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Clair de Lune + Sam Holland

Summary: You find yourself wishing to rekindled your love for piano, a childhood hobby you once loved but couldn’t find the time for in your early teenage years. So your mother sets you up lessons with her best friend’s son, who just so happens to be quite the musician(and quite the young man).

Warnings: FLUFF.

Words: 1,665


The blistery air of London’s winter hit your cheeks as you made your way to the Holland household. You hadn’t been to their home in quite some time, eight years to be exact, but the way there was almost ingrained in your head from the many trips as a young girl. The many times you’d skipped along this sidewalk with your brother and mum, on your way to the many play dates you had with the Holland boys, laughter filling your soul as your ran towards your best friends. But that was so long ago, and you had grown up, made new friends and found a life without the Holland boys. 

You still cared about them, and still stayed in contact. Liking each others Instagrams, and texting a ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’, was a regular set of communication that the four of you kept. You had gone and seen Tom in Spider-Man, both in Civil War and the newest film, sending him congratulations with a smiley face. You had watched the twins grow from those annoying boys to handsome young men, and you would be lying if you said you weren’t excited to see them today. Specifically Sam, who was actually the one giving you these lessons.

As you walked up to the door, you felt a sense of familiarity as your reached out and rang the door bell three times. The chilly air nipped at your exposed hands as your rubbed them together, trying to create the friction you needed for warmth to course through them. Your teeth chattered as you waited for the door to open, patiently, and when it did you smiled widely at the red headed woman on the other side of it.

“Hey, Nikki. How are you?” You say as she ushered you through the threshold, closing the door and taking your coat and scarf before hugging you tightly. “I’m doing swell, thank you. God, you’re practically frozen. Come on, the boys are in here.” 

The two of you walked through the foyer and into the living area, chatting about the girls weekend that your mom, her, and you had just had two weekends back. Of course, you had seen Nikki and Dom at least twice a month, they were your parent’s best friends. The four of them did almost everything together when the Holland’s were in town, and sometimes you had the pleasure of spending a night full of stories and laughter with the pair of couples.

“Yeah, we’ll definitely have to do it again.” You said as Tessa ran up to you happily, jumping on her hind legs as she stretched to lick you. You laughed at the beauty, cooing at her lightly as you pet her, “Hello, darling, you can come too. Yes you can!” Nikki laughed as you invited Tessa to the next girls day, as she looked up at the boys that were seated on the couches.

“Boys! Look who’s here!” Their heads perked up as you stood from rubbing Tessa’s belly, looking at the boys who had grown oh-so-much. Paddy ran towards you with a huge smile plaster on his face as he exclaimed your name joyously. Tom’s smile was just as bright and confident, as he jumped up to give you a hug which you returned happily. Harry did the same, moving around Tom as you wrapped an arm around his waist in a side hug. Sam was the last one to approach you with an almost overly happy smile. His arms came to wrap around your waist, dipping his head in the crook of your neck, his hold pulling you slightly off the ground. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing against him in the tightest hug you could muster. 

As you pulled away, questions were shot your way from every direction, a blush coming to your cheeks as Tom boasted about how beautiful you had become since he had last seen you in a club about a year and a half ago. You chuckled as you swatted at the compliment, “It was dark, and you were drunk. How could you tell?” The boys laughed at their brother, Paddy going back to his video game console as he lost interest in the conversation. 

As your answered and asked question, the question of your relationship status was soon the topic of the conversation. The boys staring at you closely after Sam’s questioning eyes found yours. 

“I-I uh-,” You let out a soft chuckle as you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “I’m not in a relationship at the moment, and haven’t been since Tom called me hot in that club a year and a half ago.” Tom’s face went red and his eyes filled with an apologetic look in them which you just laughed at, “He was a dick anyways, toxic almost.” You confessed. Sam took this as his chance to suggest getting to the lesson, feeling guilty for even bringing up the subject, but feeling confident after receiving the newfound information. 

Sam had started feeling things for you when the two of you were ten, at the time he wasn’t sure what he was feeling but he knew it was something. And that something had to do with the way your laugh sounds like the most joyous thing he had ever heard, or how your smile was as warm as honey, or how your (y/h/c) always glowed in the sunshine. The feelings only progressed as the two of you grew older, even with those eight years you had spent apart. And now, the beautiful girl that he had only seen pictures of through Instagram was walking beside him to the family music room. It was where he did all his lessons, but it would soon become a scared place for the two of you.

“So what all do you remember from when you were younger?” He asked you, after he lightly led you into the room by placing a gentle hand on the small of your back. Your cheeks ran warm, a pink flush rushing over them. You tried to recall what you could remember, but the hand on your back sent your brain reeling. What was this feeling? And was Sam Holland making you feel this way?

“U-Uh, my scales and maybe a few nursery rhymes?” You asked as more of a question. His arm gestured towards the piano bench where you sat and rest your fingers lightly on the keys, almost as if it had been imprinted in your brain.

“Good, I want you to play them for me. But be sure to keep your back straight, love.” The endearing term and the gentle but firm hand on your shoulders and back made your mind buzz, you only nodded before beginning to go through the scales. Sam would call out a note and you’d play the scale effortlessly. 

