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Of course, he was dangerous in the expected ways: tall, muscled, skilled in weaponry and war. But Cassian was dangerous for another reason entirely. Not the handsome face, but those hazel eyes … They had a way of assessing everything and everyone.

Dangerous, dangrous, dangerous, this male. 

If only for the fact that he made her feel so out of control. That she had no idea what he’d do—what she’d do—if he found her vulnerable for even a moment.

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for verabrittain on her name day.

We started alone, dear child, and here we are alone again; you find me changed. I expect, more than I find you; that is perhaps the way of life. But we share a memory which is worth all the rest of the world, and the sun of that memory never sets. And you know that I love you, that I would do anything in the world in my power if you should ask it, and that I am your servant as well as your brother. Edward.”