Roadtrip with girlfriend or bust. Next stop: Being total beach bums.

So this is what you get when you mash the words Pricefield with Summer. Both relevant right now. Enjoy while it’s still hot!

Story behind this pic is even better, cause this serves as a birthday giftie for the best motivator and backup when I need it, as well as a great friend - explosionshark. I realized it past 1am and I had a few hours spare. ENJOY THIS PIC YOU TRASH PILE ON FIRE (in other words, thank you so much for the support last week and I hope this quenches your Pricefield thirst somewhat ;) )

July 2

So, the girls are on a mini-vacation, so let’s see what each of them were up to:

Ally was surprised by her family today!

From Papa H:

Dinner time with our friends. Birthday time !!

Check out Ally’s Snapchats from her surprise party!

The guests to the party!

My brother @dsmmachine and @AllyBrooke celebrating her 22nd bday! Can’t wait till she gets a car to use our gift! (via @brittanyvaladez on Twitter)

Camila’s still MIA on Twitter, having not tweeted anything, although she did fave Omi’s tweet:

Joey King also replied to her tweet with the HILARIOUS edit!

Dinah’s all up in social media, even tweeting Normani that she enjoy Hawaii!

And retweeting Flex Alexander’s flashmob to Worth It:

(watch it here)

Dinah’s Snapchats:

Lauren took the time to inform all of us on Twitter about the pressing political issues facing America right now:

Sharing an article America Ferrera wrote:

(read the link here)

Her Twitlonger

Socially aware Lauren! ♥

In case you’re interested, especially US Harmonizers over 18:

In case you didn’t know:

Lauren’s happy the fandom is making an effort to be more aware :) Check out her faves:

Oh, she was with friends today:

Normani’s enjoying herself in Hawaii!

With her friend:

More Hawaii pictures by Normani!

She also retweeted about the flashmob!

Charts x Worth It

Today’s the last time that the charts will be updated on a Thursday, so without further ado, everything Fifth Harmony-related on this week’s Billboard charts:



Tickets here!


Couldn’t resist

Rewatched Dead Man’s Chest earlier and couldn’t resist capping these shots….thought they were very fitting for a certain someone’s birthday. Hope you had/ are having (this is probably incredibly late- have no idea due to time zones) a brilliant day, brightshinyhonest

Jack’s looking gorgeous and raising a glass to you, Kelly!