“Well done, darling. Now, I’m going to see how well you can read a piece. Here is a nursery rhyme, play it to the best of your ability.” You nodded nervously while mumbling an “okay” as he placed the sheet in the stand that was built into the piano. You lightly started playing it, reading it with few mistakes making your heart swell with pride. You smiled up at Sam when you finished, him returning the smile before telling you the places where you messed up and how you can improve. 

“Let’s try something a little harder.” He said quietly after you quickly mastered that piece, he made his way over to a book shelf of folders, flipping through them quickly, “Here, let’s try this.” 

When he sat the piece down in front of you and you quietly hummed the first couple of notes, and you recognized the tone. “Clair de Lune?”, you questioned nervously.

He peered at you as he leaned over your shoulder, nodding as he smiled at you, “With practice, you’ll get it. We’ll work on it, and other things, during each lesson. These first couple of measures aren’t hard at all.” His arms wrapping around your shoulders, his hands taking yours in his own and moving them to play the beginning measures lightly. You turned your head to look at him, looking at his side features, the freckles on his cheeks dancing as he smirked to himself. 

“Play it for me.” You said in a whisper, to which he turned his head towards yours, lips almost touching. He looked down at them slowly before looking back up at your eyes. You swear your heart stopped, “Of course, love.”

You got up from the bench, watching him as he took your place. You sat down in a chair was a few feet away, one that gave you a perfect side few of his body. The way he held himself as he sat there was beautiful, confident and strong. But what made your breath hitch was when he started to play the piece, his eyes closed while his hands moved delicately along the keys. His body gliding with the notes that floated through the air as they cascaded down the keys.

Then you realized. So suddenly, with the notes rushing together in a magical melody, you realized that the reason you loved piano was because of him. He made it look like a dance, like the black keys were the male leading a waltz with the white keys. You stood up abruptly and made your way over to the edge of the piano, just as he began the last few measures, almost hypnotized by the music. 

His hands lifted delicately off the piano, the last note ringing through the air softly. His hands landed lightly in his lap, looking like the image of peace, completely consumed in the music. His eyes looked up to meet yours and he smiled at you lightly.

“When I play…I think of you…” He claimed lightly, a shy but warm smile on his face. 

“That was beautiful, Sam.” You gasped.


Misunderstandings // Min Yoongi (ft. Jimin)

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst // Fluff

Summary//Request: As you plan a surprise birthday party for Yoongi with the help of Jimin, he gets suspicious and insecure about your relationship as you spend all your time with Jimin. Fluffy ending ^_^

A/N: So, I decided to try out a new thing were I actually include texts as pictures to and from the reader and the person in the story! (instead of writing them in bold as I have done previously). Let me know what you guys think of it, and I’ll make sure to do more!

You threw your phone in your lap out of pure frustration after reading what Yoongi had sent you as you gently massaged your temples, feeling a migraine making itself at home in your frontal lobes.

“Woah, what happened?” Jimin jumped in surprise, almost letting all of the air out of the balloon he had been blowing up and trying to tie for the past 10 minutes.

“It’s Yoongi – he thinks there’s something going on between you and I because I’ve been ignoring him all day trying to organise his birthday surprise” you let out a harsh, disgruntled sigh as Jimin gave you a look of complete disbelief before nervously chuckling in response.

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Dancing On My Own: Part 2

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Drinking

Part One

Word Count: 1144

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. He hadn’t planned on Steve building up the sudden courage to ask you out on a casual date. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: As angsty as this story is going to be (and trust me – there is going to be heavy loads of angst) there is a certain sweetness between the Bucky and reader that I love.

I love hearing from all of you! 

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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Bucky had been paralyzed with fear as he watched you adjust from the shock of Steve’s surprise to shaking your head yes as Steve slid the ring on your finger. Once he was able to move again he meandered his way back to the bar. As a friend he wanted to be happy for you both – to congratulate you even, but he just couldn’t bring himself to fake it. You found him still at the bar an hour later after you quietly slipped away from Steve’s side to let him fend for himself with the last of the well-wishers.

The sound of your voice caused Bucky to jump slightly as you slid into the chair beside him. As he turned to look at you, you couldn’t help but notice that his smile didn’t quite reach his bloodshot eyes. “Buck, what have you been drinking?” you asked as you grabbed his glass to take a sniff. The smell of the amber liquid actually took your breath away.

“Thor’s secret stash,” he replied with a wink. He paused awkwardly as his smile slipped slightly. “So I guess congratulations are in order?” he asked. You had an odd feeling that Bucky was less than thrilled with the new developments of your relationship with Steve. You smiled tightly at his loaded question. You still weren’t sure what had compelled you to shake your head ‘yes’ to Steve. You loved him, sure, but you didn’t feel that butterfly feeling that you always thought you would when you saw him go down on one knee.

“I suppose so,” you tried to respond casually but it seemed too forced. Bucky immediately picked up on your tone.

“What is it?” he asked as he narrowed his eyes.

“It’s nothing,” you assured him. It felt more like you were trying to assure yourself than Bucky when you responded. You just couldn’t shake the feeling of panic that had enveloped you since you had said yes.

“It’s obviously something,” Bucky remarked with a shrug as he brought his glass to his lips. It was next to impossible to lie to Bucky, but that didn’t mean you had to tell him the truth – you reasoned with yourself that you were obviously just emotional and tired.

“So you and Nat?” you trailed off in silence – waiting for Bucky to respond.

