happy birthday arthur~


Maennu and Suzuken were allowed to have a sneaky play on TEKKEN 7 before the release date (June 20th?) but right when they were getting into it the bell rang and…how can you say no to someone’s request when it’s their birthday tomorrow? 😂

”Let us have another go! Let us have another go! It’s my birthday tomorrow!”

“It’s your birthday tomorrow or whatever but I’ll kick your butt”

Famitsu Gamers DX Ep.44 (2017.05.25)
Hosts: Suzumura Kenichi & Maeno Tomoaki
Guest: Arthur Lounsbery (Or King Arthur as Suzuken calls him!)

  • Everyone: 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎉
  • Fred & George: ...?
  • Fred & George: Its not our birthday...
  • Molly: I am your mother! I know when your birthday is.
  • George: ummmm...
  • Molly: *is now unsure*
  • Fred *whispering to George*: April 1st? Best. Birth date. Ever.

12:05:28 AM
Sunday, 23 April

Artie and his bed hair is one of the cutest thing in the world. I had to wake Artie up from his deep slumber (he was sleeping on his table :() and drag him to the living room. He was still disoriented when he walked in but his face clearly lit up the moment he saw us. When we began singing happy birthday song, he blushed. He rubbed his hoodie shyly and just smiled while standing there.   

It’s that point in the semester where we could hardly have fun together. But today is an exception! I won’t let you go back to your working table hahahahaha. Since it’s your special day, I will make you forget about work for the next 24 hours. 

I want to thank God for blessing me with your presence in my life. May you also be blessed with everything you want. Happy Birthday, my silent hype man 💚💙
- Alfred 


HAppY Birthday to everyone’s favorite brit… Also yea two versions of th same pic bc i couldnt decide which i liked better