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“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.” (Star Wars TFA/Avatar AU)

Happy birthday to my beloved @matereya!! ♥ ♥ I’m sorry for the lateness of this gift, but I hope you enjoy Zuko and Katara as lightsaber-wielding badasses in the final TFA duel (BECAUSE OF REASONS OK ;D)

Also a tribute/thank you for always inspiring me with your beautiful SW and ATLA art, and for being such an epic friend in the trash compactor across these two fandoms!! _(:з」∠)_


                                                                  Your hand is a star.
                                                      Your blood is famous in your heart.


birthday graphic: happy birthday todaymakestwohundredandfiftyfive! this thing came in a little later than intended, but i hope you like it! c:

“Getting a second life is one thing. Making it a better life, that’s the trick.”

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A/N: Happy birthday @whazzupbroski aka dear meme friend, Tia! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day, this one’s for you! I’ve never actually written Nalu before but ah, here goes xD Hope you like it!

Words: 520

It was just as always. Twenty minutes into shopping with Natsu and she’d already lost him. Though, this time, it had to be some sort of new record.

Lucy frowned, the small red jacket embedded with round buttons still in her hands, long forgotten, her eyes searching from one corner of the street to the other for a familiar shade of pink, a checkered scarf—even the slight burst of flames would be helpful to her at this point when it came to spotting him.

“Natsu?” she called, setting the jacket down on the stall with a huff. Hands on her hips, she began marching down the street irately. “Don’t just leave! We’re supposed to be picking out a gift for Happy!”

One thing Natsu had never been fond of was shopping; she’d known that from the start. He’d be off in another direction as soon as she turned her back, his nose sniffing out the nearest food joints or rummaging through items that were the last thing they possibly needed—but still, they did everything together and that included buying birthday gifts for their closest friends.

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