Bucky stiffened suddenly – his eyebrows arching in question before realization spread across his face. “I don’t know,” he shrugged as he answered gruffly. You could tell he was in one of his moods so it would be impossible to get a straight answer from him.

You felt a pang of jealousy again – which you tried to quell to no avail. Why the hell were you concerned with Bucky’s love life after just getting engaged to the man of your dreams? “Buck, just be careful,” you warned as you squeezed his hand.

He half-laughed as he cocked his head sideways. “I think I’ll manage doll,” he replied before downing the rest of his glass. “You’re deflecting though,” he added with a grin.

“Deflecting what?” You asked as the bartender placed a drink in front of you. You swirled the amber liquid in the glass as you looked down. You knew you couldn’t bullshit Bucky, and he was certainly on to you.

“Are you happy?” he whispered softly next to you. The change in his voice made you look up into his eyes. You couldn’t help but notice that they seemed remarkably sad. The sight made your breath catch in your throat causing you to swallow hard.

“Are you?” you asked in return – forgetting about your own worries for a moment as you studied your friend’s face.

“You can’t answer a question with another question,” Bucky snorted as he looked at you. “Are you… happy?” he asked as he slid his hand over yours – the warmth of his presence immediately enveloping it.

You didn’t know why you couldn’t answer the question directly. Maybe it had something to do with the amount of champagne you had drank earlier, the endless congratulations from the partygoers, or maybe it was the look on your best friend’s face that uncomfortably squeezed at your heart. Regardless of what it was – you couldn’t bring yourself to say yes. “Steve’s a great guy. I’m lucky,” you responded with a tightlipped smile. Bucky didn’t seem convinced but had the good grace to drop the subject.

“Well I’m happy if you’re happy,” he responded with a smile. “Hey – how about a dance, birthday girl?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Bucky you hate dancing!”

“Not with you,” he replied with a grin as he hopped off the barstool and offered you his hand. You took it without hesitation and he led you to the dance floor. He brought you close to him wrapping one of his hands around yours and resting the other on the small of your back. You could tell that he had had quite a bit to drink by how comfortable he was. He looked down at you with a grin before he whispered, “You look beautiful tonight.” There was a reverence in his voice that made you blush as you rested your head on his chest.

“Buck?” you asked quietly.


“Will you promise me something?”

“Anything doll,” he whispered. His heart raced at your question and he prayed silently that you couldn’t hear it.

“Promise me you’ll always be here?” you asked as you lifted your head to look up at him.

He smiled at this – a real smile – where the corner of his eyes crinkled. Those were always your favorite. “I promise, doll,” he whispered as he planted a kiss on your forehead. You hugged him tightly in response. Bucky was always the one that kept you grounded and you worried that your engagement would somehow push him away.

“Mind if I cut in?” Steve asked. Bucky’s grasp on you tightened before he smiled and let you go. You watched over Steve’s shoulder as Bucky made his way back to the bar to sit next to Nat.

“What was that about?” Steve whispered in your ear, causing you to snap out of your internal monologue.

“He was just congratulating me,” you answered with a smile as you looked up at your fiancée.

“Are you happy?” Steve whispered into your ear as he held your body tightly to his.

“The happiest,” you whispered back before planting a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I know that look, Barnes,” Nat warned as she eyed Bucky suspiciously.

“What look?” he asked playfully – trying in vain to shake Nat’s suspicion.

“That look you get when you’re about to do something incredibly stupid. What are you thinking?” she asked hesitantly – afraid of the answer.

“I’m thinking I’m going to steal my best friend’s girl,” Bucky answered with a grimace as he drained the rest of his glass.

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BTS REACTION: You, him and your child having the same birthday month

To the anon who requested this: OH MY GOSH this is the cutest thing ever. I hope you enjoy it!

To everyone else…I hope you guys like it too!

Kim Seokjin:

When you and Jin heard the date, you two were overcome with joy.

“Really, Doctor, are you sure?” he asked, unable to contain the happiness in his voice. 

“Yes, congratulations to the both of you.” she (the gynecologist) replied and went on to talk about what you should be expecting during each trimester of the pregnancy. When you two left the hospital, he wouldn’t stop swinging your hands and bringing them to his lips. 

“I’m so excited, Y/n! Think about how fun it’ll be to celebrate our birthdays together!”

Min Yoongi:

“You’re sure it’s positive?” he asked when you told him you were pregnant. “How positive?”

“Very, Yoongi!” you smiled and he hugged you tightly, nuzzling his face into your neck. 

“We’re going to be parents in nine months,” he whispered, but suddenly let go when he realized something. “Wait…nine months from now…that’s March!” his eyes widened, lips curled into a gummy smile. “We’re all going to have the same birthday month!”

Jung Hoseok:

“ARE YOU FOR REAL, Y/N?!” he screamed over the phone when you told him that the expected labor date was in February.  

“Yes, I’m for real, Hoseok!” you replied, hearing the other members congratulating him in the background. “You know what that means, right?” you asked him.


Kim Namjoon:

“How cool is it that our child will be born on the same month as us?” you asked Namjoon as you lay in his arms, his hands running over your belly.

“Well, if you look at it like this babe, there are millions of people in the world. The probability of meeting someone with the same birthday month as you is 1/12. Out of 100 people, you multiply that probability by 100. Out of 1000, times 1000 and so on and so on. The probability gets higher the more people there are.” he stopped his winded explanation to snuggle you warmer and closer. “But statistics aside, the world really is magic-I’m so happy we’ll all get to spend our birthdays together, y/n.”

