happy birthday amir


Enjoy the GIFs I’ve blessed your feed with❤️😂 This is for one of the best characters in GMW enjoy your birthday Amir!!❤️

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29 Reasons You're My Best Friend

1. We can talk for hours and never run out of things to say

2. The gay ass emo music you listen to

3. You’re competitive

4. You challenge yourself

5. You always have a goal in mind

6. You have a terrible sense of humor that we both share

7. You have amazing luck. Seriously, who is that lucky? You should take up gambling.

8. You’re one of the bravest people I know

9. You are strong minded and dedicated to whatever you pursue

10.  You love to do what people say you can’t just to prove a point

11. The fro

12. The way you put up with me and all my downfalls

13. You can pull off a red tie and a black tank top you bought from Walmart stupendously

14. You’re incredibly intelligent 

15. And at the same time spiritual

16. Your wanderlust

17. How you can converse with nearly anyone

18. The way you can go from being really outgoing to being an absolute loner 

19. Strawberries and white chocolate are a main food group to you

20. How you look when you’re trying to do the “doggy paddle” is priceless

21. You’re such a generous person

22. How I can’t walk with you for 10 feet before we’re stopped because someone wants to touch your afro

23. I can be myself around you

24. You’re laid back

25. You have pretty skin and freckles

26. I trust you

27. You can and will do great things in your life

28. Today is YOUR birthday!!!! 

29. And I’m so damn lucky you’re in my life