happy birthday baby u u


good morning. we love u so much birthday boy.
윤기오빠 생일축하해요!~ 시간이 지날수록 더 사랑해요……♡ㅠㅠ 당신이 자랑스러워요. 내가 더 나은 사람이 되고 싶게 만들어요.진짜. 오빠 그동안 고마워요. 사랑해요. ♡♡♡♡


“ Kevin will you come to my birthday party? ”

I will if you want to

Happy birthday Jaehyun, valentine boy ♡

“Aha what you doing down there, Jackie? Trying to be like your Papa?”

Baby Jack Zimmermann trying to be like his Papa and giving poor Uncle Mario’s leg the Bad Bob Treatment™. Alicia is mortified, Bob cannot stop laughing. 

For my friend @thateruditestranger-thatfucker for their birthday. Happy birthday, you loser! Have a baby thug. 💖


Happy Birthday, Lelouch!  ♡
Make Me Choose
:: Lelouch or Suzaku - @cldstrifes 

Husband Jeno

something for mari to do on jeno’s birthday <3

(I’m leaving that ^^ there)

  • Will always want to keep you happy
  • Jeno the type to show you his many sides
  • A complete goof ball
  • Wants to have kids
  • Will get more cats if you let him
  • Will make you breakfast in bed
  • Tickle fights all the time
  • Gives you a piggy back ride when you’re tired
  • “Jeno stop I’m trying to sleep”
  • “But baby… I want cuddles!!!”
  • Whinny Jeno
  • He wants attention about 90% of the time
  • A big baby
  • But he’s your husband..
  • Thinking back
  • He was kind of scared to propose to you
  • Once he did propose
  • He couldn’t stop smiling
  • He screamed and picked you up and twirled you around
  • The rings were beautiful
  • He didn’t know what ring would of been the best
  • He just chose the one that sparkled more
  • Saying it was because the sparkles
  • Reminded him of your eyes
  • On the wedding day
  • He was a nervous wreck
  • what if this what if that
  • He’s like a bridezilla
  • He just wanted this to be perfect like his soon to be wife
  • Even if he’s the man
  • He’s still a fluff ball that wants it to be a perfect day
  • I think Jeno would want to have like 2 or 3 kids
  • Will actually freak out when he knows you’re pregnant
  • “OMG OMG OMG WHEN??? HOW??? WHY???”
  • *Insert his whining scream laugh here* (asdfgjaiehek I love it so much)
  • “Jeno stop freaking out, you’ll be the best dad, because you’re Lee Jeno you’re amazing just like you are”
  • Will calm down after that
  • Cuddling all night right after
  • Whatever you want he’ll get it for you
  • Any weird pregnancy craving, he’ll be there
  • “Jeno can you bring me-”
  • “Okay babe, I’ll be back!” *runs out of the house for whatever you want*
  • Let’s you wear his clothes
  • For your pregnant belly
  • And because he likes seeing you in his clothes
  • Yeah that boy doesn’t do calm
  • “LEE JENO CALM DOWN, Just take me to the hospital”
  • Jeno and kids is just…something special
  • “Can I hold him?”
  • “He’s your child of course you can”
  • Holds the new born like they’re the most precious thing
  • Gives out his eye smile
  • Just when the baby boy grabs his finger and doesn’t let go
  • Tickles the baby with his kisses
  • Giggles and gurgling noises from your two favorite boys filled the room
  • *Flash* A beautiful moment has been captured
  • How is this beautiful family with a baby
  • A crying new born
  • And a big baby
  • He’s basically a kid himself
  • So you have to take care of your baby and a big baby
  • Jeno loves his babies though
  • He’ll protect you and his child
  • He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to his wife
  • Nor his baby boy, his two little babies
  • He’ll do whatever it takes to help you with the baby boy
  • “Jeno just pick him up”
  • “Stop screaming, just change his diaper”
  • “But y/n, I just did that”
  • “Did you give him his bottle”
  • “uh… bottle?”
  • He can be very clueless at times
  • He still wants to be the greatest husband and dad
  • Just for his beautiful Queen and his little handsome (after himself) Soldier
  • One day
  • Jeno decided to announce his baby
  • As the handsomest boy in the Lee Family
  • As his wife you said that’s wrong
  • “The baby is just as handsome as his dad”
  • Jeno being hard headed at the moment
  • Rejected that idea
  • It turned out to be a small fight
  • Whining and tickles everywhere
  • So many small giggles from your baby boy
  • There’s never a real fight between you two
  • It’s mostly the smallest fights
  • Jeno is the one who just stops them
  • He realizes that even if he’s wrong or not
  • That he loves you so much
  • To let a fight get between both of you
  • “I’m sorry, can you forgive me?”
  • “What, but you didn’t do anything??”
  • “Then why are we fighting??? Actually never mind that”
  • He gives you a kiss
  • He’ll much rather kiss you
  • Until the small baby starts crying
  • “*Sigh* I’ll go get him”
  • As he walks into the babies room
  • He turns around and winks at you
  • He’s most likely planning to keep that kiss going later
  • Comes back out instantly
  • “Uh… we don’t have anymore wipes…”
  • Clueless dad Jeno back at it again
  • Sometimes
  • You’ll walk in on him having a small talk with the baby
  • “Your mom is so beautiful,…you know, you have her eyes”
  • “gurgles”
  • “Yes, I know, actually your mommy is coming in here soon”
  • “more gurgles”
  • You will also walk in on him cuddling the baby
  • While they’re both sleeping in the rocking chair
  • Another beautiful moment
  • Jeno REALLY loves you, and his baby boy
  • Theirs never a day when he doesn’t think of you both

