happy birthday anja!

Last night was Anja’s birthday and we went over for some midnight signin’ and cake eatin’!

Of course everyone in 6 was drunk.

But still so absolutely adorable. I’m so damn thankful to live next to four awesome girls.

So glad to be the JOINT OG’s of 10980 with them. They’re the greatest.

And this is Leah, after she tied both of my shoelaces to each of my toes so I wouldn’t leave.

Could they be anymore perfect?


Happy Birthday!

((Sometimes I still laugh about the fact that I came out of my mom’s vagina 4 days after you did. And 2 days after Lissy did. And that we’re celebrating our birthdays this year on an MWF schedule. But that’s not the point.))

Thank youuu for allowing me to ruffle your hair, for staying with me when I watched the reichenbach fall (and for passing me tissue and catching the stuff I threw), for reading harry potter because we told you so, for watching a very potter musical also because we told you so, for writing more than half the lyrics to “namatay si dumbledore” (i still memorize that fucking song omg) and for even /talking/ to me 5 years ago.

In gratitude for everything you’ve done, here are pictures of your otps to cause you pain uwu

External image
External image

External image

enjoy your day, and happy birthdayyyyy!!