happy birthday ali!

Fred and George

It’s their fourth birthday when Fred and George devise their first prank. Percy, their unwitting target, has his teeth dyed green for nearly a week because of it.

The events at their fifth birthday were entirely accidental. They never meant to turn invisible and terrify the house guests, honest.

The events at their sixth birthday, however, were not. They had managed to get their hands on some itching powder and sprinkled it on the toilet paper in all their bathrooms. Birthday guests were not amused.

The night before their seventh birthday they tricked Percy into drinking firewhiskey. He woke the next morning with a note tacked to his arm in their mum’s handwriting “You bumped your head last night a few days ago little over a week ago and the Doctor says there’s been damage, nothing permanent but your short term memory is bad. Just rest and it should get better. Fingers crossed.
P.S Tick the letter once you’ve read it.
P.S.S. Ron got his hair cut a week ago, stop asking, it’s bugging him.”

For their eighth birthday they sent a howler to Charlie and Bill at Hogwarts, impersonating their mother and announcing that their Great Aunt Tessie has decided to pursue her life-long dream as a go go girl.

They planned that for their ninth birthday they would cause their cake to explode. However Ron somehow managed to fall face first into it before that could happen. Not that either of them minded.

The morning of their tenth birthday Molly had been watching them both carefully, adamant that “this year we’ll have a normal birthday party!” They managed to replace all the bars of soap with cheese when she wasn’t looking.

On their eleventh birthday they replaced every single picture in the house with a picture of Percy in a woodchuck costume from when he was four.

Their twelfth was one of their longest running pranks, starting off early in the year. They managed to convince the DADA professor that he was mistakenly embroiled in an international drug operation. 

On the days leading up to their thirteenth they concealed multiple jars filled with live lacewing flies in the potions dungeons, paying off several students to carefully uncap the jars throughout the day. A very furious Snape was forced to cancel potions classes until the mess could be taken care of.

On their fourteenth birthday they charmed all the toilet seats in the castle to relocate to the infirmary. Molly had been waiting for it to happen since they boarded the train. 

Just before their fifteenth birthday they somehow manage to find no less than twenty garden gnomes, sneaking them into the Slytherin dormitory while classes were in session.

For their sixteenth birthday they copied the official letterhead for the Ministry of Magic, sending dozens of owls to various heads of departments that there had been a dragon egg left at Hogwarts after the first task and that the giant squid had decided to raise it.

On their their seventeenth birthday they already had plans in motion on how to get back at Umbridge, it was only a matter of biding their time (and Harry gave them the perfect opportunity, bless him).  

Just after their eighteenth birthday was the one year anniversary of their joke shop being open in Diagon Alley. To celebrate they hid several prank galleons throughout the store. When someone tried to pocket one of them they were instantly dyed a violent shade of purple.

Their nineteenth birthday was spent at Aunt Muriel’s, packaging and shipping Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes orders and promising each other that next year they’d make up for it.

On their twentieth birthday they were both on Potterwatch, making a multitude of jokes regarding Snape’s lack of hygiene and announcing that anyone who sent Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes the best prank by their next birthday would have a year’s supply of products for free.

“Why do you love Ali?” More than once I’ve been asked,
“Now tell me who he is”; more than once I’ve been tasked.
To answer this query is not simple, you see,
“If the trees were all pens,” tells us God’s appointee,
“And the jinn were accountants and the oceans ink,
And they all worked together, perfectly in sync,
They still would fail to calculate Haydar’s great traits,”
For this is Ali, simply, the greatest of greats!
Let’s begin by asking what the Ka'ba will say,
When asked about his birthmark on its wall today.
Ask Muhammad’s bed: “Who occupied you that night?”
It will call out for Ali, the bravest in sight!
Then let’s ask Jibraeel when he brought down the sword,
While “la fata illa Ali” the heavens roared.
Or let’s ask Khaybar’s gate: “Who ripped you out of place?”
It will point out to none other than Haydar’s face!
Let’s ask Mt. Uhud: “Who ran away, and who stayed?”
It will yell: “al-Karrar came to the Prophet’s aid!”
Then ask the City of Knowledge, who holds its key?
Tirmidhi will point to Ali, I guarantee.
Or ask the needy beggar with the ring endowed,
He’ll say: “I took it in prayer as Ali bowed!”
Then ask the poor orphan to be a declarant,
He’ll cry: “Ali was my source of love and parent!”
Ask the ant that Ali swore he’d never oppress,
Even if he was given the world to possess!
Let’s ask Dua al-Sabah and Dua Kumayl,
About their beauty, and Ali’s name they will unveil!
Ask the Second Shaykh: “What does ‘lawla Ali’ mean?”
He’d admit his need for Ali to intervene.
But sufficient for us is the Prophet dictates:
Where Ali and the truth, the Messenger equates.
Thus, please don’t ask me why I love him so greatly,
Such a noble man captures my heart innately!
My master Ali, your name makes my heart flutter,
An overwhelming peace, when your name I utter.
In all your greatness, you were still the most humble,
With orphans so soft, but in battle you’d rumble.
Eloquence is ashamed when it competes with you,
In all of your dealings, Justice you would pursue.
We call you Lion of God, a sage, kind, and brave,
But when asked who you were, you said: “Muhammad’s slave.”
O dust upon which Ali walked, I envy you,
O air which Haydar inhaled, I envy you too.
Salman, Miqdad, Abu Thar, how lucky you were,
Every day to serve Ali and with him confer.
On this night in Rajab, I have one wish only,
Please, Ali, in my grave do not leave me lonely.
With Allah’s Will, I plead for your intercession.
To you, I dedicate my life and profession.
—  Why do you love Ali?
Written by Sayed Hadi Al Qazwini

