happy birthday! ...still!

Happy Birthday Iman.

To the wonderful woman who stole our hero’s heart but did it so perfectly. It was clear to see that it made him terribly happy and joyous to be with her & therefore enjoy the future he had found, leapt for and created together.

I do think that as much as Iman could be seen as ‘the mediator’ that meant we saw less of David & maybe even less output and more privacy. But wouldn’t you want him all to yourself if you could have it?

I stand by my opinion of her, she is a good woman, she has her heart in the right place and was a very good influence on him. I mean, Lexi, David was made up with his second chance at parenting, and to have a little girl with her. Iman filled a very deep, dark abyss in his life that had formerly grown and grown after certain elements of his past, that she gave him the confidence to walk away from and learn to enjoy. Proof is in the pudding; analyse 1989 & then 1990 onwards. Smiling? When wasn’t he gleefully smiling.

In other news, to celebrate, finally, an update on my AO3 if anyone here is interested. It’s also due to draft through and post up on my blog separate solely for writing: @d-a-v-i-d-j-o-n-e-s

Love on ya Iman, always.


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Happy Birthday to my sweet cupcake Seda!! ( @rinsuokah​ ) ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Noct and Prompto are ready to die greet Gladio for his birthday by making it Kenny the Crow themed. Ignis will probably be spared.

the tablet should be taken away from me when I’m running in barely no sleep. is2fg. 


Happy birthday to the smol and precious birb and Karasuno’s loud No.10, Hinata Shouyou. ^^

June 21, 2017

Happy birthday Zen!
Here’s my April Fools’ prank. I promised something spicy but you get fluff instead. I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling (: 




“On April 21, 1967, the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in Janesville — a blue two-door Caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches; the lieutenant governor even showed up.

“Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her. But they should have, because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car — no, the most important object — in pretty much the whole universe.”

Happy Birthday Baby! April 24th


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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Happy Birthday Iwa-chan~   (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ♪☆゚.