Jeno is just a fluff ball, that wants to do his best as a husband and father.



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Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun


(happy birthday i hope u have a good 22cd pal)

Fairy Lights

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kagehina

SummaryHow, where and why Kageyama got the idea of them ice skating eludes him but after much persuasion, Hinata had finally relented and that rare, genuinely beautiful smile that graced Kageyama’s face was almost worth it. Ok, it was definitely worth it.

A/N: this is a birthday gift for the wonderful @ainu . I know its not much, but its the least I could do for an artist as talented and a person as sweet as you. <3 Credits to @otpprompts for idea. 

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14 Years, Indiana 1991


U are great guitarist, singer, songwriter

oh u are great at everything <3

Pairing: Iwaizumi/Oikawa
Theme: modern!au: “yours”

Something was bothering Oikawa, so Iwaizumi was also bothered.

Rapping his knuckles on the door again, Iwaizumi’s frown deepened. He worried when Oikawa worried; Oikawa Tooru was someone who was generally calm under even the most strenuous conditions, so for something to be this upsetting to him was concerning. Iwaizumi didn’t like when Oikawa was upset. He didn’t like when Oikawa was anything but happy.

“Oikawa,” he called tiredly, hours ago abandoning the vulgarity infused nicknames, “come on, open up. I’m really getting worried. Do you want me to call someone? Have you even eaten?”

“Don’t need to.”

Iwaizumi had stepped out for an early morning work out, coming back to Oikawa locking himself in their bedroom. At first he thought it was a direly needed nap, but when lunch came and passed, he realized it was serious. Oikawa’s lunch and dinner were cold on the counter; it was nearing when they’d normally sleep and Iwaizumi had half a mind to break down the door, the only thing stopping him knowing that Oikawa didn’t want to come out. And Iwaizumi didn’t want to upset him further.

“…Was it something I did?” he asked quietly. “…Can we talk about it? Oikawa–”

“I just…” Oikawa’s voice trailed off.

Iwaizumi waited.

“…I don’t want to see you right now. I’m not angry or anything, I just… I don’t know.”

It took everything for Iwaizumi to keep his voice level. From the slight change in Oikawa’s voice, Iwaizumi could tell he was now by the door, glancing down to see a new shadow under the door. He was sitting, most likely with his back pressed to the surface. A habit he’d never gotten rid of.

Iwaizumi swallowed. He nodded. “…Okay,” he said slowly.

“Iwa–Hajime, just…”

“Just tell me one thing,” Iwaizumi said quietly. “…Are we okay?”

And Oikawa’s silence was both everything and nothing at once. 