Park Jimin:

“In October?” Jimin looked at you, eyes wide and smile even wider. 

“Yes, Jimin, our birthdays will all be in the same month!” You squeeze him tightly and he squeezes back, kissing your forehead and lightly stroking your back. 

“It’s fate, Y/n…We were made for each other.” he whispered softly into your ear and you agreed, feeling safer and happier than ever. 

Kim Taehyung:

When you told Taehyung the news, he couldn’t contain his excitement. 

“This is so amazing, Y/n!” he smiled, holding your hands in his. “You, me and our baby will have the best parties…and we’ll be the happiest family too.” he wrapped his arms around you and leaned in, giving you a sweet long kiss. “I promise, Y/n, forever and ever.”

Jeon Jungkook:

He’d be shook. But in all seriousness…..

“You know what they say about September babies?” Jungkook placed small kisses on your belly, the ends of his hair tickling you slightly.

“What, babe?” you giggled, running your hands through his soft hair.

“They say we’re the cutest babies. And it’s true. You’re cute, I’m cuter and our baby will definitely be the cutest.” he smiled, causing you to give him a light smack on the head- he wasn’t wrong though :)

Or Something (D.S)

Description - Daniel gets jealous over yours and Jonah’s close relationship, which is strictly platonic.

You and Jonah had been best friends for years. Years before you and Daniel met. But that didn’t mean anything to you because you knew where you stood with both the Marais and the Seavey boys. Daniel was your boyfriend and Jonah, your best friend. Nothing could change that and you had believed that Daniel knew that. You believed that Daniel officially knew your status with both boys, Daniel - your boyfriend, and Jonah - your best friend.

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Gif source:  Obi-Wan

Imagine Obi-Wan surprising you on your birthday by announcing that you’re going to be his padawan.

——— Request for anon ———

“Congratulations,” Obi-Wan grins, relishing in the shocked and excited look on your face. Your mouth was open slightly as your eyebrows shot to your hairline.

“I’m to be your padawan?” you ask for confirmation, still not quite believing that you’d heard him right.

He nods, “Yes, from this day forth, you will be under my supervision and training. I doubt there’s a more fitting way to start a new year of your life. Happy Birthday.”

Eyes Closed 5

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, pettiness, sass, heartbreak, angst, drama, and plot twists.

A/N: In some parts you will see from Eggsy’s POV but not every piece.

You never loved anyone the way you loved Eggsy Unwin. When he ends things with you after confessing his secret to you. Wishing to only keep you safe from the scary things in his life. When you end up in a whirl wind romance with a man who turns out to be a prince, you’re suddenly struggling to figure out who you are. When you’re saying yes to a royal engagement, Eggsy has a lot to say about it. What happens when things take a nasty turn? Whose the one that will be by your side? And who the hell are you going to choose the prince and fairytale or the street hustler turned Spy???

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Bright as a Flame, Soft as a Rose

Summary: A fluffy Elucien florist AU (with some angst because Lucien is at least 35% angst at all times) 
Length: 8.5k
Rating: Teen and Up
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This was originally written for @acotarshipweek‘s Elucien week prompt: Florist AU. Sorry about it being two months late. Elain’s date dress is based off @meabh’s infamous Elucien drawing. Thank you to my lovely beta, @merflk. Thank you also to @rileylefae who put up with me screaming at her about this fic at all times the past two months while she was sleeping or at work, and for fateful discussions about biker!Lucien. Love you, darling.

Elain had almost finished her botany homework when the bell on the door jingled, alerting her to a customer. She quickly slid the diagrams of plants underneath the counter, and put on the pleasant smile she wore when anyone was looking.

Whoever the customer was, they took their time through the little florist’s shop, looking at the candles and potpourri and fake bouquets towards the front of the store.  She heard a quiet “shit,” in a masculine voice, cut off just as quickly as it began, as if he felt he shouldn’t swear in such a place. It was then that she leaned against the counter, already knowing who she’d be dealing with.

Elain loved her job at this quiet shop, surrounded by flowers. The owner was an older woman who was too ancient at this point to do much, and so Elain worked long hours around her college classes, doing her homework when there was no one there, essentially running the place. It was quite apparent the owner was grooming Elain to take over when she retired, and Elain was delighted at the prospect. Though she was here for the flowers, the customer service side of things could be surprisingly interesting. She delighted in seeing the messages that were attached to the extravagant bouquets they delivered, loved to see the stories that came attached to sunflowers or orchids or roses and baby’s breath. A disappointing amount stoked the fire that burned in her chest when she thought about the horribleness of the human race (“sorry I forgot your birthday” “sorry I forgot our fiftieth anniversary” “sorry I got drunk and slept with your twin because I thought it was you”); the real gems were those that made her heart melt, surprisingly few and far between (“Happy Birthday!” “Congratulations!” “I love you”). Having taken numerous orders, she was used to certain customer-types, could guess with accuracy which category their message would fall into. A man that swore inside a florist’s, wandering around awkwardly as if he didn’t want to face the worker? Definitely the first.

But she almost wished she could be wrong as he came into sight.

