happy birthday baby i love you to pieces

Birthday Present // Jack Maynard***

Words Count- 1445


Can you write a smut where it’s jack’s birthday party. he and the reader sneak away from the party and have sex in his car. bc what’s a better present than birthday sex? (;

A/N- THIS IS MY FIRST SMUT SO PLEASE BE NICE. Please give me your feedback but pls keep it nice. Hope you enjoy :)


You and Jack had been dating for a little over seven months now. Your relationship was still very new in terms of length so you were still in the ‘everything ends in sex’ stage. Which neither of you two complained about. The sex with Jack wasn’t like any other sex you had had. He was experienced to say the least; he knew all of your weak spots and he knew exactly what to say to have you weak at the knees.

Jack was a very sexual person; and half the time he wasn’t even trying. Once he had walked out to the kitchen after just waking up. His hair was still messy from his previous sleeping state and his boxers hung low on his hips. It took everything in your body to not pounce on him then and there. Who are you kidding? You had leapt from your spot on the couch and into his arms. He was caught off guard but didn’t fail to show you a good time.

Now, with all this said there was one thing you two hadn’t shared together.

You two had yet to celebrate a birthday together. You had celebrated your birthday right before Jack had asked you out, and Jack’s birthday was in a few days. So you had no idea what to give him.

What’s too much?

What’s not enough?

You tried to ask Conor, Josh and even Anna, but they’re replies were all the same.

“He’ll like whatever you get him.”

So after a long conversation with your mom you had come up with the perfect present. At breakfast you would give him a new watch that he’s been wanting. Then at his birthday party you would give him the tickets and VIP passes to an upcoming Arsenal game. And then, as the night came to a close you would give him his last present.


What’s a better birthday present than birthday sex?

To Jack, the answer was absolutely nothing.

So to complete the last present, you went and bought a new black lacy two piece lingerie.


Today was Jack’s birthday so you started the day off with waking him up to kisses on his neck.

“Mornin’ love,” he said sleepily.

“Happy birthday baby,” you said, continuing to kiss him.

“Thank you, so what are our plans for today?”

You laid on his chest, “Well, your party is tonight. But until then, I don’t think anything.”

“I have a few ideas,” he smirked, flipping you two over.


After some playful morning sex, you two had breakfast and you gave him his first present. He loved it and made sure to give you plenty of thank you kisses. After breakfast you two Skyped his parents and Anna to say hi and so they could wish him a happy birthday. Then you two went out to lunch with Conor.

Finally it was that time of night to go to his party. It was being held at a very large venue and many people were there. You walked around with Joe as Jack mingled with some friends from America.

“So, what’d you get Jack?” you ask, sipping on your drink.

“Nothing big, just a vinyl of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits,” he shrugged.

“He’s going to love that,” you laughed.

“How about you?” he asked.

You spun around, showing yourself, “You’re looking at it.”

Joe snorted, “You definitely beat me.”


The night was still young as you wandered around the large venue, searching for the blonde that you call your boyfriend.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt but have you seen Jack?” you asked Caspar who was in a deep conversation with Alfie.

“Nope, sorry Y/n,” he gave you a smile and turned back to Alfie.

You continued walking until you found another familiar face.

“Hey Josh, have you seen Jack?” you asked the ginger.

“Yeah,” he slurred. “He went to the bathroom.”

You thanked the South African and headed towards the restrooms. Without thinking, you walked into the men’s room.

“There you are,” you chuckled. “I’ve been looking everywhere.”

“You do know you’re in the dude’s room right?” he laughed.

“I don’t care,” you shrugged.

“Okay, well let me fix my hair then we can go back out.” he turned his attention back to the mirror and you watched him.

You hadn’t noticed until now just how good he looked. He was wearing a white button up along with a black blazer. He had on black dress pants and white sneakers. You suddenly felt flushed as you stared at your boyfriend.

He continued to run his hands through his hair, oblivious to how he was making you feel. You felt a sudden wetness.

“Jack?” you said, walking towards him.

“Yes?” he said, focus remaining on the reflection.

You reached up to his hear, “I need you.”

He turned, “What?”

“I need you,” you said, looking up at him.

He grabbed your hand led you out of the bathroom.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“Well I’m not gonna take you in the bloody bathroom.”

“We both know you would,” you giggled.

“True, but I have a much better idea.” he said, opening the door to go outside.

“And what’s that?” You asked, the cold air hitting your bare skin.

