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Valentine's Special - Luhan ♥

“Do you think he prepared anything?” Kai asked as he walked you up while you shook your head, “I don’t think so.” You replied tiredly and he frowned, “Why not?”

You chuckled lightly, “Kai, he’s working too. He’s just as tired as I am. If I didn’t prepare anything, I don’t think he will either.”

Kai frowned but nodded, you did have a point. You were always this fair person that wouldn’t expect much and because of that, Luhan felt as if there was more pressure, to be honest. He felt like even though you said it was alright, he wouldn’t know if it was really alright or if he needed to get a hint but even with that, even in those times where he was unsure, you’d always come around to prove him otherwise, like now, for instance.

From the moment you woke up, you gave him a kiss on the forehead, wishing him Happy Valentine’s day and that he’d have a great day at work. Considering you usually leave earlier than he did, you were afraid that by the time you got ready and everything, you’d leave without remembering to bid and wish him goodbye because you don’t want to wake him up but today you decided to make him wake up just to hear you say those few words in which, he appreciated, deeply. He replied something groggily that he loved you, and that he wished you had a great day at work too before falling back into his slumber. Also, you left a note to him that he shouldn’t wait up considering you’d return home a bit late tonight – it was a starting of a new project. All the more reasons to why you can’t spend much time with Luhan but at least you’ll go home to him every night.

It was a small reason that was actually a big one to make you happy every night you went home.

Including tonight, regardless whether it was Valentine’s or not.

Kai smiled, “You may be surprised, you know. Maybe he did something.” He shrugged innocently afterwards, making you snicker with you shaking your head at him before you gave him a light hug when you two reached in front of the apartment you shared with Luhan. “Thanks, Kai. Go home, I’m sure your girlfriend has something in store as well.”

Kai snickered, “My angel always does – she never gives up.”

You smiled, “I think I know that, now go. Before she flies away.”

He smiled back in return, “She’ll never!”

“Wanna bet?” You challenged, causing him to poke your nose, “You know what? I’ll let you win this time – it’s Valentine’s after all. Happy Valentine’s day.” He bid you goodbye with the waving of his hand. You wished him the same, and waved back as you watched him enter the lift. He smirked, waving exaggeratedly once more before entering, leaving you to chuckle before you faced front to open the door tiredly – you were exhausted.

It felt like all energy was drained out and that you could finally sleep – thank God.

The door opened and you stepped in, closing the door behind you where you wanted to take your bag off your shoulders but he swiftly took your bag away, making you freeze when the bag  was gone. Next, his hands curved front where he unzipped your jacket, making you gasp when he unzipped it all the way – he smirked. When your arms moved back so he could pull the jacket off, he made you spun around whilst pulling the jacket – leaving you in just your dress shirt and skirt as he looked down on you – he was tired, too…

“L-Luhan…” You muttered his name in the dark, and he didn’t give you a chance to say anything when he cradled you in his arms, walking towards the bathroom where he made you enter with you standing by the sink. “Take a shower, alright? I’ll be waiting.”

“But-“ You wanted to tell him to sleep, to rest because you could see how his dark circles are visible but he ignored you, “I’ll be waiting.” He cut you off, closing the door after that and it made you pout. You sighed and shook your head, but you did as you were bid when there were already clothes for you to wear on the sink along with your towel in the bathroom.

“Taking a shower it is…”

When you were clean and wearing a simple long sleeved shirt along with a pair of track bottom, you stepped out of the bathroom where it was suddenly there was this pathway leading from the bathroom all the way to somewhere. Your eyes widened at the candle lit pathway that you gasped, putting the towel down on the counter before you switched off the bathroom lights only to meekly follow the pathway and you noticed how there were petals on the floor as well.

Your heart palpated as you anticipated, you were excited for what was to come even though you were tired – and you knew that it was only him could make you feel this way.

Luhan was the only one who had the authority to do so.

As you came to the end of the pathway, the doors opened, welcoming you to the balcony with Luhan standing outside on it. Your eyes looked around him where there were pillows on the ground, a few blankets on the side along with some bottles of water where you could’ve sworn that he had this all planned out. You gulped and let your eyes flicker up to lock gazes with Luhan who smiled down heavenly on you with the moonlight shining down, making him appear more of an angel along with that sparkle he had in his eyes as his hands reached out to hold onto you, reeling you out with him where he closed the door behind you before he made you come to sit down with him.

