happy birthday!! my baby is all grown up now

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Eskild texting Isak for his birthday!

!!!!!!!! THANK YOU <3 YOU ARE RIGHT what was i thinking 
ok the Guru sent his text at exactly 00:00 bc of course 

Eskild: BABY JESUS!!! 
I nursed you and fed you and clothed you and now youre all grown up <3 
You deserve the world my little gay prodigy and I hope you know how much i love you and care about you and that my (basement) door is always open for your smelly self 

Isak: Guru <3 
Thank you 
so much

Eskild: MY SON 
writing back at 00:04….
…. is it lame? is what Even planned lame?
bc there is no Guru? 
bc “no Eskild, I want to be alone with him at midnight”???

Isak: hahaha
he said that? 

Eskild: yes 
all swoopy haired and selfish
but what did he get you?

Isak: will open my presents now 

Eskild: presents?? ssss? plural?
he spoils you 

Isak: he does :) 

Eskild: wait if you see what your favourite roommates got you 
youll wanna move right back in!!

Isak: seff
love you 

Eskild: hhhh <3 I LOVE YOU 
my little squishy kitten 

Isak: -_- 
aaaand were done here 

Eskild: see you tomorrow little bud 
i really am so proud of you, Isak 

Isak: <3
see you tomorrow

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Everyone just take a moment to STOP and realize that our Dipper and Mabel are EIGHTEEN (18) today. Our children are adults now,,, I'mma just cry I'm so happy

Aaaah! they are aren’t they? My babies are all grown up.

Also, I think it’s fitting that we reached 400 followers on their birthday.

It’s a double celebration.


21.07 - Happy 21st Birthday to my @ivanzaytsev

Thank you for all the memories we share together and I can’t wait to make some more
all the cool kids are born in July


I’m turning 18 tomorrow (yaaay! It’s my birthday!!) and I was super excited about it for a really long time but now I’m just scared. I know my life isn’t going to change overnight but for some reason I just feel like I’m entering something big, messy, scary and lonely. I was looking through some baby photos of me yesterday and I just missed it all. The huge cardboard boxes, small spoons, Happy Meal toys, the super happy look on my face in every photo and how I squeezed my little brother because I was so excited about Christmas. I wore a violet butterfly dress to every birthday party because it was my favorite and instead of soda or champagne I drank poison green juice. But now I’m all big and grown up and it feels so surreal to think TOMORROW I’m the 18-year-old my little self would think about. I was always thinking about what kind of a person I am then.

It always feel like I can say anything here on tumblr and someone comes to help me so I’m turning to you again. I know there’s a lot of people (who are over 18) who follow this blog so I thought maybe you can make me feel a bit calmer… I just feel like I’m losing my childhood self and turning to someone I don’t know because adulthood changes people? Or does it?

(Also I think I should listen to Never Grow Up and cry.)


“I don’t know where I’m going but I promise I won’t bore you." 

Today is the birthday of a person who continues to inspire me each and every day of my life. His music, his originality and himself shows me that no matter what character he may impersonate on stage, he will always be David Robert Jones, the man who stole our hearts.

Happy birthday my love, I hope you have a great one. 


How does one even begin to describe Spencer J Smith? Perfection simply doesn’t do him justice. He is a piece of art, carved from rainbows and sunshine and lollipops and given to us as a gesture of peace from the higher powers. Spencer is what’s good on this planet and his smile makes even the biggest tears disappear. This year our boy got married! He’s growing up so fast. Who knows, by this time next year there could be little pitter patters of mini Spencers and Lindas! Spencer, another year has passed, another year you’ve kicked ass. My boy, happy birthday.


lord how times have changed 😭 my baby is all grown up now ugh happy 25th birthday to my one and only piece of shit (I’m prepared this year in case you decide to drop something)

Happy birthday Justin Bieber! You’re 20 now… Time has honestly flown by. When I became a fan, you were just 15… My age. Now your all grown up. You’ve come so far… And I love you for it. You’re an inspiration and this photo is one of the many that show’s that. I still remember the day your first album came out, & I bought 6, trying to win the golden ticket. I love you baby, keep flying.

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LOVE YOUR ONE-SHOTS ! Can you link me the one-shots Jen and Josh are having babies in? :)


I’m so glad you like my writing, that means a lot! You might be in it for the long haul now. Just so you know, most of these (the wattpad ones) were written a while ago and I hope to god that I’ve improved since then!