Jack turned and gave you a cheeky grin, “What’s a better gift than car sex?”

You laughed, “If that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get.”

You two found your way to Conor’s SUV and quickly got into the back.

“Happy birthday,” you said against his lips as you straddled him.

He flipped you over so you were laying on your back and began lifting up your dress.

“Wait,” you stopped.

He detached his lips from your neck, “What’s wrong?”

You sat up, “It’s your birthday, and you shouldn’t have to do anything.”

“I don’t mind,” he says simply.

“No.” you insisted, pushing him back into the seat. “Just relax.”

You unbuckled his pants and slid your hand into his boxers. You grabbed his length and began pumping up and down.

“Fuck,” he breathed out. “Please, Y/n.”

“What do you want baby?” You asked innocently.

“Your mouth.”

He pushed his jeans down lower and you lowered your mouth around his tip. You continued pumping as you put more of him in your mouth.

“Fuck, oh my god.” He moaned, grabbing a handful of your hair.

You continued bobbing your head, his hand guiding you farther. Seeing him so vulnerable made you wet.

“Shit, Y/n. I’m gonna-” before he could finish, he released his load into your mouth. You swallowed and went back up to kiss him, raising your dress and pulling it over your head.

“You planned this?” he asked, eyeing your black lingerie.

“Maybe,” you giggled.

“I love you, but I need you,” before you could protest Jack ripped the lingerie in half.

“Jack!” you yelled, slapping his chest.

“I’ll buy you a new pair, just ride me.” He locked his eyes on you, hands on your hips.

You grabbed his dick, guiding it along your wet folds.

“I love you,” your eyes stayed on his as you pushed him into.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groaned, thrusting into you.

You moaned, trying to get used to him. No matter how many times you two fucked, Jack always stretched you out like it was the first.

“Fuck,” you breathed, leaning down to kiss his neck. He dug his fingers into your hips, pushing into you more and more each time.

“Right there!” you cried as Jack hit your g-spot. You rocked your hips, grinding on his dick.

“D- Do the-the thing,” he stuttered as you continued to ride him.

You chuckled, turning on his dick so you were facing away from him. Jacks hands immediately went to your ass, massaging it. You put your hands on his thighs, and pulled off him so only his tip was inside you. You slowly made your way back down his length, moving your hips in little circles.

“Fuck babe,” he groaned. “You feel so good.”

You felt your stomach clench around his throbbing dick, “Fuck!”

You turned back around, bouncing up and down as Jack released his load into you.

“C’mon baby, cum for me,” as he said those words you let the bundle in your stomach come undone, your juices going all over him.

You collapsed onto his chest, “Happy birthday babe.”

“Thank you babygirl,” he smiled, kissing your forehead.

“We better go,” you said sadly.

“Yeah, if Conor finds out we fucked in his car he’s going to kill us.”

You both chuckled as you put your clothes back on and returned to party acting like nothing happened. Though everyone knew what you two had just done.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Summary: It’s Katie’s 5th birthday, and you’re excited to give your daughter her present.
Words: 1.5k
Sam x Reader, Dean, Katie (OC)
Warnings: none, but this is unbetad and I haven’t even proofread it so I mean…

Daddy!Sam Masterpost

You woke up when the mattress jostled beside you. Sam murmured a small ‘shit’ as he realised his movements had roused you, and you blinked up at him, smiling sleepily.

“What time is it?” you asked, your voice low and rough from sleep.

“A little after five,” he replied, and you groaned, burying your face back into your pillow.

Sam laughed fondly, pulling on a shirt before leaning down and kissing the top of your head.

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I Got You

Title: I Got You

Summary: After a case that forces Dean to face the past, you’re left to pick up his pieces again.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned), John Winchester (mentioned), Sonny and Timmy (both mentioned).

Word count: 959 (let’s call this a drabble, shall we?)

Warnings: Angst, fluff, implied smut. Spoilers for the episode 9x07 “Bad Boys”. That’s all, I think.

Author’s Note: This is my submission for @jayankles‘s Birthday Challenge. Bailey, thank you so much for letting me participate and for being so patient with my question, I loved working on this baby. (Also. Happy birthday!)

As always, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for being a sounding board for this, she’s the most wonderful best friend in the world. 

Now about this drabble: my prompt was Bad Boys -which also happens to be one of my favorite Supernatural episodes. My heart always aches for Dean whenever I watch it, so I hope I managed to give him the comfort he deserves. (Gif used is not mine.)

