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Ichinose Guren || 一瀬グレン
[28.08] Happy Birthday to my sexy Lt. Colonel Guren !!





A/N: This is a collab with the beautiful and wonderfully talented @mystic-biscuit for Dyl’s birthday. I know it’s a little late but it’s his birthday weekend. Also, happy birthday to @thelittlestkitsune . Make sure you go and wish her a happy birthday.

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“As I come into my 30s, I have a sense of getting to know myself a bit better, and I feel good about it,” she says. “I have more of an idea of who I am now.” So who exactly is Florence Welch today? “Oh, that will probably change,” she demurs. “Get-ting into the core of you is a life’s work, though I’m definitely part of the way into doing that.” Welch laughs yet again. “The colors are coming back in the dresses.”

Happy Birthday Mr.O’Brien - Smut.

Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 3009

Notes: @stilinski-jpeg and I wanted to do a birthday fic for Dylan’s birthday so we decided to collab. so be sure to go read hers. Also, I’m dedicating this to the sweet @thelittlestkitsune as it’s her birthday and she lives very far from me so I can’t give her a real present. xoxo

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🎂  ‘Cause It’s my birthday today!! 💖 Happy birthday to meeeeee!!! 19 🎉 😂

If you were Reiji's wife...

* you’d be taught by him how to make a tea
* he’d teach you a lot of other things 
* he’d help you at school if you attended it as well
* he’d make a lot of tea too
* you two would go out for tea quite often
* he’d be straight with calling it “a date”
* he’d always admire your composure while drinking the tea
* you’d also drink tea at home
* your children would hate tea because of how many times they’ve drunk it
* he’d add various funny things to your tea
* yes I mean aphrodisiacs
* you two would have a lot of fun afterwards
* he’d tease you a lot while you’re needy
* he’d also restrain you from the pleasure… sick bastard
* you’d act so unladylike… hmm, someone needs a punishment~? 
* you’d know all his toys since he’s using all of them on you
* you’d have names for his whips
* you’d always recognize which scar is made by which whip
* you’d love your punishments anyway
* he’d leave on you also burns from wax plays
* you’d realize he has much more kinks than you thought at first
* calling him “daddy” would make him flustered
* calling him “master” would turn him on in an instance
* your children would sometimes find his toys and play with them… like children would play, nothing bad okay?
* they’d get a punishment for this and you’d even see Reiji blushing as he’s taking the things away from them
* he’d always take the best care of you when you’re sick
* he’d care about you much more than he’s showing
* he’d make sure you’re eating and resting properly
* he’d often overwork himself though
* he’d sometimes fall asleep on his desk and you’d cover him with a blanket
* he’d think of you always when he wakes up
* he’d sometimes hug you when you’re sleeping, from behind
* he’d adore your touch
* you’d always pretend to be asleep to listen to his sweet whispers
* you’d have a lot of corsets
* he’d sometimes tie them on you so tightly that you can’t breathe
* he’d like it because he’s kinky
* you’d like it because you’re kinky too
* your children would attend the best school
* they’d always be the best because Reiji would help them always if they needed it
* their teachers would love them
* you’d teach them to be polite and helpful so they’d always help your neighbours
* so your neighbours would love them as well
* your neighbours would love you and Reiji too
* they’d rather go to Reiji than to a doctor since he knows it better
* Reiji would always help them, because you’d teach him to be nice
* you’d show him a lot of happy things
* you’d show him how to enjoy the life
* you’d loyally belong only to him
* he’d belong only to you as well
* you’d be the happiest family ever


@LucyLiu  1st Birthday Wishes . . . Happy 1st birthday to my little love Rockwell! This has been the most incredible year of new adventures and endless fun. Giant thanks for everyone’s generosity ❤🎂