happy birthday again :d

“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.” (Star Wars TFA/Avatar AU)

Happy birthday to my beloved @matereya!! ♥ ♥ I’m sorry for the lateness of this gift, but I hope you enjoy Zuko and Katara as lightsaber-wielding badasses in the final TFA duel (BECAUSE OF REASONS OK ;D)

Also a tribute/thank you for always inspiring me with your beautiful SW and ATLA art, and for being such an epic friend in the trash compactor across these two fandoms!! _(:з」∠)_


                                                                  Your hand is a star.
                                                      Your blood is famous in your heart.

Happy Birthday @pennytf! ❤️🎉
Hope you will have a wonderful day!٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Here’s a better solution of the pic (hope this is better :,D) I’m gonna say the same thing I’ve already saying on Insta ❤️So, thanks for being always so kind and cute! And thanks for sharing your beautiful artworks! We all love them ❤️*^*
Also sorry for this dumb doodle, I’m having problems with drawing in this period ;-; but hope you still like it! :,D ❤️

EXO Reaction when you don’t celebrate your birthday

Again, happy birthday to the anon that requested this :D Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Very nervous* “She said she doesn’t celebrate it but… I hope she doesn’t mind I made dinner for her… I really want her to see it’s a special day.. she is special to me”


“Where are we going? Well you said you had no plans so you are going to the galaxy with me~” *Actually it’s the beach but let him be*


“I promise I won’t sing happy birthday if you don’t want… but at least spend the day with me, yes? I have a surprise!” *Really excited*


*He’s actually a little worried* “Baobei but why… it’s the day you were born, it’s important… Can I change your mind? Can I celebrate it with you? I want you to be happy”


*You think he only invited you on a date but in reality everything he does he does it for you to remember that day, your first birthday with him*


“Let’s start a new tradition jagi! I’ll celebrate with you and the boys, doesn’t necessary have to be in your birthday, you decide!” *Won’t push*


“If you don’t want we won’t do something special, but at least let’s spend this day together” 


“You still don’t want to go out and celebrate? It’s a nice day outside” *Looks at you from the coach and pouts until you say yes*


*Had so many plans for your birthday* “But jaaagi… today… birthday… love… at least let me take you our for dinner? We can have your favorite…chicken!”


*Won’t push but also wants to make each year special* “I hope it’s not much jagi… but I hope you like it. I thought of you when I saw it”


*Still prepares you a surprise and makes sure everything you wish comes true, at least for that day xD* “My girl deserves the whole world and I’m giving it to her!”


*You actually didn’t know he knew it was your birthday, so it takes you by surprise and you will never forget that boy who started making your birthdays special*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Happy Birthday to the reason that this blog exist, the man that brings us all together. He’s the reason why we look forward to March 9th. Every time he cares about fans more than himself, it shakes my heart because of how kind and wonderful this man is. How can someone be so fluffy yet rap such strong and powerful lyrics? His lyrics continues to motivate me to follow my dreams and never give up, his music gives me power.

Once again, happy birthday to Min Yoongi, Min Suga, Agust D, the one who shines in our world.


Picture by SUGATREE


Happy birthday to my favourite men! May you both be showered with a lot of love, hugs, kisses and presents on your special day. I hope the both of you know that you are loved and appreciated by your fans.

I’m still upset that BTS isn’t stopping by Singapore for their Wings Tour 😢 But I’ll never stop believing that I’ll be able to meet them one day.

But AOMG is coming to Singapore and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ll pray that my mom would allow me to attend the concert so I can finally meet them and turn up to their music hehehe 😍

Both of you deserve nothing but the best. I’m so happy to stan such talented and wonderful human beings. Happy birthday once again babies 🙆💖💕🎂🎁🎉😍😚😘😊

Happy Birthday @incaseyouart 💕

If you asked me a year ago if i will ever draw myself, I would have said no. But if its the only way we can ever be in the same picture, I’ll draw myself standing next to you over and over again to remind me even if we live all the way across the ocean from each other, art and internet can keep us together. Thank you for being you and the biggest ray of light in my life. Happy birthday, my special bean :’)! You mean so much to me and more!!!