Thank y’all for sticking with me for so long, I love you for it. Enjoy <3

Dean wasn’t okay.

He hadn’t been okay for a while now, little gruff comments and dark misty eyes that no stolen kiss or hand on the waist could fix giving away his sorrow and distress but it’d been more evident, more transparent somehow ever since you came back from that hunt at Sonny’s Home for Boys.

Instead of patching up old wounds like you’d hoped, the case had ended up pouring more salt into them and now all you could do was pick up broken pieces and try to put them back together, pretending that it didn’t tear you apart to see him like this.

With a deep sigh, you willed away those thoughts, finished your beer and looked up, eyes landing on Dean almost instinctively.  

He was sitting at the table in front of you, brilliant emerald eyes scanning the screen of his laptop in exhaustion, disheveled hair sticking up in all directions in the cutest way possible.

Slowly, you padded your way to him and let your arms, soft and familiar, wrap around his solid frame from behind, pressing your face in the crook of his neck.

“Hi there.” He chortled, turning around to drop a sloppy kiss on your cheek.

“Hi.” You whispered back with a half-smirk and pulled away so that your hands could wander around his back, fingers and thumbs working on the kinks and knots there.

Dean let out a low growl, arching into your touch.

“Jesus. That feels good, sweetheart.”

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Request: Imagine based on Happier by Ed Sheeran with Happy.

You can listen to it here or here.

Because Im trash I have mixed flashbacks in readers view and third person 🙃 And as per usual I haven’t edited. This is a mess lol sorryyyy. Flashbacks in bold. x


Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

The bell over the door of the bakery chimed as Jax pushed it open and walked out into the street.
Happy and Chibs lifted their sunglasses to their heads as they followed after him.
Tig was leant against his bike, puffing on a cigarette while he waited.
When he saw them leave the bakery he threw the butt to the ground and stood straight.
“What’d Barosky say?” Tig asked.
“We gotta meet Colette at Diosa.” Jax replied and swung his leg over his bike.
Happy absentmindedly glanced down the street when he did a double take.
She threw her head back and laughed, her arm swinging out to playfully hit the chest of the man beside her.
He could almost hear her laugh, the memory of her etched deeply into his mind.
His jaw clenched as he watched the man wrap an arm over her shoulder and pull her body close to his own, both of them laughing.
The sound of a motorcycle firing up caught his attention  and he stormed towards his bike, fighting the urge to look back at her.
He had no right to be angry. He was the one who had ended things. He wanted this.
He swung his leg over his bike and sunk into the seat.
“Ye alright brother?” Chibs asked, instantly noticing the change in Happys demeanour.
Happy nodded. “I’ll meet you there.”
Chibs’ eyes narrowed but he nodded and turned to Jax.
Happy fought the urge to look at her, knowing that if his Brothers saw her they would stop him.
One by one the three bikes pulled into the street and Happy waited til they disappeared from sight before he swung off his bike.
His head snapped up and he looked into the street, searching desperately for her.
Almost instantly his eyes found her, recognising her smile immediately and he watched as the man pulled her into a nearby cafe.

Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

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starrybinu’s secret birthday project - help a baby aroha!

hi guys!! so i have a younger sister that’s turning 10 on april 12th and she’s a baby (in both senses) aroha! she loves astro with her whole heart and i think that she would be really happy to get a glimpse of how arohas are so loving and connected.

here’s a few pieces on info on her, if you’re interested in making a gift!

  • her name is arianna (two n’s!)
  • she’s turning 10
  • her bias is eunwoo
  • she likes dragons, dinosaurs, and harry potter

if you have the time, making even a gifset, edit/graphic, fanart, fic, etc would be so helpful!! if not, reblogging the post would be nice as well!! thank you for reading and considering this 💗

if you have any other questions feel free to message me!! i’d love to make double digits an important birthday for her

Story Archive Master Post

Chapter Stories

The Lucky One (completed)

Characters: You x Sehun 
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama, Family 
Number of Chapters: 15 

Ten years of unrequited love.  One night that changed your life forever.   

