happy birthday

Ella Fitzgerald would have celebrated her 100th birthday today, April 25. The “First Lady of Song” was born in Newport News, Virginia in 1917. The legendary #jazz singer’s career was launched after winning Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem.
“Once up there, I felt the acceptance and love from my audience,” #EllaFitzgerald said. “I knew I wanted to sing before people the rest of my life.”
She died in 1996 at the age of 79.

Credit: Julie Winegard for NBC News.


“ Of course there’s negativity in every bodies life. It's how you deal with it. Do you feed into it and let it consume you? or do you acknowledge that it's there deal with it and move on~ just cause I'm a positive person doesn't mean I have dumb smile on my face ignoring shit that happens. But I do try to understand ~~ “

25.04.1987 Happy Birthday Park Jaebum! 


melissapeterman: Happy Birthday kellyclarkson !!!! Thank you for the music, the laughs, and some of the best times I ever had! Have a glorious day!!

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

@thatsthat24 lol so I wanted to put a message, but I didn’t wanna be in the birthday video because *finger guns* social anxiety. So, here I am. OK so I think of birthday’s as, instead of the day you were born, I think of them as in “Hey, another revolution around the sun and you aren’t dead yet! What an achievement! It’s so easy to die, and look at you. You survived, you’re alive.” And you know what another revolution around the Sun means? It means that you traveled around the galaxy more. Thomas, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but you are stardust, literally and metaphorically. First of literally: As we cling to our tiny planet with the force of gravity keeping us stable as this rock hurtles through outer space around our Sun, and the sun hurtles around some more around the galaxy, and who knows what galaxy moves around, we are made by the light of dying stars. The elements from within them showered onto our planet, bringing us to existence. And because of the conservation mass, those elements are still there, within each and every one of us. But I believe the reason you are such a kind, wonderful person, is because you contain more stardust than the average person. And there’s proof of this, because everyone is literally stardust, but not everyone metaphorically. You wanna know why you’re stardust in my eyes? It’s because you are such a bright light of hope and happiness in the dark times of our world. You put out messages to make people smile and feel better, and wow, have they helped me, and I assume countless others, through bad days. Not gonna lie, I used to watch the battling anxiety video almost daily bc the tips really helped me and I would wake up and watch it and know what to do through the day. That video showed me, that my Anxiety was a part of me, and that I can control it which is something all those mental health websites fail to say. So, thank you so so much for that. More reasons you are stardust: Boy oh boy, don’t even get me started on how much I look up to you. Like it sounds kinda cheesy and kinda like a pretentious teenager thing to say, but man I really do. Like first of all, you do this whole video online thing to make people laugh and be better, and like you recognize all the fan stuff created in the little ever growing community. And and there’s other stuff like the fact you’re a music theater chemistry dude and im a music theater science girl(?) so like, yeah. Okay I’ve sent you an ask before with this better explaining why I look up to you, I can’t remember all my points right now (if you wanna read it, I bet you could CTRL-F “the-sanders-sides”) Anyway, You are stardust man. There are so many more things I haven’t listed here, but in my eyes, you will always be the brightest stardust out there. So thank you for helping me when times are rough, and thank you for existing, and thank you for being such an amazing person I can look up to.