happy belated birthday babes


I actually managed to split an arrow [while filming Game of Thrones] and- Kit laughs hearing this story because I’m still not over it. Yeah, there was an arrow already out there and I did this before we started shooting and it was like the first time I’d really handled a bow and arrow. And it was already there somewhere near the bulls eye, and I just did it again and it just split right down the middle. Isn’t that cool, yeah? Isn’t that cool? It will never happen to me again.

happy birthday to my dearest @escapingreality51! amelia, you are beautiful and kind and wonderful and i hope you’ve had a great day!

“I want a pet.”

Robert frowns. Aaron’s standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorjamb with that face on. It’s the one he knows Robert can’t resist and both he and Liv have perfected it. “Oh?”

Aaron’s smile widens, scratches the side of his face. “Think of it as …. a belated birthday present?”

Robert’s initial reaction is to say, it’s not my fault we couldn’t go to Vegas! but the words die on his tongue. He cocks his head, can see from the subtle shift of expressions on Aaron’s face that he’s grateful Robert said nothing about it. Prison’s changed them both, but Robert likes to think they’re getting there. “So. A pet?”

Pushing himself off of the door, Aaron moves to lean over the back of the sofa, pressing a kiss to Robert’s mouth. “A dog?”

“No,” Robert says immediately, because the thought of having a dog around the house is horrifying.

Aaron pouts, actually pouts, and Robert laughs. “Hey!”

“What?” Robert rests a hand on the back of Aaron’s head, brings him down for a kiss. When they pull apart, Aaron brushes a finger down Robert’s temple. “You know, if you want a dog-”

Aaron raises his eyebrows, grinning. “Really? Are you telling me that if I fuck you, you’d give me a dog?”

Lifting one shoulde rin a half-hearted shrug, Robert widens his smile. “Well?”

There’s a heated look on Aaron’s face, but it’s warring with the soft, loving expression that follows. “Seriously?”

Robert’s fingers brush through Aaron’s hair, soft and free now he’s stopped using so much gel, and kisses him again. “I’d give you anything.”

“I love you,” Aaron tells him, tugging on his hand.

Robert drops his paperwork on the floor and climbs off of the sofa, only too eager to follow Aaron up the stairs. “I love you too.”

Aaron’s grin is blinding, and he grips Robert’s hand, leads him out to the stairs. Robert slips his hands into Aaron’s beltloops, making it harder for them to walk up, but Aaron’s laugh echoes down the staircase.

As Robert kicks their bedroom door shut, Aaron tugs him for a heated, bruising kiss. His eyes are bright, wide, and his smile is all hunger and want. “Happy belated birthday to me.”

love you, babe! keep being you <3

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Reminder was the first fic I read on my birthday, and honestly it just got my day off to a brilliant start! I loved every word, and I'll be sure to leave a comment soon!!

AW. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE. Or happy belated birthday at this point.I’m so happy to hear that this fic could start your day off well! And no rush on the comment, just remember what we talked about 😉


here’s a ~deancas in the morning~ ficlet i wrote for anja’s birthday(which was a few days ago…oops). happy belated birthday babes!!

This feels pretty AUish but it’s ambiguous so you can place this wherever you little hearts desire~

Dean had never been a morning person. If anyone had told a younger him that one day he would like waking up early he most likely would’ve told them to fuck off and then proceeded to go back to bed. Well, he still wasn’t a morning person now, per se, it was more of a case of wanting to wake up to Cas. The early mornings were their limbo, their purgatory of sorts, before everything began anew. If they woke up a little early they had a few moments of just Dean and Cas before they inevitably had to get up and go be fathers and brothers and so on.

Dean always woke up before Cas because the man was even less of a morning person, aka a total grump who had to inhale like 5 cups of coffee before he could function properly. But Dean had his ways, most of which revolved around using his irresistible bod. He could be pretty persuasive when he was naked and pressed against the also naked person who needed to be persuaded.

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I’m a day late but I wanted to wish my girl @muldersgirl34 a happy, happy birthday. You are such a gift. Your gentleness, good humor, and sweet disposition make you one of the best people I have the pleasure of calling my friend. Thank you for your unfailing support, and for flailing with me like the fangirls we are. Big hugs and smoochies.