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Happy 19th Birthday to this wonderful, talented, beautiful guy named Michael Gordon Clifford. He is my sunshine and I think he deserves everything coming his way. He makes me so happy, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I love you so much, Michael. ❤️x


Where We Are Tour One Direction Rose Bowl (nearly the Full concert) Niall’s 21 birthday 2014, & 5 Seconds of Summer 


5SOS AU MEME: Luke wishes you a happy birthday via video due to being away on tour. Ashton hints what Luke has planned for you when he’s home.


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  • apologies if this is crappy, wanted to post something for you guys since i’ve been inactive due to school x

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Three years of this perfect band. I can’t believe how far they have come and how much they have achieved. I couldn’t be more proud of my boys, and I know they have so much more to accomplish in their future. Happy Birthday, 5SOS.

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Happy 22nd birthday, Ashton. I hope you have an amazing day filled smiles, laughter, and whole lot of joy because you deserve it. You give so much and help us through our bad days and I hope you have a wonderful year of being 22 and I hope you never stop smiling. 

I love you so much, sunshine. 


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I know it’s a little early, but here is a little compilation video that I made as my less than little present! (You can start at 0:47 to skip my bullshit if you want)

Stick around till the end because it’s featuring a very special birthday song from Morganne (justplainoldlove) and her friend Claire!

Special thanks to these Tumblr users for the amazing artworks:
5secondsofsubmission, 5sobsessions, acceptingirwin, banashtons, beautifullshit, duhmichael, enamelniall, floralsand5sauce, foursos, gayrolds, havingmajorfeels, justanotherdenvergirl, michael-more-like-damn, ohemmoh, sarcalstic!

I hope I did your works justice!

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Here is a Happy Birthday, Ashton video I was able to put together with all the lovely submissions from so many lovely people/blogs. Please take the time to check it out! We’ve all worked very hard on this! xx

Please retweet it here on twitter so maybe he gets the chance to see it? 

But most importantly Happy 20th Birthday, Ash!