Red hair, bright as a flame, just long enough to run her fingers through. A finely boned face she never wanted to stop looking at. A body cut enough to mean he exercised, while not being so built it meant he exercised for his looks. Wearing khaki slacks and dress shoes and a light blue button down with sleeves pushed up, leaving his muscled forearms on display. Most striking was the ragged scar that stretched from above his eye down to one cheek, through a golden eye made of glass. If anything, it only enhanced his beauty.

She might have drooled a little before she shook herself back to the present. A boy that pretty, dressed that preppy? Definitely apologizing for a stupid, gross mistake that’s he’s not really sorry for.

He finally wandered over to the counter, wiping a bead of bright red blood off his thumb. He must have touched one of the roses by the front, thinking it was fake, before finding its thorns very real. “Hello,” he said. “I’m looking to purchase a bouquet.”

“Did you have a specific one in mind?” she asked, trying to keep her voice normal.

He hesitated before admitting, “no.” She laughed to herself over his discomfort over being at a florist’s.

She stepped out from behind the counter, beginning to walk around the store and show him their different flowers, their different bouquet styles. “May I ask the occasion?”

He grimaced. “My best friend recently got into kind of a big fight with his girlfriend. He asked me to get a bouquet he could bring to her to help patch things up.”

She blinked. Someone not even picking out their own apology flowers was a new low.

“Well,” she continued smoothly, the light shining from this man like that of heaven itself suddenly dimming. Who thought picking out apology flowers for your friend was okay? “How big is ‘big’?”

“Big,” he said, his voice suddenly sad. “We’re prepared to spare no expense.”

“May I suggest one of our larger bouquets then?”

He hadn’t been lying about how much he was willing to spend, and it didn’t take much convincing for him to purchase a monstrosity of calla lilies and freesias and ferns worth more then her weekly wage.

Yep, she thought as she rung him up. Rich and preppy and expensive and an asshole. Not going to happen.

She gave him a bright smile. “Would you like to fill out the card with your message?” She slid the little pink piece of cardstock over to him.

“Oh, uh, I think my friend should do that. Can I take it with me then bring it back when I pick the bouquet up to have you attach it?”

She blinked. “We do have a delivery service if you would prefer.”

“No,” he said. “My friend wanted to deliver them to her himself.”

“Well then, it should be ready in a couple of days. Could I have a number to call when it’s ready for pick up?”

He gave it, then left. Elain spent the rest of her shift trying to calm her racing heart.

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anonymous asked:

99 with Tyler seguin

99.“How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

Letting the last green balloon float up to the ceiling, you placed your hands on your hips. Looking up at the ceiling, it was covered in green, silver and black balloon’s at the request of your son Jaeden. Checking your phone, you sighed. Nothing. You had not heard single word from Tyler. You had never been the type of girlfriend that checked up on him 24/7, or asked him to contact you about once every hour. You know during the roadtrips, his focus was primarily on the games. Last you had heard from him was yesterday when they had landed in Ottawa. And since you had turned in early for the night last night to prepare for today’s big day, he had not called after the game like he usually did. Today was special, as it was your son Jaeden’s fourth birthday. Jaeden hadn’t thought much of not hearing from his father this morning, he knew he was coming home later today. So after getting a piece of his birthday cake for breakfast and a few small gifts, he had been all set for kindergarten with the excitement of seeing his dad when he come home. It had gotten on your nerves though. No call, not even a text message from Tyler. You ought to thought he would at least send a morning text, wishing Jaeden a happy birthday. Or call you along the day to catch up on the birthday plans. But nothing. Knowing he was most likely pissed after the tough loss they had last night, you had no interest in trying to contact him yourself. He’d get his own piece of cake when he got home.

There weren’t any major plans for the night. Jaden was going to have a birthday party with all his family and friends this upcoming weekend. Tonight was just supposed to be you, Jaeden, Tyler and yours and Tyler’s parents. You had made plans to order Jaeden’s favorite food. You had spent all of yesterday baking him a Stars cake. And he was going to receive the rest of his presents later on tonight as well when you were all together. However, the excitement you had been feeling up to now, was sort of wearing off. You were beginning to think Tyler had forgotten about Jaeden’s birthday. It was not like him. But after not hearing a thing, you were led to believe otherwise.

Leaning against the hood of your car, you were waiting for Jaeden to walk through the doors- as your phone beeped in your back pocket. ‘Hey BB. Just landed and on out way back to the rink, so if you could come and pick me up that would be great? Love yous’. You couldn’t help but to sigh as you typed a quick reply to Tyler letting him know you’d be there soon, whilst feeling the frustration build up inside of you. However, your frown was quickly turned to a massive grin as Jaeden came sprinting through the doors and in to your arms. “Mommy! Is daddy home?” Putting him down and helping him inside the car and in to his seat, you placed his backpack next to him. “Yes babe. We’re going to the rink to pick him up right now.”

