happy birthday arthur~

  • Everyone: 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎉
  • Fred & George: ...?
  • Fred & George: Its not our birthday...
  • Molly: I am your mother! I know when your birthday is.
  • George: ummmm...
  • Molly: *is now unsure*
  • Fred *whispering to George*: April 1st? Best. Birth date. Ever.

Happy Birthday Arthur Lounsbery! - September 12 -

Arthur Lounsbery in Star-Myu in Culture Festival Official Pamphlet

The first seiyuu event of Starmyu ‘Star-Myu in Culture Festival’ was held last year on May 29 2016.

There’s an upcoming 2nd Starmyu seiyuu event ‘Star-Myu Fes. 2017′, which is going to be held on October 8 2017! Let’s look forward to it~!

You can join Arthur Lounsbery’s Birthday Festival on Twitter at  #ランズベリー・アーサー生誕祭2017 or tweet him heartwarming birthday wishes at @Art_C_Lounsbery 💙