happy birthday! shindong


“ remember, all you need to do is close your eyes and feel the flow of the air around you. “

04.04.86 happy birthday lee hyukjae


“To those who I love most, whom I feel insecure about and long to see.. The best of my (possessions), “E.L.F.”…Thank you for helping me endure, to live, to not give up.. Let’s be together for a long long time.. Not just as a moment but as a forever.. I will pray so that we will always be together, with the feelings of ‘We are one’! I really love you.” Leeteuk


850928 #happydongday. happy 29/30th birthday my darling prince, shin donghee  i could write a big ass paragraph about how talented you are and how much elf love you but i’m not going to. you see, i’ve done that for the past 4 years. instead i’m going to keep it kinda short and sweet.  shin donghee. 29 years ago on this very day you took your first breath and arrived in this world. since then you have grown into a wonderful man. you have experienced many things, some of which were good, the others, well, not so good but you continued to grow and you continued to strive for your dreams. you have made some mistakes, we all have and you have learned from them and thus developed as a person. you have shown the world that you are more than meets the eye. you have shown the world what it is to be a prodigy. 
i just want to say happy birthday. i hope you have a fantastic day and even though you are awating your impending military service i hope you get lots of sleep, lots of rest and fuck your diet and eat lots of cake because as you once said ‘diet is bullshit’. happy birthday my sweet angel ♥

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Hyung happy birthday! Nice~ #Eunhyuk #Shindong #Eunhyuk #SuperJunior #TVXQ #junho #birthday #4000

😍😍😍😀😀😀😀😀😀 #4000dayswithSuperJunior

 [2014.09.28] #HappyShindongDay 
Today more than any other day I would like to say how important Shindong oppa is as a member of SJ. I hope he’s able to feel all the love we ELF have for him on this day. Oppa, I love you. Thanks for everything until now and for everything that’s to come^^ ♥♥♥ Happy birthday Shin Dong Hee!!!