happy birthday alice!!!


“Andrew, they want to take me away from here. They want to enroll me in the Witness Protection Program so my father’s people can’t find me. I don’t want—” he started, but that wasn’t fair. “If you tell me to leave, I’ll go.”

He didn’t say it would kill him, but he didn’t have to. Andrew hooked his fingers in the collar of Nathaniel’s sweatshirt and tugged just enough for him to feel it. For a moment Nathaniel was months away from this moment, standing in the darkened front hall of Andrew’s house for the first time with a warm key digging into his palm. It felt like coming home, and it was enough to take the edge off his fear.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Andrew said: the same words, the same promise.

                     Happy Birthday Anna Line! @neilrabbitjosten (7.25)

Happy bday to this one! I love you so much,i hope you have the best birthday


  Living on Anaesthetic. No one seems get it.

…and kneeling on the floor of a dingy hotel room in Baltimore, MD, staring at the wrecked remains of what Neil used to be, Andrew knew there was no going back from this,

he was lost, he was lost, he was found

                        Happy Birthday Syeda!! @wasninski (4.30)

It is actually my birthday today. >.< So happy birthday to me. ;] I am now 22. I failed to stay up until midnight and enjoy my last hour or so of being 21. XD I feel old already. -___- Sadly my boyfriend departs for Vegas this very morning with his family to see the Fiji rugby team play. =[ I really hope he comes back by Sunday at least. Oh well. To celebrate my birthday I have a lesson 4 Japanese test today. Yayyyy. Birthday pass please? =P

If you thought you were late to the party, I fear I’m later still - but not too late to wish you a 


my dear friend Alice - @royal-society-of-pandas!!

I drew the Victor and Yuuri - Day and Night AU (credits to @beanpots) I wanted to do for a while now. With the best wishes for today and the new year for you!!


Alice in Wonderland vintage birthday cards (Pt. 1)

A very merry (un)Birthday to not only myself but to the lovely @puglover1990 

I hope you have a WONDERful birthday!