zendaya: Although it’s still my bday in America, I wanted to say thank you so much Dubai for always accepting me with wide open arms. I had such a beautiful birthday experience out here, met my little babies yesterday for #mydss, absorbed and learned about a beautiful culture with my family, stayed in a palace (literally the hotel is called palace😂) even kissed a camel😘 but it was an absolute honor to spend my bday out here and I can’t wait to be back😍 #mydubai #mavenmarketing

Happy birthday (August 29th) to former CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield, a man of many firsts!

During his career, Chris became the first Canadian to operate the Shuttle’s Canadarm, the first Canadian to perform a spacewalk – when he installed Canadarm2 on the International Space Station (ISS), and the first Canadian Commander of the ISS!

Photo: Chris on one of the two spacewalks he performed to install Canadarm2 on the ISS in 2001.

Credit: Canadian Space Agency’s Facebook Account