Table of Contents:

I. One Night
II. Shame
III. Reunion
IV. His Gift
V. Pandora’s Box
VI. Her Deal
VII. Stuck in a Bubble
VIII. Like an Hallucination
IX. Warning
X. “Yes”
XI. Calm Before the Storm
XII. Oh Youngwoo
XIII. Omma
XIV. One Night (Reprise)
XV. Epilogue  

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Cat and Mouse (completed)

Characters: Luhan x You x Chanyeol  
Genre: Romance, Action, Drama, Angst  
Number of Chapters: 7

You are a trained assassin.  He is a top ranking police officer.  

Table of Contents:

I. Heartbeat
II. So Close
III. Forgotten Souls
IV. Replacement
V. Decoy
VI. Park Chanyeol
VII. Epilogue

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Temporary Affairs (completed)

Characters: You x Kai
Genre: Romance, Light-Hearted Comedy, Fluff
Number of Chapters: 17

In which Kim Jongin is your tall, dark, handsome, and sexy husband to be…of course…due to an arranged marriage…  

Table of Contents:

I. Mismatch
II. Lee Sohee
III. Puppet
IV. Your Offer
V. Lovesick
VI. Lovesick II
VII. Lovesick III
VIII. Breathless
IX. Chicken Feet
X. The Ex
XI. Sweet Potato Pie
XII. Head Over Heels  
XIII. Resolution
XIV. For Better or For Worse
XV. First Night
XVI. The Fight
XVII. It’s Okay, That’s Love 

※ ※ ※

Temporary Affairs II (completed)

Characters: You x Kai
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff, Family
Number of Chapters: 13

In which you married the man of your dreams, got pregnant with his child, yet still don’t really know if he loves you…  

Table of Contents:

I. Unasked Questions
II. Lucky Charm
III. Perfect Imperfection
IV. The Fated and The Unexpected
V. The Caretaker
VI. Self-ie-conscious
VII. Kim Yoona
VIII. Those Three Words
IX. His True Love
X. Friends Not Foes
XI. Little Miracle
XII. The Proposal  
XIII. Happiness

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still trying to figure out why these don’t work :( please bear with me.

Beautiful Distraction (completed)

Characters: You x Tao
Genre: Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Addiction
Number of Chapters: 8

Disclaimer: This story may contain themes that may cause discomfort in younger readers (for example, sex and addiction).  

When reality is just too much and parts of you begin to slip away…

Table of Contents:

I. Distraction
II. Illusion
III. The Role
IV. Addiction
V. Consequences
VI. You
VII. Separate Universes
VIII. Epilogue

※ ※ ※

The Lucky One II (completed)

Characters: You x Sehun
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life, Fluff, Family
Number of Chapters: 22

One night that granted you a lifetime of blessings, happiness, sorrow, and heartbreaks with the love of your life.  

“I love you,” he spoke and you melted into his arms, believing every word, every syllable that slipped out of those soft lips.  

Table of Contents:

I. Oh Baby, Baby
II. Our Little Adventure
III. Birthday Surprise
IV. Innocent Love
V. Hidden
VI. Abandoned Hearts
VII. Surprise Present
VIII. The Protector
IX. Blood and Water
X. Wake Up Call
XI. The Half Truth
XII. Maternal Instincts  
XIII. Young Love
XIV. Young Love II
XV. Omma’s Martial Artist
XVI. Sweetpea
XVII. Formal Closure
XVIII. It Was Perfect
XIX. True Love
XX. Pieces to a Whole
XXI. Mending the Wounds
XXII. Epilogue

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Skinny Love (completed)

Characters: Yoona (You) x Youngwoo (a.k.a. Kai’s daughter x Sehun’s son)
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life, Fluff, Family, High School Drama
Number of Chapters: 20

“When you’re around someone so much, for so long, they become a part of you and when they go away, you don’t know who you are without them”.

Table of Contents:

I. The Chase
II. The Protector
III. The Confession
IV. Oh Youngji
V. Realization
VI. Maybe
VII. First Love
VIII. The Resolve
IX. I Love You, Kim Yoona
X. Painful Decision
XI. The Break
XII. Losing Him  
XIII. Whenever It Rains
XIV. When Love Falls
XV. If We Are Together
XVI. Separation
XVII. To Have and To Hold
XVIII. Telepathy
XIX. Forever Yours
XX. Art of Seduction

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One Thousand Years (completed)

Characters: You x Chanyeol
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fantasy, Friendship
Number of Chapters: 15

A thousand years of rain that span three lifetimes…When predestined enemies fall in love…invisible barriers are pushed aside.  A relationship doomed from the very beginning.  