He made you settle in between his legs on the ground, the pillows making you comfortable especially in his embrace as well. He noticed how you were trembling – a sign you were cold and he leaned forward to hold onto your hands.

“God,” He breathed out in disbelief, “You’re freezing.”

You gave out a meek laugh, “I… I showered without switching on the heater…”

He hissed at you, “You should’ve switched it on!”

“I forgot…” You mumbled, allowing him to notice that you were tired too – another reason why you forgot. His heart softened, he didn’t know how to stay mad at you especially whenever he tried to be stern with you, he always ended up pampering you, showering you with more love than before.

Like now, for instance.

He reached over for a blanket, wrapping it around you and himself as you snuggled against him, purring in delight with your arms around his waist with your cheek resting on his chest where you could take in his scent – he smelled divine, as always…

“You smell good, Luhan…” You mumbled cutely, causing him to snicker as he held you tight, “I do?” He tried sniffing himself but he ended up dipping down to bury his face on your neck, sniffing you as he made you giggle on how ticklish it felt, “L-Luhan!” You chuckled when he sat up properly, making you lean against him where he kissed your head, “You smell good, in my opinion.”

You smiled sheepishly, looking up to him, “Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” He replied you shortly, nuzzling his nose with yours. “Not only for the compliment, Luhan…”

He blinked at you innocently, “What else for?”

You looked around you before looking back at him to give him a silent message. “And I didn’t even do anything…”

He sighed, needing to explain to you but you stopped him, “Hear me out first,” You granted permission to speak first when he nodded once, giving you a chance to speak when you leaned against him with a small sigh. “You’re also tired, Luhan and, for you to still prepare all of this for me means a lot. It sucks that I can’t prepare much because, I know you know how tired I’ll be and how busy I am but I still feel guilty not being able to do anything. Women around me at work are all taking leave just to prepare things for their loved ones and some even lied on not coming to work just to prepare something but here I am, not even doing anything…”

“And here you are, being so thoughtful to prepare all of this…” You mumbled sadly, poaching Luhan’s heart when all he wanted to do was see you smile. He never meant for you to feel bad for not preparing anything.

“Pathetic, isn’t it?” You questioned, eyes staring dead ahead at the buildings but he made you face up to him when he replied, “Definitely not.”

Your eyes widened as you stared at Luhan’s side profile, “It’s amazing, actually.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “W-What?”

He looked down on you, smiling at you where he dipped down to kiss your lips once with a hand on your cheek. He made you kiss him back like an automatic switch after melting his lips against yours, making you mewl when he pulled you up to sit up with him, face to face leveled as he tilted his head to the side to get a better angle at kissing your lips. Your hands placed on his waist for support as he leaned back against the wall with you following his cue to continue kissing his lips – it felt like there was nothing to feel bad about. It was like he was assuring you that as long as you liked this, as long as you appreciated this, that was all that mattered.

And he only made it clearer when he broke the kiss to speak to you.

“Easily any women in this world could say how this isn’t romantic, they could complain for me not bringing them to expensive places and such but you, you understand that I’m working too. You understand and do not expect much from me, which makes me want to blow your mind even more. It makes me crave to do something that will make you fall off guard when your guard is down. I want to make you fall in love with me a little bit more each day. And because of you being you, even on Valentine’s day, I managed to do that.”

He framed your cheeks that were cold, bringing you closer as well as warming up your cold, tired heart.

“And you make me fall in love with you a little bit more each day. You leave me missing you when you’re gone, when I’m gone, when we’re both not together – I dread to be with you. On this Valentine’s, we’re together. This is the excuse we can use to be together even though tomorrow we know it won’t be good for our mind and health but for this one day, can we sleep out here?”

You gave him a small smile, nodding your head in his hands that made him give a peck on your lips.

“So don’t worry about anything else, alright? Enjoy this with me – stay here with me…” He tugged you over, making you rest on his chest once again with him enveloping you in. You felt his lips on your head as he whispered, “And I wouldn’t spend my Valentine with you any other way, just so you know.” 

✨ Top 10 conversation habits of remarkable PNMs! ✨

Go beyond good manners to make an incredible first and lasting impression during recruitment! Sincere, polite PNMs (and sorority sisters) are memorable in a genuine way. Remarkable girls make others feel comfortable, respected and valuable. Those habits will lead you to a happy bid day! 


