happy birthday babyyy

69 Reasons I Adore Freddie Mercury

1. His beautiful smile that lit up the world
2. His amazing sense of humor
3. How he always called people darling:)
4. His outfits
5. His voice which came from actual heaven
6. How he played the piano so intensely
7. His strong sexy onstage vibes
8. His incrediblE dance moves
9. How sweet and adorable he was offstage
10. His generosity
11. The fact that he literally couldn’t hurt a fly if he tried
12. “Do you like my claws? They’re real diamonds!” “You don’t believe me?”
13. How he didn’t give a shiT what anyone thought of him, he’d continue on like a Persian Popinjay anyway
14. His beautiful eyes
15. How brave and ballsy he was throughout his entire life
16. How he wasn’t afraid of trying new things
17. How he actually achieved anything he put his mind to and he never gave up
18. How adorableee he was as a baby
19. How adorableee he was as an adult
20. His cute relationship with his parents and sister
21. Literally every song he ever wrote/sang
22. His speaking voice ah
23. “That’s for the press!”
24. How he handled his disease and stayed so amazingly strong until the very end
25. His half mic stand lol
26. His fluffy late 70s hair aww
27. His adorable love for cats
28. How “possessed by love” he was
29. His cute accent and choice of words
30. His amazingly sassy interviews
31. Don’t look at me with those puppy eyes stoP
32. His badass Sid Vicious fight haha
33. His profile (heart eyess)
34. His body I’m sorry but his bodY
35. His chest hair
36. He didn’t try to be cool he was just himself
37. “I can make a bigger bang than that!”
38. His 1976 posh Kenny Everett interview
39. His literal Sheer Heart Attacks and tantrums (little baby)
40. He literally cursed out crowds and threw water on them..and they cheered!
41. His stage prescience was literally hahaHA it’s magic!
42. Who else pulled a mustache off like that?
43. His legendary parties
44. He was just so cUTE can I squeeze him please?
45. His obsession with yellow
46. “That’s an asshole question to ask”
47. His live vocals in Who Wants to Live Forever yes
48. He was just such an interesting person
49. That sweater from that 1985 interview stop
50. His cute relationships
51. He would have made the best daddy
52. He just cared so much about things
53. He put literally EVERYTHING he had into his music and performances
54. He was literally the most passionate person ever
55. His artwork was amazing
56. And his fashion designs too!
57. How exotic he was
58. He was sooo unique what other Persian bisexual from Zanzibar and India became a fucking legend?!
59. His lyrics
60. His 3 chords on the guitar haha
61. The cuute interview “Actually I AM the leader of the band”
62. His eyebrows were amazing
63. How much work he put into the Garden Lodge
64. How much work he put into everything actually?
65. The fact that he recorded a fucking opera album with his idol omg
66. Sooo many adorable Freddie stories where do I start
67. How drunk he was during the Spread Your Wings/WWRY shoots lol
68. So pretty stop
69. Banana hat and daffodils

70. And one for good luck! He’s just the best I adore him okay happy birthday babyyy!😘