Table of Contents:

I. The Bunny and The Wolf
II. Predator Instincts
III. Love
IV. Love II
V. Separation
VI. Forbidden Love
VII. Vows
VIII. Inevitable Fate
IX. One Thousand Years
X. Melodies of Love
XI. Jade Bunny
XII. Home
XIII. Forbidden Love (Reprise)
XIV. Happy Ending
XV. Epilogue

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Glass Flower (completed)

Characters: You x Suho
Genre: Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Family
Number of Chapters: 7

Disclaimer: This story may contain themes that may cause discomfort in younger readers (for example, abuse).  

You were his flower and he was your water.

Table of Contents:

I. Invisibility
II. Water and Flower
III. Seed
IV. Seed II
V. Rebirth
VI. Second Chance
VII. Epilogue

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not to be like overly sappy but i literally wouldn’t be alive without Vices & Virtues so happy birthday to the baby of the 2 dudes who kept me going when i was in literal hell so many years ago, it is a magnificent piece of art that only gets better as you listen to it over and over again

breakfast in bed

@bookishgirl-love challenged me to write more fluffy drabbles… so here’s one.

“Shhhh, Oggie, keep it down,” Kurt said sternly looking down at the puppy that was running around by his feet, unable to keep still. “We don’t want to wake her up, not just yet,” Kurt said, focusing back on the stove top in front of him. He had so many things going on and he wanted to finish before she woke up, and not burn anything, but that damn puppy of hers just won’t stop distracting him.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get breakfast, too,” Kurt said as he started to set up the plates on the tray, “I won’t leave you to starve,” he added. 

“I swear to god, Oggie, if you blow this surprise, I’m gonna make Tasha watch you for a week,” Kurt said when Oggie started to move out of the kitchen towards the bedroom. 

Kurt was almost done setting up the surprise breakfast he was preparing for her, which included among other things, pancakes with strawberries and cream - the late night snack they had the first night they were together.

“Ok, you can wake her up now,” Kurt said, signaling for the puppy to go into the hallway towards the bedroom, following him closely with the tray.

Oggie didn’t waste any time, jumping on the bed, or rather on jumped on Jane, startling her awake.

“Ok, ok,” she mumbled, “I’m up.” She opened her eyes slowly, first seeing Oggie who was on top of her and then noticing Kurt behind him with the tray of delicious smelling food.

“What’s the occasion?” she asked as he settled down next to her and placed the tray on her lap, kissing her bare shoulder softly.

“Well,” he said, “I’ve had Rich working on a special project for the past few weeks.”

“What project?” she asked.

“Check the envelope,” he replied, pointing to the small envelope that sat on the edge of the tray.

“What’s this?” she looked at him skeptically as she took the envelope. 

He watched her closely as she opened it and pulled out the single piece of paper inside. She took one look at it before her eyes swelled with tears.

“Happy birthday, baby,” he whispered, watching her her, unable to tear her gaze away from the birth certificate in her hands.

“It’s… it’s…” she whispered, her voice cracking.

“It’s real,” he reassured her, moving closer and wrapping his arm around her, “and I mean, your birthday was two weeks ago, but we just found it two days ago. I’m sorry-”

“I love you,” she turned to him, silencing him with an unexpected kiss, “I love you so much.”

1975-2001 R.I.P.