Despite the excitement Jaeden had built up ahead of seeing his dad- spending your birthday at kindergarten seemed to have taken a toll on him as he was now fast asleep in his car seat. Pulling up at the parking lot, confusion washed over you. The bus was not where it usually was with all the players standing outside and carrying out their bags. You tried calling Tyler, but as the call went to his voicemail you nearly felt like throwing your phone out the window. Seeing no sign of anyone, you figured you had to go inside. Jaeden had his arms wrapped around your neck and rested his sleeping head on your shoulder as you walked through the back door. “Hey Jerry! Where are everyone?” Jerry the security guard didn’t get the chance to answer before you saw Tyler walking in the corridor. Giving Jerry a smile, you made your way over to Tyler. Opening his arms with a giant smile. But as he saw your face of anger, his happy face turned in to a confused face. “What’s-” Was all he managed to say before you cut him off. “Where the heck have you been? Why haven’t you called? Or texted? You could’ve at least have let me know you were alive. I know you lost last night, but c’mon Tyler. You didn’t even reach out this morning. I mean.. how could you forget your sons birthday?” Tyler’s head fell back as his face turned even more confused. “That’s what you think? That I forgot my own sons birthday?” He almost looked offended, which only pissed you off even more. Before getting the chance to reply, Jaeden stirred in your arms.

Rubbing his eyes, he turned and the same moment he spotted Tyler is was as if he had eaten a whole bag of cotton candy. “DADDY!” He called out and reached for Tyler, who happily took him from your arms. “Heeey Buddy. How are ya?” Jaden looked so small in Tyler’s big arms and seeing the joy in Jaeden when he saw his dad, made your anger wear off a bit. “Daddy daddy! I’m four today.” Tyler pulled a surprised face. “Really? Today? Look buddy.. may have seemed like I didn’t know that.. but come with me.” Tyler looked at you before turning around to walk down the corridor. Knowing you had no say, you simply followed. Walking through the arena space, you were confused to see close to no one around. Even when you walked through the dressing room, it was empty, only everyone’s bags were out. Which confused you even more as everyone should be on their way home now. The very same moment you stepped out of the door that led to the ice, you were hit with a giant ‘SURPRISE’. Looking up the whole team were standing on the ice, in all their gear. Behind them was a table of cakes and cookies and everything sweet you could imagine and balloons were tied to the table. “Happy Birthday son.” Tyler said and kissed Jaeden’s cheek. Jaeden’s eyes couldn’t grow wider even if he tried and the grin that took over his face was bigger than you had ever seen before. As Tyler stepped on the ice with Jaeden in his arms, all the players skated forward to give him congratulation hugs and high5′s. Your focus had been elsewhere at the time when you met up with Tyler, that at the time- you hadn’t even noticed the skates on his feet. You could feel tears form in your eyes as you saw the way Jaeden’s eyes lit up as all the players interacted with him and helped him in to his skates and junior gear and his jersey with number 91 on of course. He had met everyone so many times before. But it was different being on the ice with them, and everyone’s focus was on him. 

As you stood watching, you were unaware of Tyler skating up slowly to you. Standing right beside you, you looked up at him. “You really thought I would forget his birthday?” The way he said it, broke your heart and you wanted to mentally slap yourself for thinking so low of him. “I didn’t really.. I was just so confused when I didn’t hear anything from you.” Tyler nodded. “I wanted to do something special for him. And I wanted it to be a surprise for you to. I didn’t mean to shut you out like that and I guess I could’ve handles it all in a different way.” Shaking your head, you leaned over to kiss him gently. “Forget it. Just forget all about that. This is perfect. You know you’ve made his day. I mean.. just look at him. He’s so happy. And that’s all because of you. You’re the best father Tyler. Never doubt it.”


Congratulations on your Graduation & Happy Birthday to the most gorgeous person I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Haruna is one of the members of AKB that you don’t realise you love until they’re gone (or almost gone). Ever since her graduation concert I’ve realised how much I love her and how much she’s done for AKB.

Haruna has always had the image of being an airhead and being uninterested in following how AKB works but recently I’ve realised how much work she does put into being an idol and how she has helped AKB48. She’s actually really smart and has thought of so many different things to keep people interested and entertained (Nyan Nyan Kamen!). She’s also definitely been one of the senpai that has pushed multiple new gen members to our attention.

I’m really going to miss her being in AKB. It’s going to be really weird not seeing her in all the senbatsu performances (she actually holds the record for most AKB senbatsu performances with 46 singles!)
I’ll definitely miss just seeing her beautiful self and how she never ages. I really don’t think her face had aged in the 11 years she’s been in AKB.

I wish her the best success & that she continues to do whatever makes her happy!

Congratulations on your Graduation & Happy Birthday Kojima Haruna!

Unwanted >> Baekhyun, You

Okay, I know that I said that I will be inactive but this just happened. and I hope you will like it :) 

Tik Tok

Tik Tok

Tik Tok

The sound of the clock was torturing you as it announced the end of your birthday.

You looked at the uneaten cake over the table and sighed. He didn’t make it again. You had gone through this a lot, through his broken promises.

Byun Baekhyun, your boyfriend and one of the nation most beloved group members, promised you that he would make it home earlier that day. You wondered if he had caught up with work once again, forgetting that it was your birthday.

Taking the cake in your hand, you went to the kitchen and threw it in the garbage. If he wasn’t going to celebrate it with you, you didn’t need a cake.

Another sigh skipped your lips as you were trying to control your emotions

Don’t get angry. Don’t get sad. He is just busy. All idols are busy.

Your thoughts were broken when your phone vibrated in your pocket.

It must be Baek. You thought, your hopes started to get up again as a smile drew over your lips. He must be calling to apologize that he didn’t make it.

But, when you fished for your phone and saw who the caller was, all your hopes fell down and disappointment washed over you.

