happy birthday!!! :p

170428 Twitter Update @Official_IFNT

tweet: [#INFINITE] 4월 28일은 숲 속 #딸기나라 🌿 에 살고 있는 #딸기대장 🍓 #성규 군의 생일입니다🎂우리 #인스피릿 여러분! 다함께 #성규 군의 생일을 축하해주세요!😘💕 #딸기_안녕하세요 #딸기나라의_성규 🍓

translation: [#INFINITE] April 28th is the birthday🎂 of #Sunggyu, the #StrawberryCaptain🍓 who lives in #StrawberryLand🌿 in the woods. Our #Inspirits! Let’s all wish #Sunggyu a happy birthday! 😘💕 #Strawberry_hello #Sunggyu_fromStrawberryLand 🍓

In every form of life there’s always one parallel to yourself. I found mine in a sixteen year old kid with terrible fashion sense and a presence of solid gold. My heart bought you and my mind followed shortly after. Today we’ll be celebrating another run around the sun for you. This has been said a million times before in a thousand different places the trillion times I’ve had the thought to say it; I love you, Patrick. Happy birthday.


P.s The fact that I had to Google a picture of us says a lot about our relationship.


I have a very personal belief that it doesn’t matter if you’re straight, bi, gay, pan. It doesn’t fucking matter. No one should care, ever. They can’t tell you who you can love, why you love that person, who you get to fuck. That’s all up to you. Don’t ever let anybody tell you different!


• She’s the tear in my heart •



Because Lee Chan’s birthday is falling on the Saturday of Carat Land (February 11th). Fan sites are sending their gifts early! 

Michan : A bike, Burberry, Paul Smith etc. 

(UPDATE) Burberry Wallet, belt, shirts, jackets, shoes (boots and classy), hats,(sweat)pants, neck & body massager + travel pillow

Chan’s Chance : A photo album with memories of the past year, and more (Unspecified)