ready, mes amis,” he said, getting up from the booth he’d been seated in. He held up a plastic takeout bag. “We know you, mon ami. We got your favorite, no worries,” he said to Laurens with a wink.

“I wanted to surprise you,” Alex explained. “And I knew that if I did it next week, you’d see right through it, so,” Alex shrugged and gestured to their friends and the food they were holding. 

Laurens was blown away by his friends. Sushi, takeout, and….

“Now it’s time for movie night!” Herc exclaimed.

Laurens turned to Alexander and grinned. “Wow, I love you so much,” he said softly.

“Not as much as I love you,” Alex said, meeting Laurens’ lips in a passionate kiss. When they pulled apart Alex looked a little dazed for a moment. “Um, let’s go?” he finally said with a small laugh. 

“Yes, let’s go,” Laurens said. They walked back outside to meet Laf and Herc, hand in hand.