happy birthday baby i love you so much


HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAEL @canislytherinthings​ !!! (June 27th) 🎈
hope you have an amazing day and i wish you all the best in the world! you’re a beautiful soul and you always feed this fandom with amazing gifsets and we obviously dont deserve you! you’re such a kind and amazing human being and simon and i wanted to thank you for being you and you’re the best wife ever and i’m so grateful we’re friends!!  ♥️


Happy Birthday to my baby kim yerim - #iloveyou ♡ 05.03.1999

i hope you a good day my baby, when you come to red velvet i already like you, you are so nice and a beautiful girl, and a talent girl, i wish you more years and pass a great day with your family and your unnies. You’re the baby of red velvet, the gorgeous girl ever, your fans support you and love you a lot, keep like you are and don’t change my baby (forever with you kim yerim)

On the other side of the world, it is officially my lovely wife’s, @amaltheaz , birthday. And thanks to the equally lovely @lesly-oh , I was able to gift her this. Before I even followed her into the supercorp fandom, Az was constantly telling me about the similarities she saw between them and korrasami. So, of course, I had to give her the fanart of her heart :P

Happy happy birthday, baby. I love you so so much!

And everyone else most definitely should go wish her a happy birthday :)


just like how inspirits are able to give you strength, you’re able to give us so much more.

happy birthday, lee howon ♡




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happy birthday
m i n y o o n g i

Your image that has been neglected
Even then I didn’t know your significance
No matter where I am
You always defended that spot



Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s your birthday, and this is Bucky’s late gift to you. (No plot, just smut)

Warnings: smut. Unprotected sex(Wrap it before you tap it) daddy and kitten kinks, sergeant kink, ties and such

A/N: Happy birthday to my babe, @jamesbarnesblog! This one is for you, bb.

Bucky backed you up against the door of his quarters, smashing his lips against yours as his hands roamed your body, your hands playing with his white collar and tie in a hot and heavy kiss. “Easy, Sergeant.”

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for @abloodneed ❤️


#HappyTzuyuDay [ 990614 ] ♥ happy birthday to TWICE’s long-legged maknae, the yoda with a high fashion pose, the savage princess Chou Tzuyu! You are so incredibly strong and brave in everything you do and I have admired your strength and determination from day one. You are amazing and talented and deserve the whole world, always know ONCEs and TWICE love you very much! Always be happy, baby chewy ♡