happy birthday bb ;u;


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aka @essiesims!!!!!

ESSIE YOU ARE LOVED!! I’m so glad that we’ve became so close this year. You’re the magnifying glass to my sleuthing #DAREALONES. You’re an amazing person and I love everything about you. Never stop being the amazing individual you are!! #staywOKE I’m still waiting on the day we all move to Tokyo so we can turn up whilst eating all of teh sushi. I hope all of your wishes come true because you deserve it all bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *is hugging u telepathically* I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I’m taking a shot as a toast to many more years of friendship bc I’ll never leave u alone!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO


happy 23rd birthday to kim yura, rap god and pabo extraordinaire. girl’s day wouldn’t be as fun and lively without you. you’re so beautiful inside and out, and i’ll never stop admiring you for your hard work and strong spirit. whether it’s art, singing, rapping, or having a good time, you never cease to amaze me! ♡ #HappyYuraDay ♡

I really love this whole /gentle giant/ aesthetic that we’ve given Baz, like this cute guy who comes from wealth who is gay beyond explanation; this nerdy gay boy who is hopelessly in love with the Golden Boy

But I feel like we might’ve forgotten that Baz literally bullied Simon for seven years. He was canonically a giant jerk who was secretly in love with his supposed enemy.

Baz is cocky and self-assured and probably doesn’t think twice about what comes out of his mouth (whereas Simon stays silent BEcAUSE he thinks and thinks about what he wants to say) and as much as I love the Sweetheart Baz that we as a fandom have adopted I don’t want anyone to forget about Mean Baz who bullied Simon (and probably many other ppl) bc he was Basilton Pitch and he wanted to be a jerk

And I want everyone to remember that Baz dropped his whole Asshole Demeanor because he wanted to, because Simon Snow wanted to kiss him and he had a reason to try to change the negative qualities in himself.