Title: Cookies

Rating: K

Shipping: Specialshipping, RedxYellow

Purpose: My special friend, Ali’s birthday! If you’re reading this, another happy birthday to you >w< and I’m sorry that I can’t log into DA right now to post this I really wish I could but there’s a bug FFFF- anyway, I want you to know that I love you, and I can’t describe how much I love you in mere words ;A; because you’re just that amazing of a friend!

P.S. I put it in Read More so I didn’t take too much space up in people’s dashes xD

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James and Lily expected more time with Harry. The war would end and there’d be room for more. More celebrations and birthdays and firsts with enough giggling smiles to fill countless photo albums.

After, Harry still has firsts, a decade of them that feel like an ill-fitting coat. His first night in the cupboard. The first threat of “to bed (and following day) without supper!” that Uncle Vernon followed through on. The first time he’s punished for magic Harry doesn’t know he has.

But then he turns eleven, and Harry has the coat turns into vibrant crystal. Warm memories and firsts that he replays in his mind over and over, until the edges are worn smooth. The first time he reads his letter. That first dead-run through the barrier and his first time on the Hogwarts Express. His first friend, and then later, friends. His first quidditch match and the joy of owning his own broom.

There are first birthday cards and the first time he finally had a family that wants him. Harry’s first (and second, and third) sleepover at the Weasleys. First antics and mischief making and riddle solving. His first time teaching a class full of fellow students because they believe in him.

Harry learning he destroyed the first horcrux when he was twelve and Dumbledore already destroyed the second. Harry’s first day on the run, and it’s the three of them as always. The first time he understands that the Hallows are real, and the choice over which to chase. The first smile he and Ron share when Ron came back.

The first moment Harry understands what he is meant to do and that terrifying first step into the forest. And that first tentative breath as everyone stares at Voldemort’s lifeless corpse.

The first reunion after the battle with passed flasks of firewhiskey and hoarse voices. The memories still ache but they’re healing.

The first time holding his son, and Harry’s heart full to bursting.

And today, the first day he’s ever been 36. Every first is etched into the laugh lines on his face and fading scars on his skin, and the tender care he gives to the spaces in-between where there aren’t any firsts yet.

Harry smiles at his reflection in the mirror, ruffling his hair like his father used to do and says “It’s a good look on you, old man.”
DAY 3266

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Mar 8/9,  2017                   Wed/Thu 1:33 am

Birthday - EF - Altaf Ali Kondkar …..    Thu, March 9 .. happy birthday to Altaf Ali on his birthday .. have a good one and accept our wishes .. with love ..

The days are getting run over by time and state .. and so we have to be careful when what DAY goes out .. it has happened today and shall perhaps give rise to another DAY blog tonight .. bear with me ..

The amount of information and articles and opinions and specifics of situations that one comes across these days, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to have concentrated direction on a topic of choice .. for the choice itself runs into many choices .. and that is when we get invaded by what is generally referred to as confusion .. nothing remains permanently .. the different views are so diverse for the same topic, that by the time you reach some kind of conclusive decision .. another decision takes over the brain and the territory it inhabits …

Is it just me or with others as well that .. when we watch a serial on Tv we tend to start behaving like some of the characters that enact those episodes .. watching a thriller you start devising your own little Sherlock Homes .. a comedy includes ridiculous reactions .. the domesticity looks at you strangely .. a regal period drama instantly converts you to Kings and subjects and Palaces and battles ..

Right now I am a mix of a comedic suspense in regal repose .. !!  Which in more simpler terms means there are 3 serials running simultaneously and at times with a bit of luck there is the sporting channel, bringing up reason to celebrate a most dynamic and convincing victory on the cricket field .. ..

But then who said life was devoid of confusion ..

Amitabh Bachchan