1. Intro
2. Aaliyah ft Treach - A girl like you
3. Boot camp clik ft Aaliyah - Night riders / 9th wonder rmx
4. Aaliyah - Are you ready
5. Junior M.I.F.I.A. ft Aaliyah - I need you tonight
6. Aaliyah - Down with the clique
7. Aaliyah - Throw your hands up
8. Aaliyah - Everything’s gonna be alright
9. Missy Elliott ft Aaliyah & Da Brat - Stickin’ chickens
10. Aaliyah - If your girl only knew
11. Aaliyah - If your girl only knew rmx
12. Aaliyah ft DMX - Back in one piece
13. Nas ft Aaliyah - You wont see me tonight
14. Aaliyah - Extra smooth
15. Aaliyah - Try Again
16. Aaliyah - Rock the boat
17. Aaliyah - Giving you more
18. Aaliyah - Hot like fire
19. Aaliyah - Hot like fire rmx
20. Aaliyah - More than a woman
21. Aaliyah - Back and forth
22. Aaliyah - I’m so into you
23. Aaliyah ft Slick Rick - Got to give it up
24. Aaliyah - U got nerve
25. Timbaland ft Aaliyah & Missy Elliott - John blaze
26. Aaliyah - Beats 4 da streets
27. Timbaland & Magoo ft Aaliyah & Missy - Man undercover
28. Missy Elliott ft Aaliyah - Best friend
29. Ginuwine ft Aaliyah - Final warning
30. Timbaland & Magoo ft Missy Elliott & Aaliyah - Up jumps the boogie
31. Aaliyah - Are you that somebody
32. Aaliyah - We need a resolution
33. Aaliyah - Don’t know what to tell ya
34. Aaliyah - Read between the lines
35. Aaliyah - Are you feelin’ me
36. Aaliyah - Those were the days
37. Aaliyah - At your best rmx
38. Aaliyah ft Ginuwine - One in a million rmx
39. Aaliyah - Loose rap
40. Aaliyah - It’s whatever
41. Aaliyah ft Missy Elliott & Tweet - Where could he be
42. Aaliyah - Erica Kane
43. Aaliyah - Heartbroken
44. Aaliyah - Came to give love
45. Aaliyah - At your best
46. Aaliyah - Choosey lover
47. Aaliyah - Never comin’ back
48. Playa ft Aaliyah - One man woman
49. Aaliyah ft Rashad - Death of a playa’
50. Aaliyah - I don’t wanna
51. Aaliyah - Never no more
52. Aaliyah - One in a million
53. Aaliyah - 4 page letter
54. Aaliyah - I miss you
56. Aaliyah - My funny valentine
57. Aaliyah - Outro

Recorded LIVE in Los Angeles, CA 1.16.15
Mixed by DJ Ivy + Monte Christo

Made with SoundCloud

Happy birthday to all three Bakuras. Enjoy a day of sweets, love and whatever else you like.
All honor goes to the artist,
Because I did not draw this.


( I am so sorry for the delay but I hope you like this~ I couldn’t decide which of your baby girls to draw so decided to draw both. I hope you had a lovely birthday. Thank you for always being such a sweetheart ♡ ♡ ♡ )

@galvxnized | @ampedpredxtora

Happy Birthday...? | Adrien Agreste X Reader

((I didn’t make the song. Credits go to the creators of Grojband. Song: Love. It’s in my heart.))

Ah, Valentine’s day. The day where couples exchange gifts and make sure they’re close to their loved ones. And if you’re all alone on this holiday, you’d do best to not be stuck in the city of love; Paris. And guess what? You didn’t have one. And you lived in Paris.

The Irony…

It’s not like you hated the holiday, it just seemed pointless to show your affection only one day of the year.

You were currently aimlessly walking around town, admiring and envying all of the valentine themed things all over the place. As you’re walking, you hear calls of your name in the background of all the bustling noises of Paris.

Turning just in time, you see Adrien stop infront of you trying to catch his breath.

“Oh hey Adrien. What’s the rush?” You ask, concerned for your friend.

No one runs like a madman for nothing, right? 

After he caught his breath he stood up with tinted cheeks. 

Probably from the run. you thought.

“Happy Valentine’s day (Y/N)! I um… I g-got you a card.” he says shoving it in your hands.

You look at it to see that it’s just an average Valentine’s card, but you didn’t care because it came frim Adrien Agreste. 

Your crush

That alone made you love it.“Happy Valentine’s day too you too! Thank you Adrien, I love it.” You thank him with a smile and a light blush.

“Open it. There’s a surprise inside.” he said while fidgeting. He then started looking at anyone and anything but you.

Why is he so nervous? you thought, It's just a simple card, right? 

Boy were you wrong. As soon as you opened it a song started to play.

Happy Birthday, to you~

Happy Birthday, to you~

Happy Birthday, dear (Y/N)~

Happy Birthday, to you!

As the song ended, confetti exploded in your face. Causing random pieces of confetti to land in your hair, on your eyelashes, and nose.

“W-Wait! That’s the wrong one!” Adrien’s face was full on red as he snatched card away from you and passed you another.

Slowly, you opened the new card and a song began to play once more.

Year, after year, after year you’ve passed me by

(Passed me by)

Well baby I was made to be the apple of your eye

Now love


It's in my heart

Now that I’ve received your card

Now and forever I'll have the proof that I love you and you love me too

Baby I've been waiting

And I'm glad that I've been patient


Now that I've got you all of my dreams come true



It's in my heart

Now that I've received your card

Now and forever I'll have the proof that I love you and you love me too

I love you and you love me too

After the song stopped playing both of your cheeks were red.

