happy birthdaaaaaay~


@martingarrix: HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY!!!!! @flumemusic


I’m glad Matsus are so fast to draw because I was able to quickly draw something, even if sketchy, for their birthdaaaaaay <3 Happy birthday you silly virgin NEETs <3
I’d like to do something more with all of them together but I’m afraid exams won’t allow me to… at least I thought it would be nice to see them spending their bday with someone not sharing their blood so here we go (not that matters but there are captions (?))

it-keeps-me-hanging-on  asked:

TODAY IS MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!! Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do today? :)

hey, it-keeps-me-hanging-on​! 

Happy Birthdaaaaaay! 

Today is gonna be great! 

First, go eat your most favorite food! 

Then you’ve gotta grab you friends and go out for a night of dancing! 

Have a great birthday, pal! - Noah