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Hey guys!!!!! This is a present for a very special friend of mine! And since itโ€™s her birthday, @mikanseidest, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYL!!!! <3 I really hope you love this! <3 And to everyone else on here who reads this, thanks so much! I hope you all enjoy this too! <3 OH YEAH! I have to thank @rubyleaf, for proof reading this for me and making it better! So thank you too my friend! <3

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Mahiru sighed, stared at his phone, and glanced around the party, feeling a little bit lonely. It was his eighteenth birthday, and his friends were nice enough to throw the greatest party the teen has ever seen. However, there was one thing missing, and that thing was his partner and lover, Kuro. The Servamp had said he wasnโ€™t feeling very good, and even though Mahiru wanted to stay home with him, the other pushed him out of their apartment and told him to have fun before slamming the door in his face. Glancing at his phone again, Mahiru still hadnโ€™t gotten a text back from the lazy vampire, so with a groan he shoved the device back in his pocket, and moved towards the area where Lily was making drinks, non alcoholic of course, and sat down on the stools.

โ€œWhatโ€™s wrong, Mahiru? You look concerned? Here, have a cherry limeade,โ€ Lily offered, shaking the drink up, before pouring it for the sullen teen. Taking the drink, Mahiru took a sip and smiled lightly as the sweet taste filled his mouth. Lily was really good at this. Giving the blond a smile, Mahiru turned on the stool and looked over the party. Literally everyone was there. Sakuya and Tsubaki wereโ€ฆdancing? On the dance floorโ€ฆeven though it looked more like they were fighting. Misono and Tetsu were talking in the corner, and the smaller boy had a blush on his face while they talked, Hugh was chatting with The Mother and World End, Tsurugi and Mikuni were arguing againโ€ฆwhile Jeje looked ready to point guns at their heads, and Hyde and Licht were sitting on the couch, and when Mahiru noticed them kiss, he blushed and looked back at Lily. โ€œDonโ€™t mind them! Tell me, whatโ€™s wrong?โ€

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“… Together, we make the perfect main character.”

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you and I were,
  you and I were fire.


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“Today might be the chance to grasp the chance to let your talent bloom. Maybe tomorrow, the day after, or next year… Maybe even when you’re thirty. I’m not sure if physique has anything to do with it, but if you think that it will never come, it probably never will.”


“‘Fear is like fire,’ right? A certain boxing trainer said that. ‘If you can control it, it can cook for you, it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything and destroy you. Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy.’ By the way, the trainer who left behind those words… seems to have trained a magnificent boxer who made boxing history. You guys and Haise are like a big fire.”

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If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

Happy birthday to my dear Allen!!