happy birthday alice!!!


Alice in Wonderland vintage birthday cards (Pt. 1)

A very merry (un)Birthday to not only myself but to the lovely @puglover1990 

I hope you have a WONDERful birthday!


Happy Birthday Katharine Houghton Hepburn (May 12, 1907 -  June 29, 2003)

Miss Hepburn, Aunt Kat, Katie, Kate. She is all of those plus importantly Katharine with an “A”. Loyal, demanding, pure and purely demanding, open, reserved, formally informal, proud. Intimidating. Exasperating. Funny. Touching. She is a doer, a worker, a riser above everything. Passionate in her likes and dislikes. Says what she thinks but keeps herself to herself. Loving. Sentimental. A lover of beauty, nature. There for all who need her, really need her, and are in need. She is wonderfully, uniquely one of a kind. She is here. For all she is, has been, has given, will be, she has enhanced and enhances this life. I love her. - Lauren Bacall

Her energy was phenomenal. I’d get to the studio at seven and she’d been there since six, riding the grounds on her bicycle. She has a wonderful wild and lunatic passion for everything she does. It is a tremendously infectious sort of thing and she creates a state of excitement. - Anthony Harvey  

As an actress she’s a joy to work with she’s in there every minute. There isn’t anything passive about her she ‘gives’ and as a person she’s real. - Cary Grant