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T H E   G I R L   I N   T H E   T O W E R | (cover art by Val) / (a belated birthday present for Ari);

for the princess locked away from the rest of the world by her so-called “protector”, dreaming of one day escaping her walled prison and embarking on many a grand adventure…


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TRONNOR GOING to DISNEYLAND im so curious tbh

“Where are we even going?” Connor keeps trying to peep through his blindfold but keeps on failing. 
“You will see,” Troye said as he took another turn. 
“At least give me a hint, I am scared now,” Connor said and put his hands on his face. Troye looks at Connor and feels bad for a second but it was for Connor’s own good. Troye reaches out for Connors hand and takes it, Connor’s hand is cold and a little wet from all the stress-sweating. 
Troye doesn’t know what he does to Connor every time he touch him, every time he holds his hand or holds it for a little longer than normal, every time he makes soft circle with his thumb on the back his hand- Connor’s thoughts were interrupted by Troye, “Hey stop it. Don’t be a cry baby now, we are almost at the Di- distance which is very close to our destination.” At that moment Troye knew he messed up. 
He quickly loses his grip on Connor’s hand and grips the steering wheel tighter. “OH MY GOD NO.” Troye could hear Connor screaming from the passenger end and Troye tried so hard not to sound nervous. 
“It’s not what you think." 
"Are we going to where I think we are going?”
“No, we are not." 
"How do you know where I think we are going?" 
"Crap,” Troye said it a little louder then he expected. 
“WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY LAND. OH MY GOD. THIS IS THE BEST VACATION EVER. OH MY GOD I L-” Connor stopped before he could mess up their friendship. It’s not like he has never said ‘I love you’ to Troye, it’s just he always meant it as a friend but now that he meant it more. Now he was just head over heels in love with him but can’t let him know. 
“No,” was all Troye could say. 
“Now that i know where we are going can I take this stupid blindfold off?” As soon as Connor said it the car came to a halt. Troye got down from the car and made his way towards the passenger seat, he stands there for a while and looks directly at Connor. Connor looked excited, like a kid who knew he was going to get a bicycle on his birthday. Troye opened the door and Connor walked out with the blindfold in his hand. 
“Oh my God, is this the parking of Disney land?” Connor said in a very low voice, like he didn’t want anyone to hear him. Troye takes his hand and when they reach the entrance of Disney Land Troye turns to Connor with his hands wide open and says, “TADA Happy belated birthday princess.” Connor is just clapping his hands like a baby.
“Oh my God, Troye you are like the best best-friend anyone can ask for. Thank you so much and now stop looking at me with those eyes, I might cry.” Without saying anything else Connor hugs Troye. Troye can feel Connor’s heart beating fast and this makes his heart race too. They hugged for a minute or two. Connor shouting oh my God, oh my God after every five seconds. 
“I didn’t bring you here to hug me, you know, we can ride as well,” Troye said and Connor broke the hug. 
“You want me to ride you?” Connor asked in a flirty way but he was dead serious. Troye elbowed him in the ribs and said, “I wouldn’t mind at all.” Then they started walking. 
These are the kind of things Connor didn’t understood. Is Troye into him? Is he serious about the whole riding thing? Is he just playfully flirting or sending him a signal? Connor never understood this. Troye and Connor have known each other for more then four years now. They met at a party hosted by Tyler Oakley and Troye came up to Connor and told him he is big fan and wanted a selfie and they chit chatted for a while and then they exchanged numbers and became best friends. Connor has never confessed this to anyone but Troye was the person who made him confirm the fact that he was gay. Troye was his first boy crush and from last two years it has been more than a crush. They saw each other regularly and they talked a lot but Connor never confessed how he feels because they both were always surrounded by people or camera for vlogging. Whenever they were alone and no camera was there Connor just feels too shy to share, too shy to express himself. He always felt like Troye deserves someone better and that Connor is not the kind of guy Troye will ever fall for. Connor had been giving Troye hints for more then a year now. He asked him out for coffee but Troye said, “Oh coffee, yes I love coffee and plus I am thirsty anyways.” But no he didn’t just wanted him to come for coffee because he was thirsty, he wanted him to come because he wanted him.
They spent the whole day running around and taking a lot of selfies and riding a lot of rides. “I have never told this to anyone but I have never been to Disney Land before because my parents can’t afford a family trip like this,” Connor said and Troye was happy because Connor was happy, after all he was his best friend. As they were running for another ride Troye takes Connor’s hand and pulled him back. “Oh God kid, calm down, I don’t work out like you do and plus I am hungry so lets go and eat, it’s dark anyways.” Disney land was about to close when they got to their hotel. 
They stopped on their way to have dinner and when they reached the hotel Connor got to know that Troye had booked two rooms for the night. 
“Two rooms?” Connor looks at Troye asking for explanation but he was hurt. “Yeah, so you can relax and sleep well,” Troye said looking straight.
“Are you for real? Is this for real?” They were now standing outside their rooms. 
“What? Hey we are friends-” before Troye could finish Connor said, “Thank for letting me know we won’t be more than that." 
He entered his room and slammed the door but before he could reach his bed Troye barges into the room and started yelling, "You want to know why we have two different rooms? It’s because you are irresistible, it’s because if we shared a room we will end up making out, at least that’s what I think because that is how much I am into you." 
Connor widens his eyes and opened his mouth to say something but Troye stopped him. "Don’t say a word right now. Let me just get it all off my chest. Was it so hard for you to see? For you to understand how much I like you. Damn it Franta, you make me happy and I was just so scared that if I had to stay in the same room as you I will go insane without touching you. I… I… say something, don’t just stare." 
Connor took a step forward but Tryoe continued, "A whole year I tried to explain myself that 'we’ can never happen, that you will never fall for a person like me, that I should just back off and keep my feelings to myself because you keep making people fall in love with you but you never love them back with the same feeling. People fall in love with you without you even trying." 
"You know why I never loved them back? Because all this time I was in love with a boy named Connor Franta.” Troye was looking straight into Connor’s eyes. Connor could feel those blue eyes doing their magic on him. He walked towards Troye and took his face in his hands and kissed him. Troye grabs Connor’s neck and leaned in to kiss him back. 
This is the moment Connor has been waiting for. The feel for Troye’s lips on his own, the feel of Troye’s hand back down his neck, the feel of their heart racing for the same reason. Troye didn’t wanted to break free of the kiss but he needed to breathe. He pulled his head back and stared into Connor’s eyes. The most beautiful eyes he has ever laid eyes on. Connor looked right back at him. Troye has the most innocent eyes he has ever seen. 
Connor put his hands on Troye’s waist and pulled his closer. “If you could have said that a year ago you could have save me from a year of sexual frustration,” He whispered into Troye’s ears and Troye giggled like a teenager. “You know once you asked me how my voice sounds so emotional? Well, it’s because I was always thinking about you when I sing them.” Connor flashed the biggest smile he could and took off Troye’s shit. Kissed him on the neck and pulled him to bed. Troye grabbed Connor’s waist and unzipped his jeans. Connor twitched a little because Troye’s hands are cold. “I am sorry,” Troye said in between the kissing. Connor rolled him over and got on top and kissed his neck, Troye got hold of Connor’s back and moaned. Connor smiled to himself and kissed his way down to Troye’s zipped jeans. He unzipped it and Troye said, “I don’t want this night to end." 
"Oh God I so love you Troye Sivan.”