happy birrthday!


Now the 60th year since you’ve been gone, today you turn 84 years old. Born to parents Mildred and Winton, on the 8th of February in 1931 in Marion Indiana and raised in the small farming town of Fairmount Indiana. You were raised by two wonderful families, an aunt and an uncle who loved you dearly, and grandparents who loved you equally the same. You graduated high school in 1949, having been a scholarly student, and liked by many; for you had a kindred spirit and a great many talents. All grown up and heading to New York City to find your calling soon after your high school graduation. you eventually created that famous actor, we all know and love as James Dean. A talented, eclectic, and a solitary individual. James Dean is indescribably one of no other, impossible to recreate. Today is not a day to focus on what took him away from us in his 24th year, but a day to celebrate the life he lived before that. Today we celebrate James Dean.

Happy Birthday angel.

February 8th, 1931-September 30th, 1955

Shawn imagine for Cheyann, (half smut at end)

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You woke up to your whole family jumping on your bed. “HAPPY BIRRTHDAYS CHEYANN WE LOVE YOU!!!” they all screamed. “Good morning and thank you!” you said. “Cmon Cheyann get up we have a surprise for you downstairs!” your (sibling) said to you, “Okay I’m coming.” Everyone who was crowding your room left, letting you get ready for a few minutes, you thought its just a family gathering and that the surprise was just the necklace you have been dying to get. You straightened your clothes, then put a bra on, fixed your hair into a messy bun ,and lastly brushed your teeth. 

You headed down to the living room and before you could walk in your mom popped out and blindfolded you. “why do I have to be blindfolded? Is my surprise really that big?” you laughed while your mom guided you to your living room couch. All you heard were things moving around then light strums on a guitar, at that moment you knew what actually who your surprise was. “SHAWN!” you threw your blindfold off in a flash then jumping into his long and strong arms.

“I’ve missed you so much” “I’ve missed you too baby” he whispered into you hair. You both pulled away from each other to fasten your lips together. You kissed and kissed until your dad cleared his throat. “We can finish this later” Shawn whispered quietly so your father wouldn’t hear the plans for your intimate moments to be shared later.

After your birthday party with all of your friends and family, introducing Shawn to every guest. “Now I planned this with your parents to take you out, around this time, would you like to accompany me on this dated?” “ I would be delighted to attend!” you both laughed. “Lets go,” he said grabbing your hand, “Where are we going?” you questioned kissing his cheek. “You’ll see.” he said pecking our lips.

“How’d you know I loved this place?” you questioned, your eyes lit up at that fact of how Shawn knew. “We every time we talk you always bring up how when ever I visit you we should come down here.” he said, grabbing you hand, “Can I have this dance?” he asked playing Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, your song. “Yes you may.” you said dancing slowly and twirling around with Shawn, both of you singing to each other, every so often Shawn would steal a kiss. “ I love you so much Cheyann” “ I love you too”


Shawn took you back to the hotel he was staying at since your parents wouldn’t allow him to stay over. “I think my parents would kill us if they knew what we are doing right now” you said, Shawn kissing up an down  your neck sweetly. “Probably.” he chuckled into your neck. Shawn’s lips felt just right, he was so sweet and gentle with you. His hands explored thee underneath of your shirt, cupping you breasts, never breaking the kiss. Your hands found the hem of his shirt then taking it off. “Shawn” you moaned whiled he took off both your shirt and your bra off. His hands traveled down your back and into your pants while his mouth was leaving love bites down your chest.



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