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Ever After

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word count: 3,363

Final Part of Chocolate Cupcakes

Sam woke to the feeling of thumps against his back, at first he thought it was one of the kids but when your arm shifted over his hip he smiled. He carefully rolled onto his back to see that you were on your side-it was truthfully the only way you slept comfortably anymore. He laid the palm of his hand on your stomach and chuckled softly when his hand twitched. “Ollie, you need to let Mommy sleep longer,” he whispered. He slowly rubbed circles around your belly, hoping it would calm his unborn son. Normally he did this at night when he was reading bedtime stories to him, after a few minutes of no more kicking, Sam got up carefully grabbed his T-shirt and walked into the bathroom. 

A few minutes later he emerged, he glanced towards your sleeping figure and left the room quietly. Your baby shower was later on that day and Sam wanted to make sure that you were well rested for it.

When you finally woke up, you just stayed there for a bit, enjoying the peace. It didn’t last long when you had to get up to use the restroom. “Couldn’t give me just five more minutes, could you?” You chuckled, rubbing your stomach.

As you waddled-yes you had reached the waddling stage down the stairs, you kept talking softly to your baby bump. You heard tiny giggles coming from the kitchen, smiling you waddled that way. You stood in the doorway watching as Sam and the kids made breakfast. “You know I didn’t think it was possible to get any bigger but it seems like I went to bed the size of a Prius but woke up the size of a Cadillac,” you stuck your bottom lip out.

“First of all, you’re gorgeous.” Sam smiled, moving over to put his hands on your stomach. “Secondly, I’m starting to think you’re spending too much time with Dean. Car comparisons? Really?” He teased.

Ava came over and kissed your stomach. “Morning, Ollie!” She grinned.

Liam was next in the morning ritual of ‘belly talk’, only he asked for high fives from his baby brother. His face lit up when Ollie delivered a kick to his tiny hand.

“So, if we time it just right, I may not need to stop and pee on the way to your Mom’s today,” you smiled.

Sam laughed, kissing your cheek. “Go sit down. Breakfast is almost done.”

Nodding, you moved to sit and watch them. “So, what’re you boys doing while we fawn over tiny clothes?” You teased.

“I think Dean said something about dancers and beer?” He smirked at you.

“Make sure to have plenty of singles, babe.”

Liam made his ‘yuck’ face, “Beer? Dancers? Can’t we just play video games Daddy?”

Sam laughed, “Little Man, you and your sister will be spending time with your Mother and Benny before they leave for their honeymoon.” Sam had Charlie taking the kids to the park where they would meet with the social worker and the newly married Lafitte’s for the afternoon.

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The American Dream (Team)

I pledge allegiance to the flag…
And to the holy trinity of America. 


Happy birthday to Steve! And happy birthday to America’s freedom though I am how many days late. OTL

Better late than never!
*Spreads love, freedom, and some fireworks*

Hope you guys like this!

DΞΔN  - 21 (Crushing) [1]

Originally posted by clubeskimo

“You probably hated both people and love
Under your smooth talk and cold appearance is a soft heart
They say that you are pretty to the point where you ears are tired of it
But they only talk about you, they never actually listened to your story
I wonder how many you have had before me

I really wanna know you baby

Her vague smile is it a yes or no?
Whatever she does, just leave her alone
She’s mine.”

Crush’s birthday party was being held soon and he called you every day to remind you of it. You two had been busy lately, which made it impossible for you to meet and catch up. You tried to reject his invitation at first, because you had an upcoming exam, but he didn’t accept no as an answer, and so in the end, you found yourself standing at the entrance of the club.

“I’m sorry Miss, but you’re not on the list,” the bouncer said again, this time his voice was slightly irritated.

“I’m sure I am,” you insisted and urged him to check again.

“Miss, I looked twice. Your name is not on there. And I have to ask you to step aside. Other guest are already waiting,” he told you politely and pointed behind.

You rolled your eyes and let out a long sigh, leaving the queue. Of course you were a bit embarrassed. The bouncer practically denied your entrance to your best friend’s birthday party. The other guests shook their head at you and you could hear some muttering, “she has no shame.”

However, you decided to just ignore it, since being upset didn’t solve the problem. You fished your mobile phone out of your pocket and called Crush, telling him about the situation.

“Shit! Haeri, I’m so sorry. I’ll come pick you up. Wait there. Don’t move.”

You stood there at the edge of the sidewalk, as you waited for your friend. You weren’t the most patient person and you easily got bored, so instead of standing still, you spun yourself around in a circle, until you heard a soft chuckle. Your body immediately froze at the sound and you quickly looked up just to be met by an unfamiliar face. The guy who was standing in front of you certainly wasn’t Crush, tough they had a very similar style, which had you looking twice to confirm the identity of the person. You scanned him from head to toe quickly. He was neatly dressed. Beneath his black coat he wore a plain hoodie. A white t-shirt peaked through his hoodie at the area of his neck and waist and his pants were black and ripped at his knees, showing some skin. You had to admit he was very good looking. For a while, you two just stared at each other wordlessly while the banging music from the club could be heard in the background, which made the silence between the two of you a little less awkward.

“You’re Haeri, right?” He asked you politely, reaching out his hands as a form of introduction. 

You shook it and bowed your head slightly. “Yes, and you?”