“Did you write that yourself?” You shyly asked stealing glances at him. You had found the pavement under your feet very interesting at the moment.

“Um- yeah, I did actually. My friends helped me with the singing though.” He looked to the side awkwardly. “So…… do you like it?”

“I think it’s beautiful.” you complimented. Before he could thank you, you realized something. “Hey! In your song you said, ‘Now that I’ve received your card.’ But I didn’t get you one, sorry….”

“No, it’s okay-.” you cut him off.

“No! it’s not! You wrote an amazing song for me and I don’t even-.” you get cut off this time by Adrien kissing you.

When he pulled away you were a bit dazed not believing what just happened.

Adrien continued from where he left off, “If you had let me finish, you would’ve found out that it’s okay that you didn’t give me a card,” he covered your mouth with his hand so you wouldn’t protest.“Only if you’d be my valentine forever and always.” he slowly let go of you and backed off a little. “So what do you say?” he asked with a smile.

You blinked a few times, causing confetti to fall off of your eyelashes. A smirk makes its way onto your face as you pull him down by his collar and kiss him once more. A few seconds later, you pulled away to ask,

“Does that answer your question?“ He looked at you with the sweetest smile and sang;

Now and forever I’ll have the proof that I love you and you love me too.”

You then joined in,

I love you and you love me too.”

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For anyone reading my “Love Is…” SethKate piece…Baby Gecko’s Birthday is gonna be 10/13. 🎂🎉 I don’t wanna give away spoilers… Okay so giving away the birthday was a slight spoiler.. But moving on, I’d like to do something fun. I’m thinking of posting a mirror scene about baby Gecko: one girl version and one boy version… Would that be interesting/cool or too much disappointment for whichever way the story doesn’t go? Just curious to see what y'all think. ❤️😊 Love to my Loves!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite person in the entire world, my baby, Robert De Niro!! Today he turns 73 years old!! I love and admire him SO much! The first Robert De Niro movie I ever saw was The Godfather Part II. At the time I had no idea who he was (SHAME ON ME) but I thought he was amazing. So then I watched Taxi Driver and that’s when I knew I loved him! When I first started watching his movies, I was actually in a really bad place but the more and more of his films I watched, the better I felt. So I spent an entire summer watching his movies and I loved every one of them. His movies (especially his comedies) always cheer me up. He’s such a brilliant actor with so much talent and he just has something that no other actor has. I’m extremely proud of him and everything he’s accomplished throughout his career. There’s something extremely special about everything he does and every character he portrays. He is so amazing and he’s my biggest inspiration. He has inspired me to be myself, to not care what others think and that I can do anything I put my mind to. One of the things I love most about him is his dedication to his work. Not only does he study the character he’s going to portray but he takes the time out to prepare himself whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally to make his performance look as authentic as possible. And that’s one of the reasons I can relate to many of his characters, because it’s real. He has this amazing ability of drawing an audience in whether they hate or love the character he’s playing. And this is only one of the many reasons why he’s the finest and greatest actor of all time. I personally love every film Robert De Niro has done. Of course some are better than others but I enjoy every one of them because I think every character he plays has something unique about them. He’s actually been making movies since the age of 20, when he appeared in Brian De Palma’s The Wedding Party (1969) which was originally filmed in 1963 but wasn’t released until six years later.  I honestly adore and respect him so much, not only as an actor but as a person. He has done so many amazing things and has taken action to contribute to his community and to the Tribeca Film Festival which he founded. I think it’s amazing that he’s 73 years old and still making movies! In an interview for his 70th birthday he even stated that he wants to continue making films and continue acting. That just goes to show how passionate he is about what he does and he’s not going to stop doing what he loves just because of his age. And I also love that he’s not afraid to take chances with movies. He gives characters a chance and he gives their stories meaning whether they’re good or bad and if they are bad, he finds a way of bringing out the good qualities in them. His films mean so much to me because they’re more than just movies, they’re his pieces of art. Cinema just wouldn’t be the same without him. In many ways he doesn’t act, he becomes. And even if he’s not the star of the film, he always shines the brightest. There are a handful of actors and plenty of movies out there but there is only one Robert De Niro. Happy 73rd birthday baby! I love you so much!! Here’s to many more!!! ❤️