happy birthday anton!!!

Anton Yelchin
Wherever you are
I want to say Happy Birthday
I’m so sorry your life was cut short
You didn’t deserve to fade away
You have so much to share
It hurts to see you in this situation
But I hope you’re ok up there
Please don’t cry
It’s not your fault
It never was
And never will be
Don’t think it was
You’re great
So smol
And a little cinnamon
You may be gone
But you are never forgotten
Happy Birthday Anton
Dobroy nochi

Dear Anton

Dear Anton.

It’s been too long since I saw you. To be honest, I wanted to know you, I really did, and I miss you so much. I don’t like talking about you like you’re dead. It feels strange even now, and like something I’m being forced to accept.

I started a blog about you. It’s gotten fairly popular. I can’t help but to think, I wish I didn’t have this blog. I have all these followers because of you, I have people giving me messages, telling me they miss you too, and how they wish you weren’t dead, like I led them to some comfort and honestly I’m glad I can help them in the wake of your memory.

But that’s just it, Anton, the reason I have this blog is because you died. I wish you were still here, I wish it so much. It hurts every time I say or do something for you, and I need you back here.

I was just thinking, as I went for a walk in the snow, I’m so sorry you can’t see this anymore. I look outside as I’m riding in a car and music in my ears, and I think, “I am so goddamn happy to be alive.”

But then, I remember, what about those people that aren’t? You’re missing so much, every day, and I kept on living and seeing these things because I know if you aren’t here, someone else has to see them. You’re an intrepid, amazing, kind soul, and I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to your photo gallery.

Your photo gallery. It killed me, knowing I couldn’t make it. I’m so caught in the middle of school, keeping my grades up so maybe, just maybe I can make valedictorian so I can feel a bit better about myself and the way things are.

But that doesn’t matter. I feel as if I’m trying to talk myself up and I’m really not. I say “I miss you, I miss you” so much that it almost seems like it’s trying to form a moot point, a horse that’s long been beaten into the dust.

You’re a really amazing person. I think, if we were just trying to be basic, that’s what I’d say. You’re amazing. An amazing actor, photographer, person that I never got the privilege to meet, not really. What I had with you wasn’t enough to say I even remotely knew you.

I wish I could admit these things to anyone else. You know they won’t listen. I can barely listen myself. I’m trying to distance myself, you know, and it didn’t work. Actually, I’d be lying if I said I tried to distance myself completely.

So, we all decided to do this thing, giving you letters on your birthday, sending them out on helium balloons or posting them, or even just writing them, keeping them. I’m going to write a handwritten one too. It’ll probably be considerably shorter, but I’m sure you have enough letters on your plate, in your hands, right now.

It breaks my heart, what happened, and I wish more than anything that you were still here. God, I want to see another movie with the casting decision of Anton Yelchin for the lead role, the side role, any role at all.

I’ve loved so many things since you went away, like the sky and the snow, even though I’m horribly sick of it by now. Do you remember the way it looked when the sun hit it, or maybe snowflakes when the moonlight fell through the night air? It was like we were in a snowglobe.

I want to tell you so much about the world today. There are also things I don’t want to tell you, because a shit ton of bad things still happen and you don’t need to worry about those anymore. The sun comes out more and more each day, it seems, and the trees are starting to bud.

I wonder, what is it like for you now? Are you there, Anton? Ground control

I wish so much for you to be here with us today and now and here, so so very much. Happy birthday, and I hope the rest are happy too, even though they aren’t your birthday. I hope each day you had wasn’t harried or harsh on you, I hope you lived so many happy days with amazing people that love you so much.

I really do wonder what’s going on where you are. Is it pretty? Is it blank? Can you hear me? What can you see?

No, don’t answer that. I hope it’s so wonderful.

I wrote you a letter and buried it in the snow next to your grave. You know what I mean. I won’t bother to clarify. I hope you see it too.

I miss you so, so much, Anton, more than I can really explain.

I promise I will never forget you. 


“With all the love that I possess,”



Happy birthday, Anton.

Today would’ve been your 28th birthday. I just wanted to thank you for being our Trollhunter and how much you’ve brought to the series.

May you continue to shine ever bright, in day and night.

Well all love you. And we miss you dearly.

I just want to say that whoever or whatever is in charge up there, I hope you realize that this was and is a uncalled for. Extremely uncalled for. This man was taken from us, from hi work, from his family and my heart will never get over it. I miss him everyday. His beautiful smile and his beautiful voice will always be in my heart.

It’s gobshite that you can’t be here on your birthday, Anton.

Happy 28th, my dear. I miss you.


Depeche Mode’s single ‘Strangelove | Pimpf | Agent Orange’ released on 13|4|1987 ‘Strangelove’ was the 1st single for the then upcoming album ‘Music for the Masses’. The original version of “Strangelove” is a fast-paced pop track. Though successful, this did not seem to fit with Music for the Masses’s darker style, so Daniel Miller (Mute Records) made a slower version that became the album version. Alan Wilder (Recoil), in the Q&A section of his Recoil website, writes that the band felt the single version was “too cluttered” and was the reason Miller’s remix was commissioned. Miller expounded on this in the MFTM re-master documentary DVD, stating he felt the original single version was too complicated and would benefit from being simplified. It was remixed by production team Bomb the Bass (Tim Simenon) and released again as a single in the USA as “Strangelove ‘88”, finally reaching number 50 on the Hot 100.

There are two B-Sides for “Strangelove”, both instrumental. “Pimpf” is a dark instrumental that is mostly piano, named after the members of one of the HitlerYouth organizations. “Pimpf” later shows up as the final track on Music for the Masses. There is also a remix available on some “Strangelove” single releases called “Fpmip” (“Pimpf” backwards).

The second instrumental is “Agent Orange”, named after the herbicide used in the Vietnam War. At the end of the song, you can hear some morse code. Rumoured to mean “If anybody can hear this, please help me”, it is actually just gibberish (LAXI “.-.. .- -..- ..”, several times repeated). “Agent Orange” later shows up as the first bonus track on the CD/Cassette version of Music for the Masses.

The music video for “Strangelove” was directed by Anton Corbijn and appears originally on the Strange video. The scenery from the vid are locations shot at Paris. There’s also a Corbijn-directed video for “Pimpf”, added exclusive to the Strange video too.

There’s no official release of the Strange Video but last year Anton Corbijn revealed he is working on digital versions of the Strange & Strangetoo videos for a rerelease

Highest Chart Peakings: 

#1 US Billboard Dance Club Play 

#2 Germany & South Africa


HERE’S A PICTURE OF ANTON AND ENRII THAT I SPENT SIX HOURS ON (plus 30 seconds on Aviary to pick an effect). I hope you like it, I know I’m missing a few things and the anatomy is a little wonky, but, you know… I tried. Of course, I didn’t attempt shading because I’m garbage and I don’t know what I’m doing. 

Enrii and Anton have been my favorites for a bit now. I thought you’d like to see your original characters like this. 

Anton & Enrii ( @crescenti-c )

Drawing (Me)