“Hyo Sub sent me to pick you up,” he explained quickly as he saw the confused expression planted on your pretty face. He was mesmerized by your beauty and he had definitely stared at you for a bit too long. But he quickly pulled himself together again, not wanting you to think of him as a creep. “I’m Hyuk or Dean. Whatever you want to call me.”

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You guys literally have no idea how much this kid means to me, he’s one of the most intelligent, well mannered, considerate, shy, kind, caring, hot, determined, men I’ve ever set eyes on.
It kills me that I’m not able to celebrate your birthday with you, give you congratulations for remaining the incredible human you are or even send a fucking letter because I have no address

(if anybody does have an address please inbox me, I will be forever grateful and will do shoutouts, follows, spams etc)

I swear, you’re one of the brightest sparks I’ve ever seen, everything you do has me blushing, laughing, crying and everything in between!
Every time I’m upset or sad, I’ll look at your adorably squishy face and just feel 100% better!
My only wish is for you to know how appreciated and cherished you are!


Sebastian Stan Soulmate AU

Hello!! New to your blog, love your reader inserts!! ≧∇≦ can I request a Sebastian Stan x Reader Soulmate AU? Thank you ^^

You woke up from the burning sensation that covered your forearm. It didn’t hurt, it was more of a pinching feeling that etched over your skin. You sat up straight in your bed and flicked on your bedside table.

Your eyes grew as, one by one, letter traced your skin. You looked over the words that now lined your skin and smiled as you got up for the day. “Good morning birthday girl,” your mom’s voice sang as you entered the kitchen.

“Happy birthday eighteenth to me,” you smiled and held out your arm for her to see.

Her face dropped as she looked at your arm then broke out in a grin, “Your soulmate’s first words,” she smiled and brought you in for a hug, “Congratulations Y/N.”

“Now I just have to wait,” you said and sat down. You looked at the words the traced your skin, “.”


8 years had passed and you still hadn’t met the one person that would say the words written on your arm. You tried not to think about it today, it was your 26th birthday, your best friend was taking out, and you were determined to have a good time.

You were running around the house picking up a little and getting on your shoes when Y/B/F walked through the door. “Happy Birthday, Y/N,” she smiled. “Going crazy already,” she looked at your busy figure.

“Haha, very funny. I just needed to pick up a little, the clutter was driving me crazy. And, you are 15 minutes late so I had to find something to do,” you poked at her.

“Haha, very funny,” she mocked you. “Come on, I have a good time planned for us.”

You got in her car and she ended the drive downtown in front of a little cafe. “A little birthday lunch for you; on me of course.” You two went in and got a nice patio table that overlooked the hussel and bussel of the downtown traffic.

Lunch started out peaceful and quiet until the loud sound of excited screams made you jump, “What the hell was that,” you laughed at your reaction.

“I think I heard they were filming some movie scene downtown this weekend. My guess is that was the excited screams of the fans eagerly waiting to catch of glimpse of their beloved actor or actress.”

“I would guess that you are correct.” You two wrapped up lunch and you asked her, “So what’s next?”

“Shopping,” she smiled at you.

“Don’t you think it’ll be packed if they’re filming down there? Won’t the stores be closed?”

“Packed, yes. Closed, nah, I’m sure we can wiggle our way into the stores. Hey, maybe we’ll get to be in the movie,” she lead you down 4 blocks to the lines of stores. “Let’s go into American Eagle first, they have good sale racks,” she tugged you into the store. A few blocks up you could see yellow tape that blocked off that section for the public.

Every shop you went to you got closer to the blocked off area. Hours passed, screams echoed against the buildings periodically, and hours later you and Y/B/F were walking back to the parked car.

“Oh, look at that dress,” Y/B/F excitingly said, “I have to check it out!”

“You go right ahead, my feet are killing me, I think I’ll sit right here,” you plopped down on the bench around the corner from the store. “Go ahead, I’ll be fine.”

You watched her hurry into the store to look at the sundress in the window. You rubbed your forearm over the cardigan that covered the words etched into your skin.

“Excuse me but, happy birthday,” a deep voice said. You looked up shocked and were met by bright blue eyes. “Sorry, if I scared you, but you dropped your phone down the sidewalk and, when I picked it up, I saw a bunch of texts that said happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday to me,” you said while rolling up your cardigan sleeve. As you finished speaking and as he saw the tattoo on your arm he smiled at you and rolled up his sleeve, the words you just said etched on his skin in the same place as his first words were on your arm. “I’m Y/N,” you shook his hand.

“Sebastian,” he introduced himself. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Y/N.”

When you `forget` it’s his b-day today

Y’all meet up and he’s casually keeping quiet while patiently waiting for his birthday gift and congratulation.

But then he realizes that you ain’t gonna congratulate him so he’s like:

Making triggered faces behind your back.

“(Y/N), what day is it today?”

“First of September, why?”

Him being speechless about the fact that there exist somebody who doesn’t know when his birthday is. So he doesn’t talk to you.

When you finally wish him a happy b-day and give him his present while apologizing, saying that you just wanted to see his reaction.


“Than wasn’t funny, (Y/N)! I thought you were serious…”

fronzillaa  asked:

Yo, happy birthday to your son, looks like we share the same birthday which automatically makes him the coolest dude in the game.

Hey my dude. That’s wild. Congratulations on resisting death for another year 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Seems like it’s the day of the cool kids. Gonna submit your birthday wishes after someone’s face got dunked in cake ✊🏼