Pushing off the wall to begin gathering bag of whatever essentials weren’t in his bedroom, Iwaizumi barely heard Oikawa calling his name not even a minute later. He didn’t return to the door but stopped moving, was frozen in the middle of their living room.

“…I’m really scared that I’m not enough for you,” he heard through the door, albeit a bit muffled. “I know what you’ll say, but… maybe that’s only for now. Maybe in ten years, or five, or even one, oh god, you’ll wake up and realize that you passed up something for me. Or you didn’t pursue someone because of me. You’re… Iwa-chan, you’re amazing, okay? And I’m afraid your kindness is going to get in the way of you being happy. And all I want is for you to be happy. I want that more than anything.”

“What are–”

“You turned down that research opportunity for me.”

“…That asshole was not supposed to have fucking told you.”

And by asshole, Iwaizumi meant Kuroo, who he had the extreme misfortune of being with when he received the news. Sighing, he dropped his bag and went over, sitting against the door, leaving it the only thing separating their backs. “…Don’t be so arrogant,” he weakly tried to tease. “It wasn’t only for you.”


“I applied for that grant years ago,” he continued. “I’m no longer interested in the topic I wrote my proposal on, I’m more than happy as a teaching assistant, and, yeah, I didn’t want to leave you. But it wasn’t only for you, okay? Oikawa, I promise you that if I went there, I’d be miserable for two years. I’m not going to regret this. I know I won’t. I’d regret taking it. That I know.”

Iwaizumi was going to bury Kuroo Tetsurou.

“You’re my home, Tooru. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here.”

Oikawa still gave no answer. His leg was bouncing; it was a nervous tic he always had, one that Iwaizumi was usually the one to quell. Kuroo had let it slip by accident over dinner last night and it left Oikawa feeling unsettled because he remembered how passionate Iwaizumi had been when applying for it. Giving a shaky breath, he rested his forehead on folded arms supported by his knees. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything and the seconds that elapsed were absolute torture. He chewed on his lip and hardly felt something hitting his foot, eyes flickering open hesitantly.

“There. That enough proof for you?”

And even though Iwaizumi’s voice had no problem carrying through the door, Oikawa barely heard it. Because what had hit his foot, what he picked up was a silver ring, simple but elegant. It was beautiful and traditional, the exact type of ring Iwaizumi would pick out. Oikawa stood as he heard Iwaizumi weakly mumble about how there was no more milk bread, that Oikawa was seriously a monster when it came to devouring those things; unlocking the door and pulling it open, Iwaizumi seemed surprised and Oikawa could see him blushing.

“…Good,” he cleared his throat. “…Was worried your blindass eyes couldn’t see that.”


“I want to marry you,” Iwaizumi interjected quickly. “I want to be with you forever. More than anything, especially that grant. More than you love milk bread. That’s… that’s how much I love you, Oikawa, so…” he trailed off and buried his face in his hands, giving a muffled groan. “Fuck, goddamnit, this kind of shit is your thing, I don’t… if you don’t like the ring, I’ll get you another one, I didn’t know what to get and that damn person was so goddamn nosy and talkative, I just–”

“You could’ve proposed with milk bread and I would still say yes,” he said breathlessly, stepping forward to kiss him the moment Iwaizumi looked up, losing himself in an all consuming, breathless sort of kiss. They stumbled a bit from the way Oikawa leaned in so suddenly, but Iwaizumi’s hands came to rest on his hips as Oikawa’s were brought up to cup his face. He lowered one hand to press the ring against Iwaizumi’s hand and then they pulled apart only long enough for him to slip it on Oikawa’s finger, small smiles tweaking their lips before their mouths were on each other’s again.

“That’s not a fair comparison,” Iwaizumi murmured breathlessly when they broke apart.

“And why’s that?” Oikawa asked, forehead against Iwaizumi’s, fingers laced with his and still smiling as blood rushed through his veins, as his heart raced.

Iwaizumi laughed, a sound that would both lull Oikawa to sleep and wake him up ever since they were kids.

“Because you’re Godzilla when it comes to those things, I swear.”

Oikawa grinned.

“As long as I’m your Godzilla.”