  • Remarkable PNMs ~ always step forward and engage when they meet someone new. During recruitment conversations, don’t hang back when you’re introduced to sisters and other PNMs. Lean forward slightly, smile and gently tilt your head with interest. Act honored to meet everyone, not just the chapter president. Never act better or more important than other girls. Be authentic and sincerely connect.
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ keep using the names of sisters they meet. When you’re introduced to someone, remember her name without constantly shooting glances at her name tag. There’s nothing more annoying that speaking with someone who has to repeatedly look at your chest. And always use the same version of the name you were given in the introduction. If a girl’s name is Margaret, don’t start calling her Maggie. If she’s Katherine, don’t assume she goes by Kathy or Kate. It’s impolite to shorted a person’s name without permission. Lightly sprinkle the sister’s name into your conversation and you will make a good impression. 
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ don’t touch unless they are touched first. Recruitment is a very emotional time. You may feel like grabbing the sister you’re speaking with and start sobbing uncontrollably. Don’t do it! Instead, wait for non-verbal cues from the sorority members. Until bid day, stop yourself from giving bear hugs to other girls. It’s always better to let the other person take the lead in terms of physical contact. If a sister touches your arm, or gives you a small hug, you can gently touch back, but don’t overdo it. Honor her personal space and save the crazy hugging for bid day.
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ limit sharing personal information they discovered on social media. Some girls are addicted to posting way too much information about themselves online. Sorority sisters and other PNMs may reveal intimate facts on their Facebook page and other sites. A well-mannered PNM does not discuss the personal life events of others during recruitment. If you happen to see or read some sensitive information about greeks or PNMs ~ let it be. It’s not your place to spread rumors or trash talk anyone else. Stick to safe recruitment topics such as your own activities, your family, the latest movies and your campus.
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ politely acknowledge the elephant in the room. If something dramatic has happened recently at the college, or at a particular sorority, it’s ok to politely mention it, then move on with your conversation. For example, if a chapter has just lost a sister in a car accident, you can say something like, “I’m so sorry to hear of your loss last week. I know it must be difficult.” If the university recently went through a tough time, you may want to acknowledge the issue very briefly, then direct the conversation to happier topics. Don’t dwell on anything negative, but if needed, it’s polite to mention a big event that’s on everybody’s mind.  
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ never gossip or listen to gossip. PNMs love to talk to each other during recruitment. But much of the information on the grapevine is incorrect, biased and not helpful for making your own decisions. Avoid gossip about sorority sisters, greek life and other PNMs. You can get sucked into making bad decisions by filling your head with too many false stories. And never, ever gossip or criticize others with a sorority sister during rounds. Don’t speak illl of anyone or anything. If a sister gets carried away with inappropriate sharing, quickly change the subject. You don’t need to get the inside “scoop” on recruitment secrets or other girls.
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ avoid “humble-bragging.” Each PNM must toot her own horn, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. You should humbly tell stories about your achievements, your family adventures and your life of helping the less fortunate, without name dropping and money bombing. For example, it’s great to tell a story about your summer vacation at the lake, but there’s no need to mention you drove your new Mercedes to the lake house, which was just redecorated by a top NY interior designer. You can talk about the time you spent in Africa planting vegetable gardens, without revealing that you flew there in your family’s private jet. It’s really not polite to drop big hints about your wealth and pepper your conversation with obvious clues to your status. The classiest girls are the ones who are so down-to-earth and natural, no one would guess they have money. 
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ never push their opinions onto others. Recruitment is not the time to debate global warming, push strong political views, discuss terrorism, or argue about the world economy. Stay far away from controversial topics. And never pressure your conversation partner into thinking the way you do. Rush week is also not the time to convert someone to your religion, promote pot smoking, or give a sales pitch about the paleo diet. You may have serious passions, and a unique lifestyle, but no one wants to be preached at during recruitment. Save that for the debate team, or late night talks in your dorm. 
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ take a deep interest in the sister they’re speaking to. Rush conversations are not “interviews.” A successful PNM should take just as much interest in each sister, as they take in her. Questions and answers should flow back and forth. Making small talk is not a one way street. Set a goal to learn as much as you can about every girl you talk to. Ask follow up questions, find things in common, connect on all levels. Asking about the member you are paired with is the polite and respectable thing to do. And it makes you seem like a super friendly PNM.
  • Remarkable PNMs ~ keep being genuinely charming. A spectacular PNM doesn’t just turn on the charm during the first round. She doesn’t act amazing only for the important people, or when she wants something. An authentic girl doesn’t ever loose her graciousness. If you are a remarkable PNM, you will be a remarkable sorority sister for life. You don’t know any other way to be! 

I love firework shows because you always have like five different moments where you think “was that the finale?” And are confused when the fireworks start again… until the real finale comes and it’s like “THAT IS A LOT OF FIREWORKS OK I GOT IT I KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS”.

my sorority bucket list!

Q: I’m a senior and will soon be graduating. I’m composing a bucket list type thing to give to my little. It is filled with things I think every sorority girl should do before she graduates. I was wondering what things would be on your sorority bucket list? ~ adriennemintz

A: the sorority sugar  • greek life bucket list: 

  • Attend a college with a large and active greek community.
  • Participate in a fun & fabulous formal recruitment filled with singing, chanting, skits, decorations and meeting lots of wonderful girls.
  • Receive a bid from one of my top pick sororities. Preferably my #1 choice. 
  • Experience the joy of a happy bid day complete with running to my favorite sister, bid day gifts, festivities and lots of celebrating.
  • Learn all I can about my chapter’s history and rituals. Figure out what the real meaning is behind the years of tradition. 
  • Fall in love with my sorority symbol, flower, mascot, jewel and crest. 
  • Overdose on sorority gear! All of it please. 
  • Attend as many mixers, socials and parties that I can. Preferably with lots of customs and fun themes. 
  • Run for chapter office and win! My choice: Recruitment Chair. 
  • Participate in a large scale philanthropy event and break all fundraising records. 
  • Run for Panhellenic Council office and win. Connect with other greeks on campus and promote greek life. 
  • Be matched with a terrific big and do fun things together. 
  • Be blessed with a fantastic little and spoil her to death. 
  • Live in the sorority house for at least one or two years and soak up all the benefits 24/7.
  • Enjoy being serenaded by a fraternity. 
  • Participate in at least one greek prank like stealing lawn letters, painting a rock, or kidnapping a mascot. 
  • Design a really popular sorority tee shirt that everyone loves. 
  • Be chosen as a fraternity sweetheart.
  • Participate in a large greek event like Greek Week, Derby Days, Watermelon Bust, or Thon. 
  • Paint a really amazing greek cooler for a fraternity formal.  
  • Craft the best paddles, plaques and picture frames. 
  • See my photo in the national sorority magazine. Cover girl?
  • Be recognized as a Sister of the Month and/or receive other awards from my chapter. 
  • Organize a new philanthropy event and have it become a ongoing tradition for the chapter. 
  • Order the fanciest badge available, money no object! 
  • Attend a classy greek formal with a dream guy, not just a fix-up date. 
  • Meet my future bridesmaids and have them in my future wedding.
  • Be lavaliered or engaged while in college and experience the candlelighting ceremony for it. 
  • Experience the most exciting big/little reveal possible. 
  • Perform in a creative rush skit that becomes the talk of recruitment. 
  • Plan and execute a memorable bid day theme that blows the other chapters away. 
  • Successfully recruit my rush crush and welcome her to the chapter. 
  • Make strong connections within the greek community, which help me later in my career and my personal life. 
  • Have a blast tailgating and enjoying gamedays with other greeks. Wear gameday dresses and sorority buttons. 
  • Run for homecoming Queen and win! 
  • Construct a winning sorority Homecoming float and participate in the parade. 
  • Enjoy a sisterhood retreat in a fabulous location. Disneyland would be nice, or a mountain top resort. 
  • Experience spring break with my sisters, but not the super trashy version. (I have my limits.) 
  • Spend time with my sisters just hanging out. The non-planned times can be some of the best. 
  • Actually learn and recite the greek alphabet without cheating and remember it in proper order. 
  • Design and paint awesome lawn letters. 
  • Design and paint a really cute bid day banner. 
  • Attend one national convention. 
  • Be an ambassador for my sorority on campus. By being a role model for greek life I can defeat the negative stereotypes. 
  • Vacation abroad with my favorite sisters.
  • Have a fraternity big/little brother and be their big/little sister. 
  • Create and staff a dramatic table display which attracts lots of PNMs via my design and expert salesmanship. 
  • Be a part of having my chapter being recognize for achievement by the college administration and/or greek life department.  
  • Take the long view. Stick with my chapter through thick and thin. Realize that my membership is for life and there are good things to come after a bad experience. 
  • Leave my chapter in a better place than I found it. 

That should take at least 4 years to complete!! As an alum, I am happy to say I achieved MANY of the things on my dream bucket list. Maybe not all, but enough to forever think fondly of my college sorority days and all the memories I made there. XOXO ;)